Friday Spoilers — 28th October 2016


Aparajita had anger on Raina. Someone plays dhol nagada and she gets too provoked that she takes BrahmaRakshas avatar. When she hears loud sound of dhol nagada, she turns into a devil. Aparajita gets Raina’s anger on pandit and kills him. Aparajita will now trouble Rishabh and Raina. Sanjay Thakur/Brahmarakshas will be returning back in Kamalpura with double power soon.


Devanshi does a miracle to save the grains stored at Sarla’s house. Mohan asks Kusum to be careful, the girl can be proved dangerous for them. Good wins over evil yet again, and Devanshi does a miracle by stopping the flooding water. Kusum is overconfident and thinks nothing will happen. Devanshi’s miracle will make everyone give her devi status again.

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