I was full of tashan but u was full of love -07

I was full of tashan but you was full of love-07

Kunj’s pov:
As she kissed me i was out of my senses I could see her hurrying out of the flight but I was still surprised and I sat thr itself untill flight attendant came to me.

I excused her and ran out of the flight to find twinkle,as I made my way out I saw twinkle in a cab before I could follow her she left. I couldn’t trace her.

**end of kunj s pov**

Twinkle was on the way to her home, in order to surprise the family people she left a day before.
Suddenly a car chased the cab in which twinkle was thr. The car came infront of the cab and the cab driver applied the breaks forcefully, twinkle was panicked by the attack. She came out if the car with boiling in anger.
“What the hell ru doing?Haa. ….”
She shouted as the person came out of the car she was shocked to see him.
“U …” she was shocked.

The guy whom twinkle humiliated in the plane followed her.
“What do u think of u, I thought u to be a hot chick but u showed ur arrogance nw I will show u what’s my arrogance is” saying that he moved towards her.

Twinkle was alone n in fear she ran into the trees on the side of road. He chased her. She ran and ran n finally she was tired she lost her way. She rested near a tree and sat thr, as she was relaxing thr a hand landed on her shoulder.she shouted out in fear.

He closed her mouth he was the same guy. He finally caught her.
“Don’t shout if u shout also u won’t get any help, u insulted arman, the most powerful person in this state,I won’t leave u so easily, from today I will torture u like anything,frm nw u r mine,my hotiee ”
He smirked evily and startef moving towards her lips as he held her tight in his arms.
Twinkle was protesting hard,but all in vain.Before he could kiss her, someone hit him on his head.
It was kunj…..the hero.
Arman fell to ground. Twinkle took a sigh of relief and was doubtfully about kunj following her.

Are u fine? Kunj asked
Yeah…she replied. Taking a sigh of relief,’are u following me?’ She added
Yes I am following u, moreover I love u darling, kunj replied.
(Guys he is a Don hw can we expect him so romantically so plz adjust he is straight forward)
What?? Twinkle gave a questioning look.

Yes, I love u, I have seen u many times in Thailand and have fallen fr u, so I came all the way along following u, till here. I wanted to propose u in airport itself bt ur kiss freezed me and I couldn’t help myself. Bfr I could find u, u escaped frm thr. Kunj answered her.

‘How u find me?’ Twinkle asked
‘My heart followed u my love,’ He said winking at her.

Twinkle moved towards him, she put her arms around his neck n moved closer to him and she spoke softly,’ this is all not enough fr twinkle, u know….I. ….I. …hate….u from the bottom of my heart.’saying that she pushed kunj away.

As kunj was pushed he let out a faint laugh n replied,’ whatever it may be, u r fated to be with me, get ready my love’.
Twinkel was frustrated.
‘What do u think of u, haaa?’ She asked moving towards him.
‘Now I wil tell u,’ ku j held her hand tightly and dragged her towards the way out.
‘Leave me…leave me….lea..’ twinkle was shouting but was stopped when she saw her family.
‘Dad….’ she exclaimed.

Precap: what may be RT s reaction? Will kunj leave twinkle? Does he plan any drama? Who was the guy attacked on twinkle? Does he have any link with twinkle? Why twinkle was brought up in abroad since childhood??

Ahhhh……..so many questions everything will be answered in next epi. Stay tuned n get ready for coming up comedy.

Do share ur views n cmnt, if u ppl missed me then cmnt ok…
Will be waiting as I am late it’s long enough naaa a. …

P.S:no one guessed me in author recognition I wrote Intazaar-OS
Do read if u didn’t. First time I wrote smething with feel.

Bye lovely ppl

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  1. Adya

    Superb di …I read ur os…nd it was aweeessssooooommmmmeeeee…..nd really excited for the next part…..pls post soon
    Love u

  2. Ramya

    Hey roshini itne sawal Mai chod di phir bhi it’s amazing fabulous yr n who is d lucky person who guessed it os plss bata n episode was as usual behind words amazing

  3. SidMin

    Loved it the episode was too good I loved the straight forward Kunj He was superb and I feel that guy is related to Twinkle maybe a family friend or something waiting to know How RT and Leela react seeing Twinj 🙂 Post soon 🙂 I guess I could not guess your OS right so sorry but I loved it Twinkle’s pain on how she will keep on waiting for Kunj 🙂

  4. The episode was tooooooooooooo good loved it and the os it was Mindblowing rosh post soon with loads of love -sush

  5. Chiku

    I loved ur os alot. It was amazing
    Comin to episode ?????
    Post next soon

  6. Awesome epi n I guess that guy is maybe related to twinkle?? not sure.. and I missed u n ur both ffs so much.. and coming to ur os, I’m so sorry I couldn’t guess that it was you??.. buy I really loved it and u nailed it.. do cont soon ❤

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Superb episode…. Loved it

  9. Kruti

    Amazing epi roshini
    Continue soon

  10. Angita


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