Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 17)

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Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 17)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Sanky smirks and starts to come towards Swara..,

Swara heard his footsteps coming near to her, from which she correctly got his intentions..,

So she warned him with still in same position within comforter..,

Swara : If you are thinking to pick me up and force me to come with you on bed then listen carefully just drop this idea right now coz if you attempt for it then I’ll not at all forgive you so easily even after you offer plenty of chocolates to me…!!

Sanky then made a big frown and thinks for convincing Swara..,

And after thought something, he moved towards Swara and sits on his knees near to the couch..,

Sanky slides a comforter from Swara’s face..,

And tucked her hair strands behind her ear with staring her closed eyes face without blinking..,

But Swara didn’t prompt any expressions and liked to maintain same position with closed eyes..,

Sanky then rubbed back of his hand on Swara’s cheek sensuously with saying,

Sanky : I’M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME….I got flow with my all emotions after seeing you so close to me..!!

But it didn’t affect Swara at all and she stayed in her same position only..,

After not getting any response from Swara, Sanky then kissed on her forehead.,

Sanky : SORRY for forcing this FOREHEAD to bring strands on it due to my act..!!

He then kissed on her both eyes.,

Sanky : SORRY for forcing this elegant EYES to give stress on her nerves due to my act..!!

He kissed on her right side cheek.,

Sanky : SORRY for forcing this fairy CHEEK to distending in anger due to my act..!!

Sanky then kissed on tip of Swara’s nose.,

Sanky : SORRY for forcing this well-shaped NOSE to fetch redness on tip of it in rage due to my act..!!

He kissed on her left side cheek.,

Sanky : SORRY for forcing this pinkish CHEEK to turn into pout due to my act..!!

Sanky then slightly placed a soft yet gentle kiss on Swara’s rosy lips.,

Sanky : SORRY for punishing this more tempting yet petal like LIPS due to burst out all my feelings..!!

Swara then blinked tiredly and lazily opened her beautiful eyes..,

Swara (fake anger) : Sanky you better stop all this and let me sleep please..!!

With saying this she hides her face in comforter.,

Sanky (with pout) : Then am I bothering you…I’m just saying let me take you in my tight embrace with cuddling remaining night as I will not at all be able to sleep without you now..!!

Swara from inside quilt.,

Swara : Do stare ceiling then till morning while lying on bed..!!

With giving this solution she grinned sheepishly.,

Sanky with frustration takes comforter back from Swara’s face.,

Sanky : you are such a mean Swara…!!!

Swara (straightly) : you should regret now..!!

With saying this she again covers her face within comforter.,

Sanky (pleading) : SORRY na babe…. Please forgive me…I NEED YOU BADLY…!!

Sanky then noticed none of response from her side so he continued himself.,

Sanky : Swara If I had a time machine, I would go back and punch myself strongly in the stomach. Then I could feel this pain of regret I have in my belly before I hurt you.

On this Swara giggles silently and after completing with herself she slightly peeked from quilt and said with trying to hold little bit serious expressions on her face as she could not able to manage it while still suppressing her giggles so she didn’t able to hide her mischievous gesture from Sanky’s gaze..,

Swara : don’t try fake cheesy dialogues….!!

With saying this she again put comforter on all over her face.,

Sanky gets mad due to her behavior as now he understood that she was teasing him..,

He then comes on top of her and hugged her tightly with making her startled in surprise.,

Swara removed quilt from her face and yelled in shock.,

Swara (with holding her breath) : Sanky you are too heavy….!!

Sanky replied back to her with closed eyes and hugging her even more tightly..,

Sanky : Do adjust with this now as I’m feeling very sleepy and not in a mood to continued with this convincing game so…gn..Nope..Sorry..Morning baby, sleep well..!!

Swara with trying to pushing Sanky.,

Swara : Sanky my breath got stuck, get off me immediately..!!

Sanky then quickly rolled over her on couch trickily and take Swara on top of him and asked her with rubbing her legs with his.,

Sanky : is it okey…??

With saying this without waiting for reply back from her, he put Swara’s up face on his hard chest and closed his eyes with caressing her hairs.,

Sanky : Sleep now…and still you’re not interested in it then lie like this till I wake up…don’t eat my head now…as I’m too tired..!!

With plainly saying this he placed a kiss on top of her head and yawned lazily with again get continued with caressing her hairs..,

But Swara was adamant; she trying to move from him and said..,

Swara (still struggling) : I said na…I’m not going to…….

And with this much fast movements, Swara gets cut off by losing her balance and was about to fall on floor but Sanky noticed it and at meantime he rolled over her and they both fall on floor with Swara at top of him..,

Swara realized that actually she was only who is going to fall but Sanky came in between and himself got down for saving her.,

Swara caressed Sanky’s cheek.,

Swara (panicked) : Sanky do you got hurt…???

Sanky felt slight pain at his back due to sudden fall but he lied.,

Sanky : nope..I’m alright…Are you fine…??

Swara didn’t believe him but still she tries to.,

Swara : yeah..!!

With answering this she tried to stands up but Sanky stopped her with holding her firmly on top of him by her delicate waist.,

Sanky : Swara did you notice..??

Swara (questioning) : what..??

Sanky : How many times I ask SORRY to you…!!

Swara : yeah it was surprise..!!!

But she thought that it is the right time to ask a reason behind it so that she will be sure on whatever is going on in his heart..,

Then she gets more closer to his face and asked with looking into his browny eyes..,

Swara : According to my information you don’t say SORRY to anybody other than your mom-dad….THEN WHY ME..?? And that too these plenty of times..??

Sanky replied back to her with staring her all over beautiful face deeply.,

Sanky : yeah I said so many SORRYs to you just because….

Interrupted by more curious Swara

Swara (impatiently) : Just because….

Sanky tighten his grip more before answering her..,


Swara (happy) : really..??

Sanky pecked her lips passionately..,

Sanky : absolutely..!!

Swara hugged him immediately in her joy.,

Swara (still hugging with wide smile) : I’m so happie to hear this from you..!!

But then something strike to her mind and she makes her face up from his chest.,

Swara (frown) : wait…Sanky you are drunk…that means you said all this without sense…let me leave now it’s of no use..!!

With saying this she starts to freed herself from his grip.,

But he again stopped her with holding her even more tightly and pulled her nose softly.,

Sanky : don’t you know people said TRUTH only when they are heavy drunk..!!

Swara blinked her elegant eyelashes repeatedly with making believe on Sanky and after she felt full faith on his words then within no time again ear to ear smile engulfed on her fairy, gorgeous face.,

Sanky noticed her beautiful smile and found himself lost in her glamour.,

Sanky : I crave to see the smile on your prettiest face…!!

With saying this he hugged her more tightly such that air also could not able to pass in between both..,

Sanky : I crave too be in your more soft arms…my second most favorite place..!!

Swara picked up her head from his chest.,

Swara (slight doubting) : Which one is the first..??

Sanky (teasing) : are you jealous…??

Swara rolled her eyes all around in a try of hiding her expressions.,

Swara : why would I..??

Sanky holds her face softly which she was moving here and there and looked into her eyes with replying.,

Sanky : First one is my MOM’S LAP where I found all peace of my soul..!!

Swara overwhelmed by Sanky’s answer and she caressed his eyes which was reflecting pain on the mentioning of his ‘MOM’S name’

But when it found difficult for her to face those painful eyes then she hides her face in his chest..,

Then Sanky also pulled her more into him.,

After some couple of minutes when she felt normal then she asked while still feeling his arms..,

Swara : you love her so much right..??

Sanky felt burst of all his fears rising on the mentioning of ‘LOVE’ word.

In this sudden frightened phase he quickly tighten his grip on Swara much more strongly and when he felt somewhat relax then he answered her while still pulling her more into him for support of whatever he is going to utter will not be felt that much difficult for him..,


With hardly replying this, he tightly closed his eyes with not having courage to get flashes of his cruel past and lie like that in same position only..,

Whereas Swara could able to sense sudden changed behavior of Sanky through the way he responds her..,

So she also decides to lies like that on top of him with hugging position till he felt somewhat comfortable..,

After some half an hour…without any movement she called him with still in same position..,

Swara : Sanky…

But she didn’t get any response so she slightly makes her face up from his chest and looked towards him who was engulfed in his deep sleep.,

And she found herself lost in his peaceful charm covered by calm sleep..!!

She caressed his face by her soft hands..,

And automatically three magical words jumped out of her tone with all lovable emotions..,

Swara (lovingly) : I LOVE YOU SANKY….!!!

With confessing this she pecked his lips and hides her face in his chest again with engrossed in blushing..,

After some couple of minutes she realized that they both still lying on floor with hugging position on she above on him..,

Then she patted his cheeks softly in order to waking him up..,

Swara : Sanky get up…You will get cold here…!!

But no response…He didn’t show any expressions or movements..,

Then she totally freed herself from his grip and sits on floor beside him with still shaking him..,

Swara (loudly to his ears) : Sanky get up baba…!!

Then Sanky irritatingly kept hand on his ears with still closed eyes..,

Swara (aloud) : Sanky open your eyes and come to bed please…!!

Sanky with still closed eyes.,

Sanky (irritatingly) : Swara do your volume mute and spare me if you would manage to..!!!

Swara (wide opened eyes) : I’m just trying to help you and you…??

Sanky turns and tried to looked towards Swara with forcefully yet lazily opened his eyes.,

Sanky (sleep tone) : what happened..??

Swara : nothing you just come to bed…here is too cool on floor..!!

With saying this she tries to help Sanky while getting up..,

Sanky somehow managed to stands up with half opened eyes and stumbling steps..,

Swara then drags him to the bed with holding his hand..,

And helped him to lie on bed..,

As soon as Sanky lied on bed he then immediately closed his eyes fully while engrossing in sleep..,

Swara then covers him properly under the comforter and goes to close the window through which cool breeze was flowing inside the room..,

But as soon as she reach up to window for closing it, Sanky scream by her name with asking for her..,

Sanky (yelling with closed eyes while struggling inside quilt) : Swara where are you….Please come to me……I need you Swara….please come to my embrace…I wanted you Swara badly…!!!

Swara with tries to close the window which seemed to be jammed.,

Swara : yes Sanky just two minutes…!!

Sanky irritatingly sits up on the bed and looked towards Swara..,

Sanky : Are you up to making of Maggie or what that you will come after TWO MINUTES….???

Swara gave him disbelief look and again tries to pull the window then at sudden she felt Sanky’s hand on hers..,

Sanky : you leave it…I’ll manage..!!

With saying this he closed the window with single successful attempt,

And turned towards Swara…

Sanky : Now princess please spare me anyhow and come with me on bed..!!!

With pleading this he picked Swara up in his arms and starts to go towards bed with maintaining eye-contact.,

He gently made Swara lied on the bed and he himself lies beside close to hers after switching off the light and covering both of them under single comforter.,

Sanky then looks at her while rubbing her cheeks sensuously with back of his hand and both again have an intense yet beautiful eye lock..,

And without breaking any trances he started leaning towards her, once they could feel each other’s hot breath both closed their eyes and within no time their lips met to each other..,

It was a gentle yet slow kiss…moving each other’s lips on one another…making each other comfortable…both engrossed while kissing one another…as time passes she made herself comfortable with resting her hands around his neck while he pulled her more into him by her waist and made other hand busy on roaming all over her back….Both of them were lost their senses and were more busy in kissing each other passionately…With nibbling each other’s lips softly..,

After some twenty minutes they both parted away while breathing heavily but he dint had enough, he wanted more..,

So without wasting another second he again moulds his lips on hers while losing himself one more time in his own world of ecstasy….he was roaming his rough lips on her soft ones with favoring each and every corner of them whereas she tries to match with his moves…While kissing softly he was simultaneously pressing himself against her …Then Swara again entangled her hands in his hairs and began playing with it…Whereas Sanky was drawing circles on her waist from above her top with hungrily biting and licking her lips…it started with a passionate kiss, which turned out into a desiredful one… he was continuously sucking her lips to taste her but after some time she smiles and teases him by blocking his tongue but Sanky being to his bold avtar and slides his hand inside her top with sensuously caressing her back which makes Swara gasp in shock with wide opened eyes….he winks at her and slips his tongue in her smiling all the way with smirking…Whereas she hits on his chest softly but he again pulls her more close into him…he was tasting its essence with his tongue…With each sec passes he came back to her juicy lips with licking and kissing them wildly with planting soft bites on them repeatedly…slowly slowly he broke the kiss when he found himself out of breath..,

After breaking the kiss both rested their foreheads against one another with panting heavily..,

Then he confessed with kissing on her eyes softly and pecked her lips passionately..,

Sanky (lovingly) : I really turned out liking you a lot more than I was originally planned in lust..!!

On which Swara just passed satisfactory smile with replying back to him..,

He then started dropping wet kisses on her neck while pulling her more close towards him..,

After this he began kissing on all over her face…While taking Swara gently in his embrace completely..!!

He then slowly nuzzles his head in her neck while planting lingering kisses and bites at there with making her moan softly..,

And with continued his actions he again get dragged into sleep with giving kisses on her neck while hiding his face in the crook of her neck with holding her strongly by her waist..,

Whereas after couple of minutes of he went into sleep, Swara could able to manage for admiring and caressing his peaceful sleeping face by her smooth hand..,

And after some fifteen minutes she also slept after placing soft kiss on his forehead with reciprocating his hug even more tightly…!!


Precap :- Sanky (sweating) : Help me please..!!

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