FLAMES – Acing Career & Love

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Episode 3 – Acing Career & Love

Aahil calls Tanveer

Aahil: Chachi…

Tanveer: Tell me Aahil

Aahil: Could you please give me Sanam’s address.

Tanveer: Why?

Aahil: Don’t worry, I won’t do anything wrong again.

Tanveer then sends him her address.

Aahil smiles and gets ready!!!!

The team manager comes and sees Aahil in the lobby.

Manager: Aahil? It’s late evening. Are you going somewhere? You have a match tomorrow.

Aahil: I will come back in an hour. Don’t worry.

Meanwhile, Rehan comes there with passes.

Rehan: Bhai, why did you ask for these VIP passes?

Aahil sees the manager, he leaves.

Aahil: Rehan, I’m going to Sanam’s home and make things right.

Rehan gets happy and hugs him.

Rehan: All the best Bhai.

Aahil smiles and leaves for Sanam’s home.

At Sanam’s home, the bell rings.

Dilshad opens the door. She is surprised.

Dilshad: Aahil, come in.

Aahil: Dadiji, I made a mistake.

Dilshad smiles, Rashid also joins and greets him.

Rashid: We came to know about everything.

Dilshad: Aahil, she is in that room only. Go and meet her. She is making something special for you.

Aahil: For me?

Dilshad: Yes, she is little hurt as Sanam but too happy as AsYa. And tomorrow is your match. So, she is making some art to post.

He smiles and goes to meet her.

Sanam is doodling…He stands seeing her beauty!!!

Then slowly he comes in and closes the door.

He stands behind her. She feels someone and turns to see. She is surprised to see him.

Sanam: Aahil, you…

Aahil: Yes me.

Sanam: You here?

Aahil: Should I not come to my future wife’s room?

Sanam is surprised to hear that.

Sanam: What did you say?

Aahil bends on his knees.

Aahil: Sanam, I know I have hurt you a lot. I didn’t even allow you to speak. But I love you a lot.

Sanam: You don’t love Sanam, you just love AsYa.

Aahil: No Sanam, you are wrong. I loved the creator who created that. You were there for me every time supporting, encouraging, and praying for me. Whenever I see your posts, all my stress and tension fly away. You were like my guide who guided me out of all the depressions I’m facing right now. Will you be there till my last breath?

Sanam cries and says yes….

Aahil gives her passes.

Aahil: I know more than money, ring and costly gifts you would love these tickets. This is for tomorrow’s match. I want you to be at the gallery cheering for me. Bring your artwork too.

Sanam: Will you score a century? We are missing that for a long time.

Aahil: Sure if you be there.

Sanam: I’ll be there to witness your century.

Aahil smiles and hugs her. They both cry in happiness.

Dilshad and Rashid see this and smile.

Dilshad: Rashid, they look beautiful together.

Rashid: Yes.

Dilshad: Asad and Zoya, now your daughter has found her soul.

They smile and record this and sends it to Tanveer and Rehan. They too are in happy tears.

The next day!!!

It’s a do-or-die situation for the team as well as for Aahil. The team badly needs to win that match to stay alive in the series and Aahil needs to come to form to hold his position strongly.

The team captains come to the field for the toss. India wins the toss and Aahil chooses to bowl. The cricket experts and commentators criticize him for making that decision as batting second is difficult on that ground.

Rashid: Why did Aahil choose to bowl?

Sanam: Dada, be cool. Aahil will do everything right. He’ll take care.

Tanveer: Aahil is so lucky to have a wife like Sanam.

Dilshad and Raiza smiles.

Raiza: But Sanam, don’t support him for everything.

Sanam: Dadiji, I’ll support him in everything.

Dilshad: Raiza, leave her. We can’t change her.

They smile and watch the match.

Aahil to team members.

Aahil: Guys, relax first. They too are just a team and normal players. Don’t get scared of results. Just go and play your heart.

All nod and come to the ground.

An Indian bowler takes the wicket of the opponent in the first ball itself.

Now the commentators praise Aahil for excellent field placement.

The Indian bowlers do well and restrict them to 235 in 50 overs.

Now comes Aahil and another batsman for the chase. He turns and sees Sanam at the VIP box. She is praying. He smiles and bats confidently. All are happy to see such a batting from him. Fans are happy as their captain and run machine is back. He scores a century and India wins the match. Sanam gets emotional. He gives a flying kiss to Sanam after scoring a century. After this incident, Sanam grabbed everyone’s attention. All praise Aahil. Team members, family, fans, cricket experts everyone is on cloud nine as that was a massive victory by 10 wickets.

At the presentation ceremony,

Presenter: Who was that girl?

Aahil: She is my future wife.

Sanam gets happy hearing this.

After this, he introduces Sanam to his team members and all greet each other.

After some time, Aahil sees Sanam sitting alone. He goes to her.

Sanam: Today, many girls heart is broken.

Aahil smiles…

Aahil: But my lady’s heart is filled with happiness right?

Sanam gets shy and hugs him.

Sanam: Let’s marry.

Aahil: Now.

Sanam: Yes now.

Aahil: Your studies?

Sanam: I’m in my final year and the only project is remaining. I can do that even after marrying you.

Aahil: Ok then, we’ll marry next week after this series ends.

Sanam and Aahil hug and kiss each other!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!! 

Episode 4 – Mismatched marriage will be uploaded on Saturday



  1. Awesome chapter. Please upload other FF of yours. I am waiting for the Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina FF and Mineil and Siblings – Bond of Heart to Heart FF

    1. Supriya_r

      Sure will update soon.

  2. Shesha485

    Loved yur chapter. Glad that Aahil wish to sort out the difference soon without making it late. Aahil’s confession to Sanam was sweet. Aahil asking her to present at stadium and Aahil scoring century because of Sanam’s motivation was expected but you made it really beautiful. Aahil giving fly kiss to Sanam was cute. Sanam saying many girls heart might break was funny.

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!! Yeah usually we’ll think right? whenever our favourite celebrity gets married, our hearts break sometimes.

    2. Shesha485

      Yeah, at times…

  3. AAYU

    Wow that was fast but loved it non-the-less! Waiting for their interesting marriage 😉

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!!! This is a 6 episode series. So, it’ll be little fast.

  4. Jasminerahul

    aahil lost in sanam’s beauty was romantic. Aaahil confessing love was romantic. Loved aahil saying that he knows that she loves these tickets more than money n gifts.After winning aahil giving flying kiss to sanam was romantic.when sanam said that many girls’ hearts are broken aahil saying that but his girl’s heart is filled with happiness was sweet.wow wedding.hug n kiss were romantic. nice pics

    1. Supriya_r

      Thank you💖

  5. Oh! It was amazing. I am literally loving this series. But sad that this will gonna end soon😥. Anyways. Let’s read😁❤

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