parth and randhir reached hospital wher they saw sanyukta in ICU. Rd went closeto sanyu n had tears in his eyes.He was feeling guilty about blaming her.
Randhir-sanyu plz im sory for wha i did but forgive meicant live without you,you know ur sadu na he gets angry very soon n never realises his mistake but afterwards cries anf regrets it (saying this he qiuckly huggs sanyu n kises her allover her face and starts patting her back)it was as if the whole world around them had stopped and only randhir n sanyu were their. Sanyu’sback wwas now wet because of randhir’s tearsn she started opening her eyes,randhir’s grip loosed up and everybody in the room started staring sanyu.
the moment sanyu got conciouse, she shoved rd with all the strength she had.
sanyu- Mr RSS ek din black board pr sum kya solve kr diya tum toh hug krne lg gye(its just been one day since we met when u solved my already solved summ again and straight hugging just bcoz i was unconciouse .

sanyu saw Mr aggarwal standing there sanyu- papa even u did’nt stophim and how did this happen and where is ma and vidhushi u are having sindoor OMG im soo confused
And the doctor gives sanyu an injection and she sleeps again.
Doc- it was like magic seems that the aptient did respond to u mr shikhawat but i m srry to say she lost her memmery and that was something i was afraid of.
randhir-toh doctor how can she get well again.
Doctor-maybe when u all support her and by time she remembers everyhting again or maybe never.
Ramdhir-no doctor she will remember everything again
mr aggarwal-but bets how r we going o deal with her u know hat Anju is her life and now she doe’nt remember her death how will we manage
Randhir-Doctor plz do something plz i wil give u as much money want but make my wife remember her past(suddenly realises what he said)
rd waslooking at mr aggerwal who looked quite calm as if he already knew that sanyu and randhir were married
Rd- did u know?
sanyu’fatehr-Yes sanyu told me n i have no problems if you start loving her and trust her
rd-i promise but for now we have to make sanyu well n find some way by which we can stop her about thing about her mother

mr aggerwaltottaly agreed n made the plan that snayu would be sent to the colege in the sleeping condidtion n vids parth rd were made her incharges and her to somehow explain her that she was in the 4th yer not the first year as sanyu’s memmry was still in the begining of the first year
sanyu woke up n saw randhir carresing her hair.
sanyu-hey u agaoin and i m in the hostel not at home i thought il be taken home after an accident not to the hostel and maa didnt meet me
Randhir- calm down miss farzi, u r here bcoz u could not miss ur studies n ur mom met u when u were sleeping n since im ur father’s client’s son who is a very good friend of your fatehr i m incharge of you
snayu- ok fine but dont try to be touchy again ok?
sanyukta ried to get up for water but was unable to do that and was about to fall when randhir caught her and scloded her
randhir- sanyukta what were u upto if you need anything u can just sinply tel me dont try to jhansi ki rani plss
sanyu-ok give me water plzz(making a cute baby face as if she got scred of him and was looking at him cntnusly
randhir-srry but i was worried that ull get hurt thats y
sanyu-so that means we can be friend i mean hamare pa’s bhi friends hain toh ham bhi ho skte hai, though hamari frienship ki start was weird but still u r a nice guy
randhir-(smiling joyfull) thnxx sanyu i mean can i cal u snayu
sanyu- yes of course abhit atk toh i didnt have friends but family members call me snayu so u can also call me sanyu only. Achha give me water i told you na
Randhir giving her water-srry i forgot
Randhir made her drink wated and then patter on her head n soon sanyu went o sleep

one month passed n snayu had now recoved properly(just theouter injuries) Randhir and sayu had become very noce freinds and sanyu was told that they r in th 4th year coz they r smarter than other children and what all crap but she alwats insisted on talking to her mother.
PRECAP-sanyu n randhir are teamed up by abhay sir where they have short sweet fights and they have to proove themselves as best students as their is a student of the yeasr race but here they will in groups. Group A-vids parth sanyu n Rd yoyo and kausto and rest random memebers of college.
Now guys ilstart a student of the year rance in FITE and with the help of this race rd n sayu will fall in love again and randhir will be very sweet n loveing to sanyu even if she is fighting with him. Hope ull like it plzz drp ur comments

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