Finale – Bigg Boss 11 14th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shilpa Shinde Wins Bigg boss season 11

Bigg Boss 11 14th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Finale Episode
Preparation for finale starts in bigg boss house. Inmates are excited, they cheer. Shilpa says I am so happy. Hina says I never thought I will be in finale. Puneesh says the most special thing in house was Bandagi for me. Shilpa says I never thought I got relations here, it was amazing. Hina says I lived so many days away from my family for first time. Vikas says they taunted me for being mastermind and now its my tag. Puneesh says I learned patience here. Hina says I did household chores here. Shilpa says if I win the show then I shouldnt go to mental asylum. Hina says its just one more step to winning, its feeling for lifetime.
Salman comes in house, he gives a power packed performance. Hina Khan enters, then Vikas enters.. then Shilpa comes, then Puneesh. All inmates are glammed up up. Hina is wearing red gown, Shilpa wearing cream gown, Vikas and Puneesh wearing glittery Tuxedos. They dance with Salman on Swag se swagat.

Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone to the show. All ex-inmates are there too. Salman says after 3.5months, we are doing finale, we are counting votes and we will know results soon. Salman says voting stopped yesterday, and you must have lost the chance but you will get another for voting as there will be live voting in this episode. Salman says people were different in this season. Salman says Aakash thought he will win the show, did your mother beat you? all laugh. Salman says people played to win, we got to see friendship. Vikas and Hiten’s picture is shown, Salman says enemies Vikas and Shilpa, Umrao Jaan Arshi, meine Pyaar Kiya Bandagi and Puneesh and bodyguard.. Priyank and Luv’s pictures are shown as bodyguards of Hina, all laugh. Salman says and mother India Shilpa.. Shilpa’s picture with Aakash, Arshi and Puneesh are kids, all laugh.
Salman says one will be winner from four finalists. We will know soon who will win. Salman says some from 15 ex-inmates are here, they must be thinking they would have been the finalists. Salman asks Priyank if he followed the show after coming out or became jealous. Priyank says no I watched and support Vikas and Hina. Bandagi says I support Hina, Shilpa and Vikas. Ben says I support Vikas and Shilpa. Salman asks what her hairstyle is? she says they can called buns. Salman says Priyank’s sister, yes, all laugh. Salman asks Hiten who cheated him? Shilpa or Vikas? Hiten says Shilpa cheated and threw me out. Salman asks if Arshi follows him and knock on his door? all laugh. Salman asks Luv how much votes he increased? Luv says I got nervous. Salman says to Aakash that you were in top 5 but didnt get to be in top 4. Salman says top 4 are in house and spending last moments there.

In house, Shilpa, Puneesh, Hina and Vikas are dressed and seated in garden. Bigg boss says this season was a success. This is last wonderful night of this season with finalists Hina, Vikas, Shilpa and Puneesh. Bigg boss says audience all emotions season, laughter, cries, smiles, friendships, relationships, all colors of life, you four inmates have completed your journey, destination is infront of you, we just have to see who will reach there, its not time to look behind, its past and history now, sometimes back, you inmates ligted up this house with laughter, cries, fights and soon it will be dark and silent and with this, you people will become example and people will take your names in next seasons, Shilpa laughs, Hina says awww. Bigg boss says its time for celebrations so why not raise a toast. Puneesh opens champagne and pours of finalists, they drink it and cheers. Bigg boss says we congratulate you all, its time to see what actors say about you. Clip plays, Rashmi Dasai says my favorite is Vikas, Asha says my favorite is Vikas. Deepika from Sasural Simar Ka says my favorit is Shilpa, Malashka’s favorite is Shilpa too. Bhavana likes Hina, Rohan supports Hina, one actor supports Puneesh. Jay Bhanushali says Shilpa came to bigg boss and was right decision, she has caring nature, Deepika says we saw Shilpa’s postives, Shilpa changed it completely, people see her reality now. Prince says there is no commoner or celebrity there, Puneesh reached till finale because he made friends, Arjun Bijlani says he likes Hina, she is daring, Rohan says she is real, one actor says she is daring and performs with efforts. Rithvik says I can say clearly that Vikas played from heart, Asha says Vikas have played a dedicated game, Karan Patel says Vikas have shocked everyone with a way he played, Kamya says Vikas wins, Jay says Shilpa has got title of mother so nobody can stop her from winning, Rohan says all are talking about Hina only. Clip ends. Inmates thank everyone. Salman connects call to house, he says you people are drinking Appy fizz. Salman says you all are looking nice except Aakash, all laugh, Salman says Vikas you are looking dapper, dont change dress today, all laugh. Salman says it was a good season, you all are winner for me, you have created good buzz. Salman says Shilpa this industry closed doors on you and now you are getting so much love that they will have to open doors, what do you say Vikas? Vikas says I have already discussed script with her, Shilpa says just we have to discuss about money, Vikas says she will get that now, all laugh. Shilpa says I am so happy, people took me wrong, I never wanted to come to Bigg boss, I didnt know how my character will look like but when I came her, I showed my real nature, I just made them see who Shilpa Shinde is. Salman says Hina you have seen all seasons, how was you journey? Hina says its a good feeling, its a difficult journey but very entertaining, I am glad. Salman says Vikas people in industry knew you but now everyone knows who Gupta Ji is, all laugh. Vikas says I wanted to give up in starting weeks but then how I lived in this house, when I went to mall, I realized people know me and I am in finale. Salman asks will you handle production or acting? Vikas says I like telling stories and writing, I will try to enact too. Salman wishes him luck. Salman says Puneesh you are the lone commoner, whats your feeling? Puneesh says just take money, Salman says vikas took 6 lacs, Puneesh says he is greedy. Salman says winner will get 44 lacs, may the best person win, Salm shows them glittery trophy. Salman asks whats the difference between Shilpa from start to now? Vikas says she is changed, she is more sorted, she tries to clear things now, Shilpa says I just leave when I know fight is about to happen, all laugh. Salman asks Shilpa what difference is in Vikas? Shilpa says he seems like to understand me, he tried to run, then make me run but he understood soon. She says Vikas has become sensible more, Salman says Shilpa you planned to make him run? Shilpa laughs. Salman asks Hina her last wish? all laugh, Salman says Hina can you sing a song? Hina sings saath chalne se.. all sing with her. Ex-inmates enjoy her song too. Salman says now Shilpa will sing, Shilpa laughs and says I am thankful that they made me be here even after singing so bad, Vikas says you sing lohri very nicely, you used to sing in my ears. Shilpa sings lohri.. all laugh. Vikas says she used to sing this lohri in my ears, all laugh. Salman wishes them lohri.. they wish him too. Salman some people have come to meet you. Salman shows ex-inmates on screen. Vikas says look at Arshi, Priyank have hair. Salman asks Hiten to say what he wants to? Hiten says people say these four are winners but I would have looked good in Puneesh’s place, I should be there, Puneesh says no I am fine here, Hiten says Shilpa made it happen that Puneesh is there and I am not. Salman asks Arshi who should be top 2? Arshi says Shilpa and Vikas, sorry Hina, I am sad and regret that Puneesh is there, Hiten, Arshi, Sapna or Aakash should have been in Puneesh’s place, Salman asks where Pooja should have been? Arshi says she doesnt know how to play, all laugh. Pooja says I left house to save Arshi, I dont regret, I fulfilled my friendship. Salman asks Pooja to sing her new song, Pooja sings Afreen toh bewafa hai.. Shilpa makes weird face hearing her song and laughs. All clap for her. Salman says make it Arshi toh bewafa hai, Pooja sings Arshi bewafa hai, all laugh. Salman asks Priyank whos should win between Hina and Vikas? Priyank says Vikas should win, Hina had stable track and Vikas’s journey was up and down, it was interesting. Salman says now Hina should Priyank toh bewafa hai.. all laugh. Salman asks Luv whose count of votes you want to change? Luv laughs and says I want Hina to get more votes but I feel that Shilpa might have more votes. Salman says good news is that Luv will not count votes, Hina will count them, all laugh. Salman says one inmate created holes in ears by rapping, shouting, laughing and now we are giving him official chance to rap, he performed today, lets see it.

Aakash is in jail, he raps and dances on his bigg boss song, he breaks jail and comes out of it. He dances on his song. He takes off his jacket and sings bang bang.. All clap for Aakash. Vikas says great Aakash. Salman says what you did? Aakash says I ran out of jail. Salman asks who will come out and will be out of top 2? Aakash says I think Vikas and Puneesh will not be in top 2, Hina or Shilpa will win, Hina is too strong. Salman says lets see how correct you. Salman asks inmates who should leave top 2 race first? Vikas says we all are right here, we are not no one to judge. Salman says when audience see this answer? they will think you melted down in end. Vikas says I think Puneesh will leave. Shilpa says I want Hina to leave, so competition will be out. Salman says so Vikas and Puneesh is not competition for you? just Hina is her competition, they dont matter at all. All laugh. Hina says and it happens that Vikas or Puneesh leave. Puneesh says Hina and Shilpa are popular, maybe Vikas have less popularity so he might leave. Hina says I think Puneesh. Puneesh says they underestimated me and I am finale, only commoner here, all others are out. Salman says Luv he is taunting you, Puneesh says its for everyone. Shilpa says its for aakash, Puneesh says no Aakash left just few days back. Salman says Aakash thought he is winner and he got slap from destiny, all laugh. Aakash says I am happy, Salman says you have no choice.

Salman says to inmates that there is a briefcase in garden. Salman asks Hina what must be inside it? Hina says there must be money inside and around 10 lacs. Shilpa says yes 10 lacs must be there. Salman says there is something in briefcase that never happened in Bigg boss’s history, we will tell you about it later. Salman says its time for one inmate to leave from top four.. Top 2 race is starting now and one inmate will be out from it. Salman says you came here with your family and now its time for leaving and your family is here. Inmates get excited. Salman says we have asked one family to go in house and pick up their family member from house.. you people wait for family to come in house and now no one wants family in house, all laugh. Puneesh says if someone from my house came, I will fight them. Salman says whose family comes in house will leave. Bigg boss house door opens, Puneesh’s mother and brother comes in house. Puneesh hugs his mother and make them meet other inmates. Salman says PUNEESH IS ELIMINATED. Puneesh wishes family and leaves house.

Puneesh comes on stage, he hugs Salman. Puneesh gives flying kiss to Bandagi. Salman says he is out race. Puneesh says I thought I will leave in a month, I became finalist and had such a good journey. Salman asks who should be in top 2? Puneesh says Shilpa and Vikas, I support Shilpa, she is clear winner in my eyes, she is very nice from heart too. Salman says your trophy is sitting there, he points at Bandagi, all laugh. Puneesh goes to ex-inmates, he hugs Aakash, gives a kiss on cheek to Bandagi.

Salman promotes Rising star. Actors from Rising star connects to Bigg boss live from their set. Ravi says Salman have promoted us a lot. Clips of Salman promoting them in every episode is shown. Salman talks to the judges of Rising star, they say we will change thinking. Salman asks Daljit to sing do you know, he sings do you know.. all clap for him. Salman says we will know the winner soon but first live voting will happen. Rising star singers will perform and while they are performing, live voting for contestants of Rising star will happen. Check-in times starts. Singer from Rising star says when our singers will sing, thinking of people will change, we dont have to worry about votes till Salman Tiger is here. Salman says I should check in to vote. Ravi promotes contestants of Rising star. Rising star contestants start singing. Live voting starts too. People are voting for Rising star contestants while contestants are singing Sun sathiya.. Salman votes too, judges of Rising star votes too. Contestants sing kadite hans bolwe.. they sing auhon.. auhon.. all clap for them. Live voting ends and they have got 94% votes. Ravi says wonderful performance, you people have got 94% votes. Daljit says I am shocked with their performance, it was fun. Ravi asks Salman about their performance. Salman says they are so talented, I wish them all luck. Salman says download the app and vote for this talent, he promotes the show.

Salman says we saw many forms of human emotions, there was fun, poking in the season. Hiten and Arshi was epitome of teasing. Hiten sings that Arshi flirted with him and remained in the show. Arshi raps that you used to enjoy and get footage by my touching. Hiten sings she had misunderstanding that guy is ready. Arshi sings I will fit my name between Hiten and Guari.. Hiten says this is going overboard, she says shut up. Salman says we will give you task today too, Salman says people will remember love story of not only Hiten and Arshi but also Puneesh and Bandagi, lets see their sizzling performance.

Puneesh and Bandagi’s performance starts. Bandagi starts dancing in pool in saree. Puneesh joins her, they romantically dances on tip.. tipp.. barsa pani.. pani he aag lagayi.. they dance closely. Puneesh lifts Bandagi and twirls her around. They kiss at the of the song.

Arshi’s performance starts, She shows her nighties and dances in her nightie, she dances on laila song, she sensually dances on laila mein laila.. Hiten joins her, Arshi dances around him and says my heart is flat on man who is father of two kids. Hiten dances on laila teri lelegi.. Hiten is tied on dart board, Arshi throws knifes around him.. Arshi takes of Hiten’s coat, Hiten runs away.

On stage, Salman says guests from Bailon wali bahu drama will go in house.

In house, Krystal and other actor of show enters house. Krystal hugs Hina and Vikas. Krystal says you are in top 3, she says we have come to talk about our new show, she says this is special bailon, she gives bailon to vikas and says you have to tell one bad habit of Hina which you would roll around with bailon and hit her with, Vikas says Hina’s bad quality is she judge too soon and show it too.. he lightly hits Hina on back with bailon. Hina says Vikas’s bad habit is that he feels bad for jokes too. She lightly hits him with bailon. Shilpa says I have talked bad about Vikas a lot, Hina’s bad habit is that she talks a lot.. Shilpa lightly hits Hina with bailon and hugs her. Shilpa hands over bailon to Krystal for her new show.

On stage, Salman welcomes Krystal as Roopa from show bailon wali bahu and Laaddo who is hero of the show. Salman asks whats the angle of bailon? she says bailon can be used for a lot of things in house, we will mimic dialog from your movie dabang… she enacts it with Salman, all clap. Krystal says its starting from tomorrow in place of bigg boss. Salman says does it have vulagarity and entertaining inmates like bigg boss? Laddo says it has murder. Salman says it will come till next season in our show, all laugh. Salman says keep this time slot hot, Bigg boss have kept this time slot hot. Laddo asks Salman to touch bailon so it will become lucky, Salman touches it. They leave.

On stage, Akshay Kumar comes. Salman and Akshay rides bicycle on stage. Salman says we have to bring one more out from top 3 to make it top 2 and Salman will do it. Salman promotes Akshay’s movie. Salman says we will use props now. He takes out first prop and its a scootor prop, Akshay gives it to Dhinkchak pooja. Akshay calls for real scooter, Pooja, Akshay and Salman sits on scooter. Pooja sings dilon ka shooter.. mera scooter. Akshay asks her to sing more, she says it has only these lines. Salman laughs and asks her to sing selfie meine lelia. She sings it. Pooja sings bewafa afreen.. Akshay says clap for her, she sings from heart, her songs remain in mind and heart and will not let you sleep.. all laugh, Akshay wishes her and says all have heard selfie meine lelia. Salman takes selfie with Akshay and promotes Oppo phone. Salman takes out next prop and its a boxer. He gives it to Aakash. Aakash goes on stage and hugs Salman, Salman moves away. Aakash wears pink boxers on top of his white coat pant. Aakash hugs Salman again, Salman says how you people bear him in house? all laugh. Sapna says to Akshay and Salman that can I dance with you? She dances on kab tak jawani.. mujhse shaadi karogi.. Akshay and Salman both dances with her. Sapna greets Akshay.
Akshay promotes sanitary pads for women in India, he says people dont use it because they dont know about it, girls get cancers because of using dirty clothes, he shows a machine which a man created and says it can make sanitary pads for rs 2. Akshay says we dont allow girls to go in kitchens and mandirs because they think its wrong but its not. Akshay promotes his movie. He makes sanitary pad using material in machine. Akshay says we have to make our women strong.
Salman says Akshay have come to take one from top 3. Akshay says I will go in house. He says to families of inmates that dont feel bad, its a game. Salman says before you go in house, we want to Shilpa and Vikas’s sweet-sour story through a musical.

Vikas and Shilpa’s performance start. Shilpa is a female snake and Vikas is snake performer. They glare at each other. Shilpa dances on mein naagin tu sapera.. She dances around Vikas. Vikas dances on tuaba tera jalwa.. tera emotional ataychaar.. they tease each other. Shilpa asks Gupta ji will you drink juice? they start pillow fight, Vikas shouts are you mad.. Shilpa runs behind him, they both dances around.. Vikas acts like jumping from house.. Shilpa says Gupta ji dont go.. all laugh.

On stage, Salman sends Akshay Kumar in house.

Akshay comes in house. He meets Vikas, Hina and Shilpa. Akshay says its so nice to see you here, my friends wanted to send messages for you all, it shows that you three are famous, there were 19 contestants and you people reached here, it must be difficult journey, they say yes and laugh. Akshay says just enjoy this moment as one from you three will go out of house with me. They are in activity area. Akshay makes them stand infront of podiums, he says there are buzzers infront of you, when you press it and your statue bursts, that inmate will be eliminated, I will press the buzzers for you, those whose statues remain save will go to top 2. Shilpa says I just want to say that I have been true here, what I am I showed that, I am nice. Vikas says my patience became stronger here. Hina says I became confident and competitive, got patience here, I will finish fights and grudges with people outside too. Akshay says lets start. He comes to Shilpa first and says please wear your glasses for safety, they do. Akshay says whose button should be pressed first? Hina says press mine.. Shilpa says press Vikas’s. Hina says I dont mind, press mine. Akshay presses Hina’s buzzer but her statue doesnt burst.. Akshay says you are in top 2 now Hina and just one step behind for winning, Hina thanks him and wishes luck to Shilpa and Vikas. Akshay asks Shilpa if she will be sad if she leaves now? she says no, he asks if Vikas leaves? she says even then I wont be sad. Akshay says Vikas and Shilpa, I will press your buzzers together.. he presses their buzzers.. Vikas’s statue bursts.. Akshay says Vikas is out of top 2 race, VIKAS IS ELIMINATED. Vikas says I am really enjoyed this show. Akshay says I hope you enjoyed, he congratulates Shilpa and says we will know about winner soon. Akshay says I am happy that a girl will win this season, lets see. Vikas hugs Hina and wishes her luck.He hugs Shilpa and says all the best, she says will see you soon, Akshay leaves with Vikas. Hina hugs Shilpa. Shilpa thanks audience.

Salman says we have top 2 Hina and Shilpa. Salman says twist is that we told you we will do live voting here, we are opening voting lines again for last time for 10 minutes, your votes might change the results, if you think Hina have less votes than Shilpa then her fans vote for her and if Shilpa’s fan thinks she have less votes, then vote for her. Voting lines are open.
Akshay comes on stage with Vikas, all ex-inmates stand up to greet him. Salman says you couldnt stay for one more hour? Vikas says Akshay wanted to take me out so I had to as I love him, Akshay asks who will win between Hina and Shilpa? Vikas says Shilpa will win, Hina performed nicely but Shilpa played very beautifully, she was natural, played a very beautiful game.. Salman laughs and to Shilpa’s brother that see brother in law what Vikas is saying, all laugh. Vikas goes to ex-inmates, he hugs Arshi. Akshay greets Salman and leaves.

Salman says Hina is in top 2, she performed all tasks with full efforts, she did forget her words but did you notice she didnt repeat her dress in whole season. Salman says lets see a performance of Priyank, Luv and Hina.

Hina’s performance starts, she glams up and sensually dances on mein heroine hoon, Luv and Priyank joins her. They all dance on oye oye song, Hina gives a power packed performance with Priyank and Luv, they twirl her around and dances with her.

On stage, Salman says voting lines are opened for a little more time, vote for them, lets see them in house.

In house, Bigg boss says to Hina and Shilpa that you both entertained people on TV for years, you completed journey in Bigg boss and stand her as top 2, Shilpa and Hina had difficult journey, you left your characters behind and won hearts again, it was not easy but you didnt back down, Shilpa used to make make people laugh but she didnt back down to show people her anger, otherside Hina who performed role of a daughter in law for years, come here with slogan girl power and played without any fear, you both didnt gel together much but your journey was similar, you both made friends and they got separated too, you both were seen alone in house. Hina and Shilpa have tears in eyes, they hug each other. Bigg boss says we saw you both getting emotional, Hina singing yeh galiyan, Shilpa saying we are living here as our own house, you both gave a lot and earned a lot, this house heard the voices of you both mostly and those two will leave this house alone now, when you both step out of here, this house will be silent but outside, people are waiting for you and you will be stunned to see shine outside, we wish you luck for your future, we hope that you gain more love outside from here, for the last time, we want you both to turn of the lights of this house and come out. Hina is in tears. Hina says Bigg boss this is for you, she bows down to him and touches bigg boss floor with her head. Shilpa and Hina turns off the lights of house. They start walking out of house, fireworks light up their path. Shila and Hina says love you bigg boss.. they both look at bigg boss house one more and leaves house together.

Salman welcomes top 2 inmates, Shilpa and Hina. They come on stage with briefcase, Salman hugs them. Salman says there was a news that one got disqualified and one lost, all laugh. Salman asks what they feel? Hina says I think Shilpa will win, Shilpa says I dont know why she feels that, I feel good here. Salman says you both got so much love, one from you both will win Bigg boss season 11. Shilpa says we made everyone see 12.. all laugh. Salman says Hina look at your mother, Hina says she is looking at me. hina’s mom says I think Hina will win, I hope so. Salman says all mummys think their daughters will win, he asks Shilpa’s mother. Shilpa’s mother says I will be happy with anyone who wins, they are both winners. Rocky says Hina will win. Salman looks at Hina and says give me sanitizer. all laugh. Salman asks ex-inmates who they want to win? 8 vote for Shilpa, 4 votes for Hina, Priyank, Luv, Sapna and Aakash votes for Hina while others vote for Shilpa.

Salman says live voting is stopped, now I will announces who will win this show and briefcase of 44lacs with trophy, he holds Hina and Shilpa’s hand. He jokes around and says winner of Bigg boss season 11 is….. Shilpa Shinde.. All cheer for her. Ex-inmates get up and clap for her. Hina hugs Shilpa, Shipa starts crying and cant believe. SHILPA SHINDE IS WINNER OF BB 11. Salman presents her BB trophy and 44 lacs. Confetti falls over Shilpa. Salman gives Shilpa’s mother 44 lacs. Salman says to Hina that I cant say better luck next time but Marathi Bigg boss is starting so Shilpa might join that, Shilpa says never. Salman says Hina you performed really nicely, you lost with very least margin, he hugs Hina. Hina congratulates Shilpa and goes to meet her family, Rocky hugs her. Salman says Shilpa has won this season. Shilpa brings her mom on stage, she touches her feet, her mother kisses her cheeks and blesses her. Salman meets families. All ex-inmates come to congratulate Shilpa. Hina hugs her parents. Salman signs off from the show.

(Updater’s note: Hello guys, somehow I feel like I become a part of the seasons I watch and write so closely, like I go through the emotions with the inmates, enjoy the highs and lows. Its such an exciting journey for me too, like I constantly worry about updating, knowing people are waiting for the updates and rely on it, I once even updated in a mall (can you imagine :D). So, I just hope you enjoyed my updates and I really hope to see you in the next season. Love your support. Keep enjoying the updates, until next time.. bubbye..)

Shilpa Shinde wins Bigg boss season 11

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Disappointment every year with the winner proves it’s a Scripted show. Goodbye.

    1. As her fans…

    2. Good bye niti

    3. @Niti … same here …..

  2. hrithik ka Fan

    Hi guys ..long time ..but for the last time….I m here…congratulations to shilpa. .Although it was expected from the beginning as bb and salman were supporting her and even on last day salman although jokingly said that vikas made shilpa workless it was obvious shilpa has been potrayed as devi whole season but for her kind of information. .she has to work with the producers again… I will define 3 finalists in 1 word …




    …there r so many words for hina but can’t write right now…

    ..Vikas is a true winner for me because he was unknown personality but played the game the way it should have been played …hats off to the man….if hina and shilpa had not been popular TV faces ..vikas would have been easily won…but nevertheless. ..Vikas gupta ..u r true winner…..hail mastermind

    …and bye bye guys ..see u guys next season especially neeru. ..

    1. Vikas him self said in after eviction interview “only using mind and to play bigg boss is not suitabe which he realised now.

      AND please don’t underestimate verdict of millions which proved that Shilpa was way ahead in all media polls including twitter Facebook you tube etc.

    2. OHHHH…YOU POOR SHILPA FAN, PITY ON YOU, YOU ARE STILL FRUSTRATED SEEING HIS POPULARITY AND PUBLIC’S LOVE TOWARDS HIM… You r as usual Desperately trying to degrade him… Anyway he didn’t say he understood it after eviction…
      He said…” I even tried to run away frm house, but aftr 5 weeks, I understood sirf dimag se nhi dil se bi khelna chanhiye,thn I earned many things.., jitna friendship mene is gar me kamaya hai, im sure utna koi aur nhi kamaya…” –

      -while you r here just look at this page, you can see Which contestant won hearts really..

    3. About polls, dont waste ur energy by spreading lies….
      even before counting votes, channel’s decision were leaked- that Hina and Shilpa are top 2 and Shilpa wil win trophy…
      2 of the close sources also revealed it a week ago…
      The most undeserving winner ! Khairat me mili huyi paisa aur trophy lekar gayi..!

    4. Fida,
      Me too had watched that video, what wrote is exactly what he said..!
      Shilpians are still twisting words..that’s what they r good at….
      Apart from what Fida commented, to the question of a reporter ” What you learned from ur journey?? ” – Vikas replied,
      ”..I learned kabi bi koi cheez sirf dimag se nhi hoti, ya sirf dil se nhi kheli jaa sakti, ek balance bht zaruri hai, LIFE ME HAR CHEEZ ME VOH RAKHNE KA.. Aur
      Second cheez jo mene seekhi hai ki ,iss se koi farakh nhi padta ap kitna popular ho,kitna good looking ho, ap kaun ho…agar ap sahi se koi bi cheez karlo, ap bhut door jaa sakta….which is fine..!”

      THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE.., WHICH ONE AND ONLY VIKAS CAN GIVE TO PUBLIC… He didn’t used these words to define BB’s winner…
      – Neither Shilpa won bcs of her game- she was the fixed winner, tht’s why her everymistakes was left unquestioned by salman…

    5. Well said Fairmont,3.4 million tweets on the Eve of finale,Shilpians rocks…

    6. Thank you for coming back on last day.bye.eee u next season

    7. @Hritik ka fan…. totally agreed to u ….
      each n everyone knew this thing, what’s going to happen …. so its ok …. 🙂

  3. Congrats shilpians nd loved dt i was one of d vg army will meet u all nxt ssn nd tom i have my 11th preboards guys pls pray dt phy ques ppr comes easy?????
    @evry1 tnx for reading mah comments hope u all join me nxt sesn too tataa❤❤??

    1. @harshi … aww this is so swt of u…
      good byee dear … we will meet in next season …

    2. I’ll pray and hope that physics paper would be easy. But the it can never be easy specially physics II but all the best. If Shilpa can win and then you too. I can relate to this frustration ☺

    3. heheeeeeeee tnx !!!!!!

    4. Karan aka VGFan

      hahahaa….even i had my class 12 preboard today…it went really good btw

    5. mine too

  4. why shilpa won but its ok …she also deserve that ………hina ,vikas and shilpa three were deserving …hina you won hearts ……….bye guys …….meet you next year …..

    1. Good bye moksh

    2. @moksh… byee dear … good luck…

  5. It was amazing to have shared this platform with you all.
    I got to know some amazing people through this platform.
    Some I agreed with
    Some I disagreed with
    I am sorry if I ever hurt anybody’s sentiments
    It was not intentional
    @AMY, @XYZ,@Neeru,@samaira_khan,@[email protected]
    Guys you were one of those who would reply to my comments.

    I have been reading the comments of this platform since season 9
    Never commented untill this season because I thought nobody would like it or care enough to give a reply but you guys did.
    Thank you so much


    It was amazing to have shared my views with you all.

    Ps:- to those who don’t know



    1. @vidu: God bless you!

    2. @vidu …. heart touching comment..
      we will meet in next season…

    3. @vidi,I too like your comments.will meet you in next season

    4. Not vidi, it’s vidu sorry

    5. To,
      Vidu- loved ur message,…, Indian, Neha, Anjali,
      Esther, Sampath, Isha, Shadab, Zara, Naina, Arohi, Fida, Nidhisha, Harshi, Osika, Taniya, Ammu….,
      Xyz… nice name Monica, VGfan ( Karan) good to know ur name too …
      I think Neeru and Samaira already said farewell yesterday
      Sharan, even after being Shilpa fan, u shared more bond Vikasians than Shilpians here….
      That’s why when SHIKAS was broken u became silent…. Sorry dear for hurting u…
      – You all were close to me here…

    6. thank u so much yeahhh surree

    7. I am so happy that my queen won BB11.
      BB11 Winner Shilpa Shinde❤
      @Nandini,@CiestaSie Love u all.I Hope that next season mein hamare favourite same ho???.See u all in BB12…Byeee

  6. So what everybody was expecting has happened!Even shilpa and hina knew it already from the live singing and bb mall task that who will win the show. NO OFFENSE to anybody.

  7. Congratulations Sharan,kavi,Raman,ghunawat abhishek n all other shilpians………finally the best grabbed the trophy……..Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………so very happy………gonna miss all of u……[email protected] thanks for mentioning meme in ur comment as I have been vocal about my opinions first time this season……this forum…… has been a pleasure reading ur comments……..n samaira too……..gonna miss all of the members of this forum……..once again congo shilpians including me……of course……

    1. Vikas him self said in after eviction interview “only using mind and to play bigg boss is not suitabe which he realised now.

      AND please don’t underestimate verdict of millions which proved that Shilpa was way ahead in all media polls including twitter Facebook you tube etc.

    2. sampath kumar

      shilpa mom telling salman on stage because of u only she won for tat salman told she also did some hard work ….. funny to watch it …. i also like shilpa the only problem i had with her is blaming him for watever happened in her life defaming him to an another level …. u only vg gave credit to her tats y he is best person in tat house….. the standing ovation he got from the contestants showed how positive he is …. he is only person never talked bad about aarshi shilpa also did tat ofcourse tats the reaction but aarshi vikas they two also fight he never do that ……

    3. Yea,Shilpians,clap clap clap,Congrats Shilpaji.

  8. It’s good.. vikas mere liye winner hi hai. . Or agar vikas k baad hina or shilpa me se main kisi ko support karta to obviously Wo shilpa hi thi. . Will miss this season and specially shikas. . Or app sab k comments padhne ki aadat si ho gayi thi.. In shaa Allah phir mauqa milega comments karne ko October se. .

    1. @shadab… i got habitual of this forum too ..
      good luck.. we will meet in next season…. 🙂

  9. zara hayat khan

    Congrantulations for shilp.well pata hi thi….thankgod hina ne nahijeeta .nah to woh kaan khaati……..mene 8 saal kaam kiya2mene biggboss 11 jeeta……lol
    I’m happy for vikas also……
    Hey friends gonna miss u u guys…..may Allah bless u sha allah next season mein millegein.Allahhaffiz dosto.

    1. @Zara… going to miss each n everyone..
      god bless u… 🙂

  10. wasting my watch this season 11,because the winner goes to the cheapest charecter shilpa..its unfair.

    1. @preeti…….. dont be sad dear … it was predicted from the day 1… and almost all the reality shows are well scripted …….so its ok..

  11. Finally its over
    Well deserved????shilpa congrats ? ? ? but my fav was vikas, I wanted him to win but thats OK I have no issue with shipa, she is also very deserving….
    Good bye all bigboss fans…..

  12. Congratulations Shilpa ma’am.
    Congratulations to all the ‘Shilma’ fans. ?
    All of you (specially the Vikasians ❤),
    Loads of love to you. ?
    Stay happy, healthy and blessed.
    See u next October. — A proud Vikasian.

    1. @Aarohi …
      *All of you (specially the Vikasians ❤),
      Loads of love to you. ?
      Stay happy, healthy and blessed.
      See u next October. — A proud Vikasian.*
      so swt of u… 🙂
      thanks for ur wishes … and same i wish for u …

  13. My heart just broke into a billion pieces when Hina lost. Don’t worry Hina. Shilpa may have won Big Boss but you will be much more successful than her in future. Love you! Thank you for being a part of Big Boss. I used to watch this season ONLY for you.

  14. A special thanks to atiba for spending a lot of time in writing [email protected],@amy,@neeru,@samaira,@zara,@harshi,@anjali,@esther,@moksh
    @[email protected]@[email protected]@HRITHIK KA [email protected]@[email protected],@huma
    @[email protected]@osika,@abhishek,
    @[email protected]@[email protected],@abc,nandini,@muskan and everyone
    Going to miss you guys.hope to meet next season with same name
    Sorry if I forgot any one’s name

    I really enjoyed being with you guys.

    Thank you for giving me some footage ????lol.thanks for replying.

    Bb11 became very famous bcoz of all contestants. hats off to all.
    @anjali r u following YRKKH,I saw you there sometimes.

    1. @neha… love u girl …going to miss all of u …

    2. What a grand entry Hina, Vikas, Shilpa did- I really loved their get-up completely!!
      Salman cracked so many jokes.. But highly disappointed the way he insulted Acash… Again pulled Pooja’s legs too…
      BB Movies – Dosth,Dushman, Umrao jan, Mene pyar kiya, Bodyguard and Mother India were funny… VIKAS,SHILPA AND ARSHI were shown in 2 movies…
      Priyank ki behen, luv counting votes, punnus trophy… ???
      Loved the performance by SHIKAS Very much… It was total fun, and Arshi Hiten too…. ????
      Though already knew the the results, still cried when Vikas walked away with Akshay Sir… It was him always gave most content in this show, the only samchdar person to whom Salman always asks abt views of any incidents happened inside, he always gave us meaningful messages, brought a new way to perform tasks, showed us how to reconcile all relationships, how to earn respect and love, without him this season would hav been quite boring…
      Without him Shilpa had no game plan, without him Hina had no competition, without him All HM had no target, without him no public would have thought abt using brain in BB….!
      To media,guests, fizzy callers, HM, BB, salman whoever.., his answers were sharp, well explained and true alws… The only person who never mocked anyone else emotions..always consoled everyone… He always respected BB and Salman, never complained the show is biased….!
      HE IS THE REAL WINNER..! ✌?✌?
      Even after completing as 2nd runner up look at him to see how positive he looks,☺☺ he is the person who is happier than fixed winner shilpa, and unlucky Hina…!
      All contestants gave standing ovation to him… Audience were continuously clapping for him… OMG,, HE IS A TREAT TO WATCH…
      He will remain as the best KHILADI of BB… Nobody can beat him… Punnu also said it post eviction,while Vikas was saying ” another one wil come soon…” ! 100% SURE NOBODY CAN REPLACE HIM…
      He is most famous Mr.GUPTA in the world India for sure…! ?
      M very jealous to all those who’s close to him….?
      All my sweet friends,
      Without you all, I wouldnt have enjoyed here this much…. Thanks a lot for the love and support you gave me… When I woke up this morning, I was very gloomy bcs Vikas Show is ended, now I cant see him on screen with new masterstrokes…,
      Now m gonna miss all of you too…
      We will see in October soon….. LOVE YOU SO MUCH…. ???????

    3. @AMY…wowwww…such a beautiful explanation…yes Vikas is our winner and will be…and miss you too

    4. vg is our winnerrr @amy

    5. True yaar…loved their entry…and VG…
      I came to know the result earlier itself, so was not in a mood to watch finale…still watched it for VG… left watching it when Vikas came out…
      The way people were clapping and all the inmates stood up for him.. that’s the moment…. Vikas won…for me bb finale ended there….later my hubby n friends were trying to do live voting n failed…I too tried to log in n failed…fake live voting…
      How arshi ran to hug Vikas…their hug…
      Have you seen Vikas interview with Bizasia’s Raj baddan..he explained his game so beautifully in that…
      Amy, xyz and Esther…. will miss you guys.. hope to see you in next season….

    6. Very very nice msg amy

    7. @amyTrue and genuine year they will try to bring an intelligent man but vikas is not only intelligent but down to earth.
      @ harshi lol haha
      @xyz , nandini
      thank you all for replying

      With out bb11 it’s boaring today

    8. @neha……..thanks gonna miss u…….

    9. u love me so much dt u mentioned mah name two times…… hehhehhhhhh

  15. This season was the most biased one and ofcourse miss shilpa ji was already decided as the winner everyone knew it from the start. I hate bigg boss now and never gonna watch any season anymore. Hina khan is the real winner atleast she was real unlike this fake shilpa who pretended to be all good and jagat Mata. This world like people who are good on the face but backstabs not the one who are straight forward and honest.

    1. Hina was a hard working girl.good bye priya

    2. @priya…. agreed …
      but its ok… ye show hi hina/vikas/shilpa ki life nhi h… dont worry hina/vikas will do good in their life… and may be in this industry too..
      and as u said it was well predicted.. then y to be sad????????

  16. My fav won. soo happy for Shilpa.. she deserve this trophy ????

    1. Me too

    2. Congrats maddy

  17. Thank u fr ur updates. i always cot up wd latest episodes by reading ur updates. thnk u.

  18. Thank you Atiba for all the written updates of Bigg boss 11.Thank u so much

  19. thank u so much atiba for ur lovely words.Without u this small bb family was nthng glad evn u expressed urself .will wait for ur updates nxt yr too. wanna see u updating again
    love uuuu.. nd ha dont forget us xdhahahhhhh…

  20. Hey Atiba.. thanx for the updates.. was really luking forward to VIKAS winning the show but Shilpa snatched it …To me VIKAS is the really winner of the season .. just becoz she is a public face and had Sallu bhai rooting 4 her from the beginning shilpa won the show .Shilpa was not gud at any task , she never took a stand 4 anyone and ruthlessly tortured Vikas in the show.. yeah but she did COOK… It feels like she has been given MasterChef award rather than bigg boss..

    1. Slamming salman ?? SORRY DONT AGREE WITH YOU..

    2. Vikas won ?

    3. @Ammu…. for lot of ppl vikas was already a winner….

  21. i was a silent reader…. but i used to read all the replies…
    i m really going to miss big boss…. n yeh Atiba ur updates to… yl u updated even a single small thing… wowww… salute to u ylll… i will miss u n ur updates n baki sb ko bi who used to comment. aj ek bi comment ni hy… i came to see comments section…. see u all in next season…. byeeeee

  22. Nice work on having these daily updates!!

  23. Love you too atibha sis ….u r effort s are commendable…………… you …. miss you….god bless you…..

  24. Yeah…..our queen won…..god bless u shilpa shinde….

  25. Really happy for Shilpa. It was always out of Shilpa and Vikas for me. I wish Vikas atleast came second. Also thank you for the daily updates, it has been really useful.

  26. MuskankhAn

    thanks for updating without delaying atiba it’s was really unfair for the trophy today I really felt that I was wondering did I had watched cookery show instead of big boss ???? Hina khan was the only reason I watched this season I would love to re-watch it but with edited version were that so called Devi been edited completely hate this lady to the core may be big boss took this lady to make revenge show for her loss shame on bb makers

  27. YOur updates were great really enjoyed and every day read thrm thanks for all ur effort dear

  28. Congratulations to all the Shilpians. !!!

    Also hats off to Hina and Vikas fandoms !!

    Atiba !!! Thank you so so so much!! Love you a lot.

    @anjali, @Amy, @Samaira, @Xyz, @Hrithikkafan, @neeru, @huma and all the others ^_^

    Will see you all back in October!! (I hope ?)
    Until then Goodbye!!
    Stay Safe!!!

    1. @Osika… love u too buddy..
      see u soon in season 12.. 🙂
      till then stay happy and blessed….

  29. Let’s wait for Bigg boss season 12…

  30. This was the first time that a deserving candidate is taking the trophy ? home

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