The first day of the New Year…the first day of a new life—by Ani (6)

The first day of the New Year…the first day of a new life…

Hi guys… Here’s the episode that i promised.
Abhi’s POV is over and now back to author’s POV. Even Abhi knows only till now. Let’s see what happens next…

Finally it’s around ten, when people are served drinks. Cocktails…alcoholic, non alcoholic, fruit, sweet, sour, driving, martini-espresso or French, margarita of all varieties and what not? Pragya wondered whether it was a bar or something.

Pragya refused every drink but for an apple pie. She felt grateful as the waiter had personally brought it to her, and ensured her that it was not mixed with anything else. She had learnt to control alcohol effect, but still she was afraid that she would spoil the event.

It was then going smooth. Purab and Sira were nowhere to be found, so Pragya lost even the one company she had. She looked for Abhi, but he was engrossed in talks.

Pragya sneaked into the house. The party was actually held in the lawn. So after Pragya went in, she took her seat in the sofa.

She slowly slid her arms down her sleeveless hands. She walked to the glass desk, where Abhi had been laying and telling about celebrating festivals with her. Tears rushed out. She wiped them but still they found their way down.

She walks to the steps where Abhigya were sitting with Abhi hugging her and wrapped her completely in his warm body.

She looked at the couch…how caring Abhi was? Even though he was angry with her, he loved her so much. He had helped her when the glass pierced her feet just the way his words pierced her heart. But still she longed for one thing and that was his love.

How he had promised on himself!!! He said he would never leave her. But now, even if he is next to her, he is not with her.
What a lovely proposal it was? I had seen no such one in my life…yet it was simply lovely.

Tears were continuously flowing. Pragya didn’t care to wipe them this time.
I should not have come here…she thought. She laid herself on the steps. Within moments she dozed off, with his…or rather their thoughts.

Abhi had been searching Pragya for almost 15 mins. He was talking with the guests but always had an eye on her. Somehow she was out of his sight.

He went into the house. He searched her just to find her lying on the stairs. He rushed to her, and saw that she was asleep. He slowly shook her and she woke up. He could see tear marks. He was pained beyond words. Pragya suddenly hugged him and cried.

At that time Abhi’s only thoughts were of Pragya’s husband – Abhi. The one name he hated the most. Thought it was his name, he hated it like hell. If he had found who Abhi really was, that man would have not been alive by now. But still, he felt, thought, questioned himself…was it for me that Abhi left Pragya, so that I have her in my arms by now?

Abhi was actually in a way glad that Pragya’s husband Abhi left her, else would he have her in his arms now? Abhi thanked him coz if not for him, Pragya will not be by his side

*I don’t know should I laugh, smile or worry at him. One side he is scolding Abhi (Pragya’s husband) for leaving her and other side he is glad that he left her. If he finds that he is only Pragya’s Abhi, what will he do? Will he be glad or worried? I am confused guys. What do you think? Ok, now back to the story*

Purab had given her some reason that Pragya’s husband had actually got over her, but he could remember nothing more than that not with a girl as fragile as Pragya with him. Why would he even remember a useless reason when he actually is enjoying the fruit of the tree?

Abhi made a small cynical smile but Pragya’s present condition made him sink in seas of agony.

Pragya pulled herself off from Abhi’s clasp. She wiped the tears and made her way to the party venue. People were dancing madly in flickering colours of light, that they called DISCO!!

Pragya was feeling uneasily uneasy.

A few minutes later, the crowd started screaming…

Everyone hugged each other welcoming the warm New Year ahead. Purab hugged Pragya tightly…happy New Year di…he said, then Sira, then Abhi.

The moment she hugged Abhi, she did not want herself to part. But, her New Year resolution rang back in her mind.


The list was endless. But it all seemed to vanish in to the past, just as the year passed by.

Every guest started to disperse. Soon, only Abhi and Pragya were left—with a few servants of course…because, it was his home and she was his secretary. Pragya was helping the servants as if it were her home. Abhi was again drowned but now, in Pragya. He just sat staring at her.

After the servants left, Pragya walked to Abhi.

“Sir, I am leaving” she said. Abhi vaguely nodded his head. Pragya started moving when Abhi caught her hand.
Pragya was stunned. She did not expect something like this. Abhi held her arm and turned her to face him.

“Do you want something, sir?” Pragya tried to hide her nervousness.

Without a moment’s notice, Abhi cups Pragya’s face. Pragya looks at him with eyes spreading love. At the same time, they were brimmed with tears—how long she had wanted him to touch her this way? How long she wanted to be in his embrace?

The tear escaped. Abhi rubbed it with his rough thumb. He placed a gentle kiss on her eyes.

Then his lips slowly came down to hers, almost brushing against hers, he said I love u…and within a moment, he took over her lips.
Starting as a slow kiss, light and gentle, it grew more intense. His hands were slowly pulling her close, that she can’t be close anymore. Her hands tangled with his scalp. They pulled away for air. But again, reached out to each other.

It was again a long kiss. Abhi slowly lifted her in his arms. He walked into the room, careful enough not to break the kiss. He then placed her on the bed. Pragya opened her mouth to speak but he placed his finger on her lip. She again started to talk, not before pushing his finger slowly away. But this time, Abhi used his pause button.

He tucks the hair that is falling on her face.
He then slowly, buried his head in her chest while she held him. He nuzzled his nose at her nape, while she moaned in pleasure. Abhi gave kisses all over Pragya’s tender skin that warmed at the very touch of his lips. He slowly removed his coat, letting the warm Pragya was causing in him to lessen its effect. He unzipped Pragya’s gown, while Pragya was busy with his shirt buttons.

Then, lights off ?????

That’s how the start of the new year, became the start of their new life.

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  1. Awesome ending ani dear…really superb story…bt you made me cry…I didn’t expect the end…bt I understand and respect your thoughts dear…pls take care dear sis….waiting for your other works… love you lot…bye…

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      thanq so much akshaya dear. glad that u understtod.
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  2. waaaaaw my sweetness its tooo sweet love it dear but why do u want to end it plzzzz proceed further bcos u can’t just put a stop to it plzzzz proceed it is a request lovvvvvvvvve uuuuu

    1. B_Ani

      sry lopez dear. actually i am having exams. if i can, i will post the story after 20th feb.
      sure i will try to proceed, but as of now, i ended it. if i can, i will write this story again.
      thanx for that lovely comment.
      love u tooooo??

  3. Wow superb ending yaar…

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  5. Nice epi

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  6. Awesome episode ani it is so sweet. Really you ended it aa wish to read more This is an amazing ff with your superb writings your are a wonderful writer sweet heart keep rocking

    1. B_Ani

      thanks minu dear. if i can i will cntnu later.
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  7. Awesome ending dear….

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  10. Sowji

    Excellent story…awaiting for next one…

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  11. Prathi

    Awesome one dear…. I had a wish to see how it would be when he comes to know that he is that Abhi… When I came down and saw THE END I was like ??? It ended so soon… Lovely start of the year for Pragya

    1. B_Ani

      thanks akka. actually, i am having exams now. i decided to tell all in my OS.
      but…OK, i will post the continuation after 20th feb if possible.

  12. Nivethaa

    sooo cute baby gal!! i commented before but it was not posted!! it’s soooo cute like u baby gal!:) ;);)!!! love it alootttt… talented babiee gal!!! 🙂 pragya’s resolution is like ;( ;(.. but we know.. resolutions are meant to me break!! ;););) thank u da…pragya’s resolution broken that day itself!! & regarding to ur confusion i thought “abhi will be in both extremes of happiness & sadness.. because he got back his love& at the same time his love suffered a lot because of him!! ” i remember a song line”veyilodu mazhai serum antha vaanilai sugam aagum!! 😉 ;)”he is in pleasure!! he will cry with happiness & smile with sadness!! 🙂 :):( u don’t got it na!! i also don’tknow da!! wat i’m blabbering!! leave it da!! anyways!! i loved it!! & feel that u ended it soon!! if possible post more shots da!! waiting for ur other works tooo… love u baby gal… 🙂 🙂

    1. B_Ani

      thanq so much akka. actually glad 2 read ur cmnt.
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  13. Awesome cutie??
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  14. least give two updates of their future..plz

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      i am sry that i ended it as of now. but surely, if possible, i will give it after 20th feb. thanks for reading dear…

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