Friendship is also love – Part 5

Hello guys thanks for ur response , but I’m little disappointed since I got very little response I can continue only if I get a proper response


Recap – Rudy is addicted to drugs,Keerthy & Saumya are frnds & RJ’s

OM , Mumbai

Rudy get discharged from hospital

Shivay & Om decide to get Rudy to rehabilitation centre

shivay informs it to dadi, first dadi didn’t agree for that but both Shivay &Om convinced her.

After 3 Days


Rudy calls Keerthy

Keerthy was in the office working

Keerthy – hello who s this

Rudy – Kittu….

Keerthy –  Rudhr is that you …(excitingly)

Rudy – Haan Kittu its me I need ur help

keerthy – sugam Thane ( R U 5n ???) enda prakshanam ( any problem????)

Rudy- they are trying to kill me !!!!!! pls save me Kittu pls save me ….

Keerthy – Rudy ….

keerthy got up from sleep it was a dream

Keerthy- what is this is it a dream…. But why I am getting this dream something is wrong with him …am I over thinking

she makes her mind to talk to him by siding her angry

she gets up & gets ready for the office

Rudy suffers in the centre & he ran from there to his home

Rudy comes to OM , Shivika , Rikara , dadi get shocked on seeing him

shivay – Rudy why have u returned

Rudy – Bhaiya I m not going there pls don’t send me there I wanna stay with you ( by hugging Shivay)

Om – Rudy  calm down it is only for ur sake we will not leave u

Rudy – O they r beating me I’m not going anywhere I have to be with you all pls don’t send me there

Shivay- ok ok Rudy just calm down I am here right everything will be alright (by calming down him )

suddenly he falls down, shivom carry him & place him in his room.

just then the rehabilitation centre staff comes & informs that they cannot treat Rudy any more

family is shocked, they ask why , staffs inform that ” first he is not obeying, second he is taking drugs there too , we can’t take risk else u will blame us so we r sorry ” when Shivay is about to argue Om signs him No

Dadi – can u see this billu that’s y I Said not to put him in rehabilitation centre

Shivay – but Dadi we didn’t expect this right

Anika – No Shivay I already said u that this is not needed but u didn’t listen me now all of us facing the consequence right u know that we can’t see Rudy in this position that’s y we warned u….

Om – But bhabhi we have to treat him right

Gauri – Om but we can treat him in the home itself…it will be safer for us

Shivay – no Gauri it will be even more worse he will take even more advantage

suddenly they will hear sound from Rudy’s room

they see him bluffing about Bhavya in the dream , suddenly dadi will notice a small trophy in the room’s showcase

Dadi will Decide something, call ShivOm for discussion

keerthy  will be trying to call Rudy but she will get call not reachable

Precap – Keerthy make Saumya to meet her friend , new entri

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  1. Jasminerahul

    why such a strange dream 4 keerthi about rudra?sad about rudra’s condition.what decision did dadi take?plz continue

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hi Jasmine dear thanks for ur support da ,
      It is just a indication da , we can sense when our close ones are in problem ri8 it is same she senses the danger for her friend RUDY

  2. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.
    Hope I’m not late. So read all the episodes dear. It’s good. Dear let VD b Keerthi frd nd Rana as somu frd… My opinion bt ur choice.. The episode r being interesting. Nd how somu nd Rudy will meet… Plz do continue the episodes dear. It’s good. By the way r u from karanataka ( Bangalore). Tc

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hi Jeevitha,
      Thanks for ur support pa
      Hope u will get to know the roles when u will see update & hope u will enjoy da.
      No da I’m from ” Singara Chennai ” (tamilnadu)
      I gone to Banglore since my brother is there I know the city that’s it

  3. ItsmePrabha

    oh no!! rudy boy……can’t imagine you like that…nice update..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hi Prabha, thanks for ur response dear
      Yep it will be painful , but this pain will be get healed soon let’s see how keep reading & keep supporting dear

  4. Nikita_jai29

    Waiting for the next update

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