FF – Dark Before Dawn (Teaser)

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I don’t have my laptop with me as of now so and it’s too tiring to write a complete chapter on phone. This post is to share a news as well as a teaser of another story.

Do you guys remember Shonali account? The one who wrote “FF Dark Before Dawn”? Well that was my previous account whose password I have forgot?

So I am gonna continue that story of mine from this account. And btw, just to be clear – I am really Shonali and that’s my real name as well. This account name : Maya – the illusion : is inspired by Maya of Beyhad??

Here are previous chapter links :

Chapter 1 – Click Here

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Following is the teaser of upcoming chapter that’s chapter 5;

Laksh looked at the unconscious form of Ragini lying on the bed coveted in bandages and scratches and without the frown of tension marring her innocence and beauty. She looked peaceful and oblivious to all the tension surrounding them making him feel a little bit jealous as he too wanted some peace, a solution that will end all these problems.

It was all his mistake, he fell for the wrong girl. Our maybe this was the punishment that he was getting because of hurting a pure soul like Ragini so many times.

Laksh felt Ragini gaining conscious when he noticed the moment of Ragini’s fingers and that of her eye lids as well.

“Ragini..” he softly whispered as Ragini tried to open her eyes. She blinked many times trying to adjust to the bright lighting in the room and softly uttered the name, “Sanmay”


Sanskar clenched in fist tightly in anger as he noticed the scene in front of him. Beside him was Swara who was watching everything with an expression of hurt on her face, trying her best to rein in her tears. How could Laksh did that? This wasn’t done!

Swara gent her heart break some more as she saw Laksh taking care of Ragini like an affectionate and loving husband. What partitioned her more was the kiss that Laksh gave Ragini on het forehead. Why was he doing this? Was their love not enough that he moved on so easily?


“Beta you should be more careful and alert from now on. This accident of yours has really shaken me up to the core. Of this is the beginning that what’s gonna happen next?” said Sujata as she helped Ragini with her bath.

“I can’t back off now. But I promise that i will be more set from now.” Ragini said with an assuring smile on her face.

“So did you get any information?”

“Ayush is working on it Choti Maa, don’t worry.”


Swara was about to eat her dinner but out of nowhere came Sanskar and pushed away her plate causing the food to scatter on the floor.


“Swara don’t eat it. It’s poisoned!” yelled Sanskar making everybody’s eyes widen in shock.


So how’s it? I hope you liked the teaser, I will upload the chapter soon.?

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  1. Maya-The.illusion

    A question for the dislikers – can you please let me know te reason for your dislike? Well…it can help me improve my writing style and stories and stuff. Thats why I asked??

    1. hiii i am new i just read yout ff it’s great.Don’t worry about dislikers no matter what u do some people will have a problem with it always no matter what.Anyway i love your work please update it soon i m waiting to know the whole story so please post it regularly.

  2. Wow finally u updated….had to pinch myself to believe thet u finally updated……awesome…exited to read futher….
    Sorry could not comment on ur other ffs but loved them too……especially “The one for her”
    Pleaseeeee dont leave ur ffs in middle this time
    And if possible pls tell megha to update her ffs too
    Well about dislikers dont worry about them…..they are all the ragini haters disliking the ragini based ff to discourage the writers

  3. Maya di there r many swasan fans who hates Ragini n bcz of them only now a days raglak/ragsan or mainly ragini ffs r reduced in telly updates.so don’t give a damm to them there r also some of Ragini fans who will read your work.n those who dislike your work r swaras fan only.so don’t keep them in a mind n carry on with your work.its really nice.i hope you got my point di.

    Guys if you can’t encourage Ragini ffs writters at least don’t taunt them n talk bad about their work.

    Everyone had a right to admire any of the characters in serial.its upto them so don’t poke your nose in their views n discourage them.

  4. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot…plz update nxt one dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one….omg still i can’t believe thz…u r the writer of thz ff….omg omg….first i read thz ff when Megha didi wrote that….didi told us she wrote thz ff because of u…After read that four part only I read previous part in one go….it’s fabulous story….plz don’t leave ur ff’s in middle…plz it’s humble request….plz update thz ff ASAP….love ur story lot…plz continue….
    and another request…plz tell to Megha didi to continue her ff’s also….am eagerly waiting for her story also….
    about dislike don’t take that matter seriously dear….how much we love ragini and teju that some people hate her…dislike s the result of some stupid people….They don’t know how to respect others hardwork…don’t take them serious dear….eagerly waiting for ur update…tkcr dear

    1. Asra

      now who’s that sanmay and ayush…what’s the medicine ragu brought in previous update….y suji is helping ragu…thz accident also one part of ragu plan or its real….omg am soooo confused….my head s spinning now….ragu u r soooo mysterious queen…..eagerly waiting for ur update…tkcr

  5. Is this ragsan story ? S means I’m in.

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