Funny facts on serials……u should know (epi 3)

facts on every serial i know
1) swara loved laksh and laksh loved swara and ragini loved laksh
In these cases, like swara, she i mean property ko daan mein do , khana daan mein do but nahin apni mahanta dikhane ke liye daan mein kuch bada dena padta toh insaan de do like really how can give a jeeta- jaagta person in daan without even thinking about the
person himself, like swara gave laksh to ragini when they both loved each other

2) when kavita died in sanskaar’s arms how can she be alive yaar

3) and seriously pareenita is turning negative becoz saare mahan kaam toh swara aur ragini karte hai toh pareenita ke saath to ye hona hi tha


1) mahan gopi aur uski mahaan maaji ko toh maan gaye jab dekho kanaha ji kanha ji
And maaji ka” krishna bhagwan ki saugand” mujhe toh krishnadasi serial se zyada yahan krishnadasiyaan dikhti hai

2) and then naiya ki shaadi abd seriously uske kuch dino mein ball lagne se uske chote se pati ki death and i dont know how she became so modern and when she got time to becum so modern…..child marriage, death , and vidhwa to modern

3) how can gaura plan this much in mins yaar, i mean she dint knew dharam would fall and then too she made such a plan to keep dharam alive but make everyone think he is dead….and durga who is always quite bursted out like anything on meera like saare janam ke badle abhi nikalne hai

4) ahem gopi ki toh itne time mein paanch baar shaadi ho gayi hogi becoz har problem ke solve hone ke baad shaadi karva do bass

5) my question- is ahem actually a main character??? Bcoz i think he’s playing side role whenever there is a high voltage drama all lines are for gopi and her maaji nothing for ahem

6) i know gaura is negative but i think she is a joker she has funny names for everyone
1. Gopi- chatanki
2.meera- teekhi churi
3. Vidya-choti chatanki
And sridevi’s dialogue copied by meera “understand u better understand”

Mahanon ki rani ishita ka serial
1) bhoot ban chuki hai yeh natak karke ki
shagun is dead, i mean how can they make a pregnant fall even if there was a trampoline,
and ishita ko yeh sab karke kya mila i mean agar vo raman ko seedha seedha bata deti his life is in danger he would’ve started taking care

2) humshakal: i mean how can they not use common sense that shanaya is ishita
1. Shanaya ko exactly wahi din wahi time mila enter karne ko jab raman-nidhi ki shaadi ho rahi thi
2. Ishita ki dead body bhi nahin dekhi
3) ishita do baar same nadi mein same cliff se giri and 2 times usse bacha liya, mar jaane do yaar nahin to serial ka name ho jayega- silsila
mahanta ka, seriously

4) bacha peda karna is dangerous
Board- caution: bacha peda mat karo
Ishita khud to maa nahin bani do bache shagun ke and shagun surrogate mother bhi matlab teeno bache shagun ne hi diye hain isse, uske upar se bacha kidnap ho gaya

5) usually mahanta ke liye praise kiya jaata hai par ishita ko uski mahanta ke liye ghar se bahar nikaltw hai and usko raman se bahut suna bhi padta

6) ishita ka accident
1. crocodile nein pura leg piece kha liya tab bhi khoon sar se nikal raha tha faltu mein
2.puri building gir gayi but then too she is so powerful that she has the strength to raise her hand

Kumkum bhagya
1) they r stretching this tanu ka drama so long yaar i mean at the first place, itna drama karne ki jagah agar pragya nein abhi ko first de hi sab kuch bata diya hota then abhi would’ve
trusted her but nahin drama kiya trust khoya and abhi would not believe her

2) dadi nein kuch aasun kya bahaye
pragya rani uth gayi, usually lovers rotein tab dusra lover uth ta hai but yahaan to dadi bahu ka pyaar dikhaya

3) itni mushkil se alia ko nikala tha y has she returned because sara mastermind to alia ko hota tha as tanu acts so stupid sometimes

Matsh (now finished)
Ps: i love it but still
1) at a point of time i was so tired of ishani’s balidaan- shows name should- mere balidaan tumhare liye hi

2) matsh ke murders ki daastan
1. Chiraag ke murder mein jail gayi
2. Ritika ke bache ke murder mein jail gayi
3. Ranveer jail gaya sharman ke murder ke ilsaam mein

3) ritika ke gunha
Ps- I used to like ritika so much in the starting
1. Chirag ka khoon
2. Chirag ke bache ko sharman ka bacha kehna
3. Phalguni ka khoon
4. Ranveer par attempt to murder
5. Ishaani par attempt to murder (x2)
6. Apne bache ka khoon
7. Apne bache ke khoon ka ilsaam ishani par dalna
8. Sharman ke saath shaadi karte waqt chirag ke saath affair rakhna
9. Nirbhay aur naina ka bure mein saath dena
10. Biggest- ishaani ranveer ko alag karna

4) yaar i just so hate when ishaani shows ranveer her hatred for him and ranveer also starts hating her without knowing the actual truth – did this mistake (x3) times

Only this for today i will bring more of this and will tell about more serials

U can also tell me points i missed

Thank u guyz for supporting

  1. I must admit it ur article is great update part 4 soon so correct and funny lol usually I don’t show others what I read but this I had to share with my mom and uncle hahahahahah

  2. yaar how can u forget tht it is indian high voltage drama tht too especially ekta’s always showing women bonding sooo nly in kkb abhi is dumb to the hell nd two women (dadi nd pragya) lv each other sooo nly by feeling dadi’s tears pragya came back from death door LOL how stupidit is

  3. You are absolutely right about matsh & kkb and how much they are draging the current part of kkb and one point is that from how many months we are seeing that tanu is pregnant I think before Diwali of last year and they also celebrated holi of this year also how much irritating it is but still I love matsh it was my favourite serial

  4. Yhm is absolutely rubbish… Every one believes that ruhi is dead… Shagun is ruhi’s daughter.. Shagun is not sad or worried that her daughter died. But she cares for ishita who gave her daughter away…
    I think shagun is better than ishita…

  5. I miss MATSH soo much and I agree with you! I hated those scenes where Ishani fake hated Ranveer, causing him to hate her!

  6. Superb observations. Everything is completely true.

  7. U just made me laugh out loud cant control

  8. Hey Reena dear you are not updating your ff pls update it soon

  9. Thx to everyone for commenting and appreciating

  10. I agree to the fact that the writers are stretching the storyline of KkB. But though what you said abt matsh was apt, the show has been my favourite and is still my most loved one. Ishveer was amazing

  11. Seriously ….,I fell the writer of these serials shd read this and think how much they have been fooling us by bringing utter nonsense on screen with no reality..I wish someone cud be so great like ishita and who cud survive even after falling from a cliff 2 times….,great

  12. Write in English only plzz I do r know Hindi

  13. Ur analysis is great.. But pls write in English…

  14. gopi to sacrifice ki devi hae lolzzz


  16. absolutely correct n for tanu i would say tat do every serial get only a grl named tanu to get pregnent n d hero to believe her blindly and yaa TANU’S pregneny WL nvr get ovr aare real life me itna din me to 3 – 4 bache ho jate???? as in if u all remember same thing happened n QUBOOL HAI in ASAD AND ZOYA CASE thr WS also a grl named tanu was d villian n uski prenency to pucho mt zoya jabindia aayi tab se pregnant thi tanu n in d end it is shown tat hr chid is n d se age as of zoyas n najmas i mean woooow seriously n hre also n kkb same story jaise writrs ko kch aur milta hi ni h nam tak same

    i m new ti this forum n a silnt reader bt i coudnt stop myself from commenting on ur post suprb analysis must say well don☺???

  17. Please show tashan e ishq thappad tragedy almost 35-45 thappads are over ..and ta episode was nice

  18. Wow.. U love matsh? I live it too ❤

  19. In sans u cud also write-
    Gopi and her maaji always hav accidents that also dangerrous ones but dey r not dead… According to me death also doesn’t want to take people who cannot shut their mouth
    2) there are a lot of problems in the serial but the police is never involved

  20. yeah i love dis

  21. you made me laugh.. It was so true.. Gopi n kokila both are so irritating.. And ahem has no important role in this stupid serial.. Every decision is taken by gopi n koki.. Baa who is the eldest of all in the family is not at all important.. And pata nahi hetal ka husbnd avi kaha chala gaya..aur gopis father.. Is he dead or alive?? If he’s alive he didn’t even bother to attend madhuben’s cremation.. Lol..gopi is like spiderman she always has to climb through a pipe..its utter nonsense..

    Then yhm.. It also makes no sense at all.. Ishita is still alive and suffered no injuries at all after all these accidents..yhm is becoming worse day by day..

  22. sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo trrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee

  23. yhm-silsila mahanta ka and matsh-mere balidaan tumhare liye hi superb.hats off to u

  24. sach me… kkb me toh pta nhi kya kya ho rha he…

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