Gangaa 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ganga senses the awkwardness, and leaves hastily from there while all watch her going. ammaji tells sagar that he lost this challenge and now asks him what shall he do now. krishna thinks that the game has just started, and might be ganga has come for a week, but in this time, she shall manage to get her to befriend him, like they were in childhood, and they can live happily again, and then she shall have her mother as well as her father.

Downstairs, ammaji and madhavi discuss how ganga still secretively cares for sagar. when sagar comes down too, ammaji is amused and tries to tease him. he is baffled and asks madhavi whats wrong with her, and why is she talking like this. madhavi says that she is very happy. just then, krishna comes with a scorecard, and others are baffled as to whats going on. KRishna makes a scorboard for ganga and sagar, and places one point to ganga, in the kite competition. sagar asks why as ganga didnt cut his kite. krishna tells that when sagar fell, ganga saved him and still managed to keep her kite high flying. they all comply to this logic, and grant her the winner. he sulks. ganga thanks her. she says that this is just the beginning, and knows she shall win ahead too. he asks her not to be over confident. others are amused at their verbal scuffles. he says that he shall prove tht he loves her more than ganga. ganga asks whats the challenge. krishna says that they shall know tomorrow, by writing and till then, they should rest.

Later, in the night, sagar is tensed, while krishna asks him not to. he says that he is scared of her win, and ganga is capable of. he sulks at her too, for giving ganga one point. she says that she had to be rational. he says that he cant afford to lose, and then lose ganga and krishna too. she asks him why didnt he win then. he says that ganga is a pro at kite flying, and asks her to give a task that he has an added advantge, they decide to consult with each other, before every other challenge. he asks what next task can help him win over ganga. krishna excitedly screams that she did get, and then narrates her idea to him, and he loves it.

The next morning, while she is ready for school and is about to go, sagar and krishna come down and are happily chatting away, when ganga comes and finds him helpiong her to get ready. she gets defensive, while sagar taunts that he is the father and hence is helping her to get ready. krishna says that sagar knows about the next challenge. ganga asks how could she tell him and not her. krishna says that she technically told him after midnight so its valid. Ganga fumes but krishna gives her some logic and shuts her up. maharaj serves them breakfast, and they hurriedly rush to the dining table. sagar and krishna sit down to eat, when she comments to ganga that it seems he shall win today. he intently feeds her, while she fumes, and looks awat. they enjoy. krishna gives them the task of preparing a nice dish for her, by the time, she returns back from school. ganga and sagar are prepared to take the challenge. after she leaves, they both stands facing each other, ganga is amused while sagar is tensed. niru calls him from the balcony to come to hsir oom, and asks ganga also to comply. they get going. he wonders how shall he make food, when he doesnt even know the first thing about it.

In niru’s room, in the presence of madhavi, niru reprimands both of them for such childish and immature and totally irrational behaviour, regarding krishna’s custody. ganga sides with him and says thats whats exactly happening, and she resents it immensely. she says that she knows the law and that she cant take krishna legally from here, but just to be able to take krishna, she cacepted the challenge, even though it was immature. niru reprimands sagar for his lack of maturity and asks them to shut it down right away. madhavi asks him to stop it, and they shall get ahead, whether he likes it or not, and if he doesnt, he might as well keep his distance from this. he is taken aback and tensed. madhavi asks him to try and understand, that if sagar wins and ganga loses, then she shall always be here, and they shall be one big happy family once again. they suddenly realise ganga’s presence and eye her tensedly. ganga eyes them boggled, and then leaves. madhavi tells him that she wants ganga to be with sagar always, back in the family, and wants them all to stay united. niru asks why wasnt he told this earlier. they comply. sagar says that today’s challenge has him baffled. madhavi rushes when she gets to know the challenge is cooking. she gives him a basic layout of the kitchen and its ingredients. he says that it isnt as easy as she points it all to be. he is adamant that krishna didnt think about him, before deciding this challenge, and merely winked at him and gone, wondering what on earth could she mean by that. she says that krishna has full faith, that sagar shall handle every problem. she asks him to try and understand what ganga is going through and keeping her ego aside, she is here for krishna’s sake, and then asks him to man up and embrace the challenge. they cheer each other up. maharaj passes by them and tells them, that as instructed by sagar, he kept an eye on ganga, and she just rushed to the market. hearing this, sagar rushes to go out, while madhavi asks him whats the matter. he says that he has to find out what the enemy or rival is upto, to have an upper hand on their strategy. he leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Market
Sagar always stays at a safe distance, while tracing ganga, finding out what all she is purchasing. she infact realises too that he is following her to find out what she is upto. she confronts him and asks whats going on, and why is he following her. he says that its a public road. she accuses him of trying to invade into her ideas, branding him as a cheater. he tensedly asks her if she knows him so much so, then why cant she see the love and care thats in his eyes. He asks her to try and understand that whatever he is doing, its to get her. he tells her that she is his heartbeat and if there isnt any ganga, then there isnt any sagar. he eyes her romantically, while she is too stunned. she says that she knows he is distracting her to keep her from winning, but she wont be affected, and shall win this, referring to him as Mr. Sagar Chaturvedi. he complies, and refers to her as Mrs. Sagar Chaturvedi. the screen freezes on her shocked face, as she turns around to face him.

Precap: KRishna eyes the dishes that both her parents have made and proudly present in front of her. krishna asks him to plate up, and he presents the lavish feast that he has prepared for her. seeing the beautiful spread, ganga asks when did he make it, as she was in the kitchen too, and she never saw him making it. they both eye each other tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thank you rhimjhim ma’am for such a speedy update. Gangaa has finally got back on track. Loving the nok-jhok scenes of saga. Enjoying watching Gangaa.. I am not only reading the updates but also watching Gangaa for it is more lively and sweeter than ever. Just like the episodes when adult Sagar and Gangaa made their respective entries. Love Sagar and Krishna scenes too. Finally the director listened our prayer. Hope the serial remains the same further. I know villians would enter soon and create disturbances but sich light scenes between such hogh voltage drama should always be there. #in love with GANGAA

  2. Hi Rimjhim, thanks for super update. 🙂

    Finally we can see some happy moments and light – heartedly scenes. Hopefully Ganga can find forgiveness in her heart and reconcile.

    Really hope that Supriya does not turn negative. In fact it would be really nice to see Sagar and Gangaa reunite and have good news ..adding another addition to the family. Also, it would be nice to see Supriya and Pulkit have an unexpected pregnancy too, same time as Gangaa and Sagar. Hopefully this will bring them close again.

    Since Prabha caused Supriya to miscarry…. surely, miracles can happen. Also, women can conceive again even though they have experienced miscarriages.

    It would be really nice to see Niru, Madhvi enjoy their grandchildren from babies, to toddlers – child, Amma Ji celebrating being a great grandmother and bonding with them.

  3. Sagar is such a bad loser…it’s not fair the way he is manupulating Krishna. Competition should be fair and square. This might create more problem when Ganga find out that he is cheating.

  4. Oh.. Summer… What an idea sirji… A good news from SaGa…. Really great idea…. Just reading this v r so much happy… If it is going to happen in the show…. V will definitely dance with joy… OMG… Unable to control happiness…. And…. There is a new on location video showing Ganga leaving Sadan with her luggage and Krishna trying her to stop….

    1. Hi Bhavaniaspu,

      It would be a lovely idea wouldn’t it! Be nice to see some happy, reunited and harmonious scenes for a change. I watched the episode yesterday, it was good. Krishna is so cute. So nice to see Gangaa and Sagar banter and smiles on their faces. I thought it was cute when Sagar started sulking with Krishna because he lost the challenge.

      Bhavaniasapu you mention that Ganga leaving sadan w ith her luggage and krishna trying to stop her… could this be the reason for Gangaa leaving because she felt insulted by Sagar cheating the challenges? Preview glimpse he cheated food challenge..what do you think Bhavaniaspu and Pooja?

    2. Krishnaa

      even i saw the video and my mood was spoilt. people and time change, we cannot always live in the past, sagar is already repenting truly for what he did and he wants both krishna and ganga, its really bad for ganga to live in her past as this is not only hurting sagar and krishna but she is also destroying herself. if this show goes on like this without ganga realising that her ego is her big destroyer, then it is surely a bad message to the society. she has face a lot problems in her life but not able to overcome one’s problem is itself a problem.

  5. Bhavani, is it the big thing that is going to be happen. Really sad. I thought it would be saga marriage.
    As pooja said, Sagar manipulating krishna is not good. competition should be fair. Even if Sagar lost the bet definitely he will win Ganga’s heart. she will agree to stay forever.
    Summer, we are all waiting for the same.

    1. Hi Sujatha,

      We’re on the same page there, if Sagar lost the challenges, her heart will soften because he lost fair and square and earnestly try to prove his love for Krishna and her. But if Ganga finds out about his underhand tack-ticks, she will feel its all a lie and that will resurface old wounds and more likely to walk away.

      Can’t believe i missed 12th Saturday episode. Tried searching on youtube but no avail. Nevermind, i read the updates.

  6. Hi Summer, really bad luck missing the 12th episode. Hope soon it will be available in ozee. Already Sagar won the case by manipulating krishna. He should try honestly to win the bet.
    Hi krishna, on which site that video is available. please let me know. Don’t worry, hope krishna will succeed in stopping Ganga.

    1. Hi Sujatha , Thanks for the tip, i shall keep an eye on ozee.

      Krishnaa, as much as we like to see Sagar and Gangaa reunite, but i think it will always be the ‘will they won’t they’ scenario; going round in circles. The writers like to tease us and then torment us.

  7. Hi Summer & sujatha
    That’s exactly my thought .. if Ganga find out that he is cheating with the challenges she will be hurt again. Sagar is his own enemy. He will win Ganga heart by being honest rather than be deceptive. It makes me sad I was really sad as I was looking forward to a Saga reunion.

    1. Hi Pooja,
      Not only Sagar is his own enemy, but i don’t he will ever learn from his mistakes. The number of times he has hurt Gangaa and let her down. When he gave Ganga false hopes and married Jhanvi in a fit of rage. The number of times he has insulted the application of vermilion. I don’t think this will be any different.

      As Bhanvaiaspau has commented, they will separate again. Reasons are to be unfold, but guesses are that he cheated during the challenges and this has irked Gangaa. I think if they ever reunite and stay happy, it will be the end of the serial.

      Thanks Bhanvani for the info.

  8. Now all episodes r available on ozee…. In that video.. Krishna is asking ganga that where are they going… Are they going to live alone again without sagar… Was she separated from her father permanently… And ganga is trying to convince her… And some goons are attacking them… And this is going to happen after completion of seven days challenge… Sagar and ganga attends elocution competition at the school and sagar gets emotional hearing krishna speaking about her father’s loneliness… And sagar confesses his love to ganga… Ammaji and Madhavi tries their best to stop ganga but she leaves chatur sadan

  9. And even sagar asks Krishna to go with her mother… And no guesses what is going to be the future track of the show

  10. it means sagar and gangaa are seperating again.if it happens the show lost its charm…

  11. it means sagar and gangaa are seperating again.if it happens the show lost its charm…

  12. Ganga says that they are going to chandapur, the village where she was born and lived with her bappa until she got married… Krishna asks her for how many days they are going to stay there

  13. Thanks Bhavani for the information. Really sad. I thought even if Ganga wins the bet she will accept him.
    I think Sagar saves them from the goons.

  14. Krishnaa

    if they are really going to separate again, i will stop watching the show! i just hope not! if they separate again, the reason will be completely baseless! i hope nothing as such happens and ganga stays back in benaras. its not right to separate a child from any of the parents. if ganga doesnt want to live in chathur family she should at least let krishna meet sagar. there are so many divorcees who allow their children meet their ex-partner. why this ego then?

  15. Today’s episode was awesome. Sagar was so cute and so funny.
    Any one please let me know the precap. I missed it.
    Hi Krishna, don’t worry. As summer said if saga unite forever it will be the end of the serial. Meanwhile just enjoy it. can you please tell me on which site that video is available.

    1. Krishnaa

      you mean the episode that bhavani mentioned? i saw it on facebook on the official page of gangaa. you can also find it on youtube. but im sure to stop watching if they separate again and if there is any leap after separation, it gives me so much negative vibes when couples separate. in an interview, vishal said even the actors,i.e he and aditi, are fed of fighting for so long and want everything to be good between sagar and ganga 😀

      1. Krishnaa

        *fed up

  16. From the beginning so many loyal viewers are telling this only… Ganga is shown too much head strong… Sagar asks her to forgive him for what he did but she doesn’t even try to listen to him… As a lawyer first ever quality is to listen carefully and observe keenly… Even after knowing from yash what prabha did towards them… Ganga is not at all thinking about…. If this is called so called self respect…. Then what would be ego in her language…. Writers and director spoiled the entire show by dragging the show with nonsense track… Shouting… Crying… Blackmailing the child emotionally… Repeated dialogues of saying main lead male as a cheater… Un necessary negativity… And the result is lost the charm of the show… Main female lead characterisation is hated by too many viewers… Finally this happened to loose ITA awards also…

    1. Krishnaa

      well said bhavani. i have always been wondering if there is a way to tell the writers what audience really want from them. i dont think they read our comments and reviews here…anybody knows?

  17. Precap is… Sagar bowling to ganga and next its her turn to bowl… She threw the ball and sagar asks y she is showing her anger on him… Sagar sits sadly in his room… Krishna says to Madhavi that if in tomorrow’s challenge ganga wins she will take her away with her…

  18. Guys chill they are not going to separate or anything.. it’s gangaa realize the importance of sagar and realised too that she still loves it’s a realisation of her…

  19. I guess some how sagar lost in gully cricket also..

  20. Thanq Bhavani for the precap. As per the precap it seems that Sagar lost in cricket also.
    Good news from you Ayushi soni. Really very relaxing. Thanq.
    So krishna don’t stop watching the serial.

    1. Krishnaa

      haha, ok i wont stop 😀

    2. Krishnaa

      hope you saw the videos on youtube or on the official page of ganga on facebook.

  21. Can someone please tell me what happened in today’s episode. Please

  22. Hi Rakhi, yesterday’s episode was available on ozee

  23. Thank you so much sujatha:)

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