Funny facts on serials….u should know

1. In a serial, like yeh hai mohabbatein, a whole building fell on ishita still among all the people dying ther only she was alive and even raising her hand , i mean atleast show something real, ek insaan ka kitni hi baar accident ho jaye still that person is alive
2. In a serial like naagin, 6 months anniversary pe shaadi, like seriously, 1 year hota toh phir bhi samjh aata , and itna paisa hota hai kharch karne ko ki on every anniversary there is a shaadi, ek baar shaadi ho gayi toh inn logon ko khushi nahin hui har problem ke baad problem theek karne ke liye shaadi karado pyaar karne waalon ki
3. When an accident happens it is common sense that u should not go inside the operation theatre , then too they go in and the doctor stops them
4. When 1 of the love birds die the 2nd one comes shed some tears asks the 1st lover to wake and that person, inspite of already been declared dead, opens eyes, like wth
5. Always when judaii comes between 2 lovers they take so long to make them meet, i mean vo 2 log ek dum ek doosre ke samne bhi ho toh bhi idhar-udhar dekh ke chalne ke chakar mein ek doosre ko dekhte nahin, like in yeh hai mohabbatein , ishita raman just had clashed but they dint even bother to see who they clashed with, in suhani si ek ladki, yuvraj saved suhani from goons and suhani dint even turn to see who saved her and dint even bother thank him
6. In serials sab mahaan bane ki mauke ki khoj mein rehte hain, like gopi modi, ishita, ishaani, pari etc. Inhe har mamle mein interfere karne ki aadat hain, agar ghar mein koi musibat aaye to sabse chupakar khud uss problem ko solve kar kar apne aap ko mahan prove karna, like in matsh , ishaani ko ritika ka ne tang kiya aur usne ranveer ko bataya nahin tab bhi nahin jab ranveer theek tha bahar aa chuka tha, khud balidaan dekar mahan ban gayi
7. In 20 century also they believe superstitious things , for eg, kaala teeka, kaali is used so much but still she does not get tired showing her acchai and mahanta, atleast gauri shoudnt believe in this
8. Ek bhi shaadi agar shaanti se ho jaye to inhe problem hai kyunki har shaadi mein koi bahut bada drama hota hai
9. Hats off to sasural simar ka, bhoot inke ghar se jaate hi nahin, and ab roli ko mara diya, chandramani, patali devi, naagin etc etc inka ghar logon se zyada bhooton se bhara hota hai
10. And naagin, it has good trp’s but ankush raheja ka ghar, i am sorry to say, ghar se zyada jungle lagta hai, 1 naagin shivanya vahan rehti hai , 1 naagin shesha aati jaati rehti hai, icchadhari naagin ke saath ghar main icchadhari nevla aaya, icchadhari morni aayi ,5 killers live there, omg
11. In serials like qubool hai, how can mother daughter look exactly the same and in yhm, peehu ruhi who dont even know each other look alike , awesome job yaar, impossible ko possible bana diya
12. And god plays the most important role , like SNS, gopi and her maaji depend completely on krishna , and same goes with all other serials i mean do some efforts yaar, but no, because jaise hi they pray to god, god fulfills their each and every wish
13. Like there is a murder case, everyone, including people who saw that it wasnt a murder, give gavahi against that person, like in yhm , palavi even after knowing ishita did it for her put all the blame on ishita only to get her baby back , and ishita even after getting fasi was alive , atleast show something realistic
14. Sometimes i find negative roles too much i mean they try so many times to kill someone but still they are saved everytime, iss se accha toh chaku lo, maro, chaku chippakar , bhaag jao, itna try karne se toh better hai, but tab bhi apni koi ring, chain etc. Wahan girakar jayenge apne hi khilaf proof dene ke liye. Stupid them.

Itna hi aaj ke liye i will come with more soon…….

  1. This is damm true..
    Hats off yar
    U wrote it exactly..
    This is called heights of foolishness
    Thank god there is nothing such showed n serials I watch..
    But yet that I watch nagin..
    (Though I know its impossible I watch it coz f arjun n mouni)

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Hello whatever u told is correct. But ishveer pair is the best and they are made for each other. U missed one show ek tha raja ek thi rani.. I wonder this will happen that time or not?.. Answer me

    1. Hiii ranaji im silent reader of yhm . Nd as same u im also a die hard fan him

    2. Me too a fan of SURYA… Waiting for 24 release

  3. ???????

  4. Hahaha…dat’s why I dn’t watch serial yaar

  5. pls translate it to english….

  6. Hahahhahahahah seriously u r a gud observer

  7. Ha ha fantastic job
    I laughed like hell

  8. So true
    update next one asap…
    feel happy to get something new here thxxx

  9. Thx all
    Ps: i wrote it inspite of being a serial fan myself
    And ranaji even i love ishveer

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Don’t angry yaar..


    ????????? bilkul sahi pakde hai….

  11. yar just amazing and its true

  12. Agreed but the words were not effectual… I wanted to leave the page but still remained to comment.
    Actually I dnt watch any of the show you mentioned… Haha so it means that I have a good choice hehe lol… Watch channel V and mtv for believable shows but you will be tired of the romance… Thanks for keeping my thoughts in words 🙂

  13. ???
    superb yarr..
    I jst love ur criticism.
    U point out the facts exactly..

  14. ???
    superb yarr..
    I jst love ur criticism.
    U point out the facts exactly..?

  15. U r 100% right.
    Loved ur facts.
    U r absolutely correct.
    Loved it!!

  16. Very true .. I have to say .. Sahi pakde hai.. And the fact of sasural simar ka .. 🙂 🙂

  17. Yes….10000000% correct…………. amazing yaar

  18. True year
    Can’t stop my laughing

  19. Wow….100% correct….. Almost all daily soaps keep on showing the same crap. Hats off to u for writing this….

  20. yaar ur just an perfect critic but u forgot to cmmnt abt tanus belly which is flat in modern dresses but some wat exists nly in kurtas example look at her concert dressing black frock ek dum flat tummy nd now wearings kurtas she got sme how nd mostly it took 14 months fr her to get tht little bump nd god knws how much time she vil take to deliver the baby nd in qubool hai frm 4 generations mom nd daughter look the same but the difference is their names yaar how come saas and bahu look as same age as Aditi nd Sanam or maahi this is ridiculous nd cmng to saath nibhana saathiya my god gopi looks as daughter of vidya really its a funny dressing scenes U DESERVE APPRECIATION FR UR WORK REALLY UR GREAT TO WATCH ALL DIZZZ CRAP BUT I AM NLY LEFT WITH KKB HOPING THT EITHER TRUTH OR BABY VIL COME OUT ONE DAY LOL such idiotic writers nd my god cmng to SASURAL SIMAR KA I really dont knw where the writers r frm may b frm some daayan planet nd I am not at all intrstd to watch jamaai raja how come an another villian enters their life exactly ven the other villian leaves nd as usual our jamaai vil solve it itseems heights of stupidity nd cmng to yeh vaada raha I am not evn able to understand wats gng on there nd our MOTHER INDIA PRAGYA AND HER STUPID TEAM IS SUFFERING FRM ANAMESIA ITSEEMS ALWAYS LOSING OR FORGETTING ALL

  21. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Wow ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Rofl ? lol ?
    Kya khub
    Dats y I watch skr, cas, bhabhiji ghr par h etc dese r ok types
    Oders r drmas
    Aap shi pkde h

  22. Sasural simar ka ko masaak bana diya inn writers ne…..iss serial ka title hona chahiye MATARANI KI SHAKTI SIMAR KI BHAKTI…..and genre of dis crap should be fantasy,superhero types…..Bakwassssss

  23. Aur ye kya nautanki hai….iss swara ko koi kaam dhanda nahi kya jab dekho simar ki madad karne aajati hai….

  24. U r so right rianaa and maahi thx for telling me more about this

  25. And i am a very chilled out person ranaji i was not at all angry….so need not worry

  26. You r amazing! Everything u said is 100% true and I laughed a lot

  27. Thx to everyone commenting i am so happy that u laughed bcoz i wanted this only

  28. Suprrr Yarrrrrr 100% true facts of serials……………..

  29. u really are a true and good critic………..hats off to u my dear………..

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