Friends. . Condition Apply 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti thinks about Chirag and gets happy..Tara comes and sits..Shakti goes..Tara tells Shakti to sit beside her..Tara tells thankyou for helping to release her father..Tara tells that Shakti was favourite of her father..Tara tells Shakti to go delhi back and live peacefully..And should get married with a nice boy..Shakti smiles and hugs Tara..Shakti goes..Tara tells herself that people go by her permission..
Chirag calls Shakti..Shakti comes..Chirag puts a scarf on Shakti eye’s..Chirag takes Shakti along with him..Chirag goes into the jungle and removes the Scarf..Shakti sees Chirag has arranged some flower’s and date for Shakti..Chirag makes a flower’s hat and gives to Shakti..Shakti wear’s it..Chirag tells that he want care and love from Shakti..Chirag says Shakti “I LOVE YOU”..Shakti smiles and feels shy..Song goes in background..”TUM HI HO”..Chirag and Shakti kisses each other..Shakti and Chirag spend the whole night loving..Tara sees.
MAjor asks If Shakti is in his gang or not..Rajneil shouts and tells that he has no gang..Rajneil tells that they are just his companions..Shakti feels happy thinking about Chirag and her…Tara comes and tells Shakti that she has seen Shakti and Chirag together..Tara tells that Shakti has taken her advice seriously..Tara says what happens If Chirag comes to know the truth..Tara tells that Shakti cannot spent life telling lies..Shakti is quiet..Tara goes..
JUhi comes to Omar..Omar tells he was waiting for juhi only..He tells that he brought a gif for her,,Omar gives a flower to juhi..Juhi smells and tells that it is very beautiful..Omar tells that SInce morning he was searching and village people say that this flower grows only once in a year..Juhi tells that thankyou..Omar says “ALL THE BEST JUHI JII””..Juhi smiles..Omar is about to hug Juhi but stops himself.,Omar goes.. while juhi goess..
Murli calls SHakti…Shakti comes..Murli tells he heard something..Shakti tells that Tara says rubbish..Murli asks then whats the truth..Shakti tells that Chirag loves her..Murli says that Chirag should not know the role of Shakti in the Mission..Shakti tells that its correct..And Chirag should also know the feelings of her,,That she loves her..Shakti goes..Murli gets Angry..At night Shakti thinks about Tara..Shakti take out tablets about to eat..Chirag comes and asks that morning happened between them Shakti is happy or not??Shakti says yes..Chirag tells “I love YOU”..Shakti tells that Chirag dont known about her..Chirag tells he known..Chirag asks do Shakti has feelings for him..SHakti tells that Words cannot describe her feelings.Chirag gets happy..Shakti and CHirag hugs each other..
Agni text MAjor that he is out with all friends..All friends are put in a truck..while murli Tara and Agni sees..Major calls Agni..Agni shows the instructions..Major tells he is coming..Tara tells she has a gift for all friends..Tara shows a bomb jacket all friends gets shocked..

Precap::Tara tells Chirag should wear this…Shakti tells she will wear..Murli gets worried..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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