First love A thahaan TS (part 2)

FF BY Manish Goplanifp
My first love
TS by Anu
part 2.
continued from part 1.
The man continue writing
” after that day I start to move on in my life.
I stop thinking of her and just focus on my career.
it was not easy for me but Where there is will
there is way. So finally I succeed and I get a job as a manager in KK industries.
I was living my life peacefully
I was working hard and one month passed.
I totally forgot her and concentrating on my work.
My boss KC {krishnkant Chaturdevi} was very much impressed.
he is my like mentor and always guides me.
I was blessed to get him.
Everything going perfectly.
Ma Bauji was very happy from me and I promise to them that I will come soon to meet them.
One day Boss invite me on dinner.
I was very much happy and so mera promotion pakka tha.
At 8 pm I reached Boss house.
its not much far from john house{where I was living}.But then i was shocked
The same balcony girl whom I already kick out of my heart was standing there.
I m very much angry.
yes she was looking beautiful

but then it reminisces me That day when i hear her sl*ttering voice.
I was in dilemma
can’t I go inside as she too live there
and can’t I return as may boss get angry and I loss my job.
Struggling between two thoughts
I decide to go inside as its about to have dinner and then had to return back.
Don’t know
why destiny bringing her in my life
when I don’t want?soon Boss introduce his family.
That girl was his daughter
Oh really !
really it was destined.
first I fee

first I got attracted towards her beauty
and then I come to know That she has a flaw then I kick her out of my mind and even heart
and see I get job in her’s father company and now again we come face to face.
That time I didn’t understand .
Soon I finish the supper and was ready to go
suddenly I get a call from job.
J:”bhai I m sorry actually I had to come urgently to agra and I forget to give u keys
so for few days u had to stay somewhere else.”
I was shocked and so worried too.
boss observe my face.
Boss:”Bihaan if u have no problem u can stay here for few days.”

I had to stay here

at my boss house
under same roof with that stammering girl.
No way!!!!!
but I was helpless
I can’t I had to stay back there.
I decided not to saw her face.
that what I did.
I left from there early in the morning and come at night.
2 or 3 days passed.

one day
I had an important meeting which was very important.
I was so nervous.

I was roaming in the room and practicing for meeting.

Suddenly I heard some one footsteps.
I turn back
she was standing holding tea for me.
I just take it and put it on table
and start leaving.
Suddenly she spoke:”are u nnnnervous?”
her voice irritate me
I replied angrily:”tumse matlab.”
I think she observe how much nervous I was.
and so she understood that I hate her.T:”my mmma use to ssay that when u get nnnnervous just close ur eyes and recall ur ppparents.”
I ignore her and left.
even I didn’t drank the tea she brought.

soon I reached office
the meeting starts
I was getting nervous and then I recollect her words and close my eyes and recall ma and bauji.

then the meeting starts.

it goes really well
boss was very happy with me.

I return back
and I want to thank her.
but she was already slept.
next morning I get a chance and say thanks to her.
she smiles at me.
we had a general talk about my studies and my family.
I come to know that she has a flaw bt her pure innocent soul never let her flaw so that she has to be ashamed.She told me that she never get affected what others think of her.
her family love her so much and they always give her pat of love so she forgot other’s insult.

I smile at her.
she too smile
and now I m ashamed of myself that I judge her.
She turns and began to go.
I spoke with a hesitating voice:”will u be my friend?”
She didn’t replied and left.

days passed and we become friends
we start knowing each other.
We share a great bond.
I crack jokes just to bring smile on her face.
I like to see her happy.
Don’t know when two month passed and that day come when I had to return agra.
She was very sad but didn’t show at her face.
I was sad too and then at morning I was ready to leave.
When I comes outside
she runs downstairs and shout my name
before I could understand she hugs me.
I was shocked with her action.

I hug her back.
Me:”don’t worry chuk chuk gadi{That’s what I use to call her to tease her and she love it}.
she breaks the hug.
T:”ppakka na u will be bback.”
I:”of course.”I:”yes for my friend I will back.”
Hearing this I found she wasn’t much happy
did I say anything wrong?
she was my friend.
then what I say?
She smile fakely
I didn’t understand her gesture
I waved her
and left.
Her eyes was full of tears
with a hope that I will be back and will call her what she want.

That’s last time I saw her at noida
I know that I will back.

after few hours journey I reach agra.
Ma bauji was waiting for me
{note: here bihaan was from agra and thapki was from noida}.
Ma gets happy to see his son after a long time.
I hugs her.
Maa:”aa gya tu. Kitna intzar kiya tera.”
I:”I miss u maa.”
Maa:”miss u too bacha.”
Then I met bAuji and dadi ma.
both were very happy and so I was happy too.
My friends were there too.
we share a great time.

{bihaan was only son of balwinder and vasu}.

after returning back to agra
I get indulge with my family and spending time with my friends so I didn’t get time to even think of her.One day I was on my room and doing some work on my laptop.
Maa comes to me and says:”beta bihaan
r u doing any work or will u talk to me for a while?”
I kept my laptop aside
:”yes ma u didn’t need any kind of permission to talk to me.
I m ur son.”
saying this I lay down on her lap and .
V:”beta u know shraddha is coming on Saturday
so u had to pick her from airport.”
I was shocked
and sit
why maa?”
V:”bhul gaya tu.
tum dono ki shadi hone wali hai.”
Shraddha is my best friend since childhood.
my parents already decide that we will get married when will grown up.
before going to noida I was happy to know that I’ll marry shraddha.

But now hearing this I wasn’t happy.
Mind:”why u r not happy?
u know shraddha very well.
She is so beautiful and u always want a life partner like her.

Heart:”but now There is someone else in ur heart.
heart:”you will find it soon.”
SUN 8:21PM

I was totally confused
I m not getting my answer.
Why I was not happy to hear that shraddha was coming?

I was in my thoughts
then Ma call me for dinner.
I goes downstairs and unwillingly have my dinner as I don’t want that ma bauji get worried.I have it and saying them good nite.
I come to my room.
still I m confused between my heart and my mind.

I wasn’t getting any solution so I lay down on bed and close my eyes

and saw thapki.
Her twinkling eyes
BeauTiful smile
the moments we shared
the way she hug me.
SUN 10:03PM

I Open my eyes suddenly.
I wasn’t understanding
what’s happening with me?
Why can’t I stop myself to think about her?

Heart:just listen to me u will get all ur answers.
The girl whom were thinking is answer to ur questions.
She is the one who made u confident
she is the reason why u were not ready to accept shraddha.
Her innocent face
her simplicity
her smile
and the way she use to take care of u.
u r missing it.”
Mind:”why???”Heart:”uff u fool still thinking
u love ur chuk chuk gadi.
just for her u went to noida
God decide it and now u guys are madly in love.
before its late just go nd tell her.”

finally I get all my answers
yes yes yes
I was in love.
Love with my balcony girl
love that sweet innocent pari.

I was very happy.

now I just want to tell her
I m coming just for her.
the answer she was expecting from me I m ready to give him all answers.Now i just can’t wait to tell her.
its 12 am now
still i was not getting sleep
her face was appearing in front of my eyes again and again.
her smile
her face
her eyes oh I just can’t resist myself to think of her.
Oh god what’s happening with me?
I saw john was sleeping beside me
i try to wake him up.
me:”hey yar uth na
sun to.”
J(in a sleepy voice):”kya hua so ja na?”
Me:”yar mujhe neend ni aa ri
bar bar uska chehra najar aa rha
yar hmein pyar ho gya.
I m in love.”
John:”ha theek hai so ja”
he turns and sleep again.
I made a sad face and lay down.
Me:”oye john yar hmein pyar ho gya us balcony girl
hmari thapki se.
chal na noida.”
John:”yar so ja 12 bje kaha milne jayega
ab bola na to muh tod dunga
so ja.”
after few attempts I fallen asleep

now I can’t wait for morning
I just want to tell her that very soon I m coming to her.


next part will be last one

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