Feelings are complicated Os part 1

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Hey guys !!! Azreen here. Sorry not for posting my FF named “Friendship the first stage of love”

I am really I won’t be able to continue my FF because of my exams

But I won’t let u guys be sad so easily, to digest this bitter truth, I will treat u with a sweet pill

By writing an OS ??

So let’s start

My Os’s is titled as “Feelings are complicated”


I walked towards my class being really nervous as it was my first class at MasterMind school. Finally I reached my class. I was just standing in front of the big class room with a small door written class 6, section brown above it on a big black board. I was really nervous, my hands were shaking, I had held my bag tightly, again and again rubbing my other hand with my palm, for which it had become as hot as fire. I stepped in, constantly looking here and there to see the girls giggling and the boys staring at me. Y are the girls giggling ??? r they gossiping something bad about me??? And y r these boys staring at me??? Do I look bad?? These thoughts surround my mind making me more nervous. I again started looking here and there searching for seat. Finally I saw two twins who were sitting doing nothing. they seemed nice, so I went and took a seat beside them which was empty. I hesitatingly forwarded my hand, to one of the twins who was seating beside me and said “Hi my name is Twinkle.” To which she smiled at me and shook my hand saying ” Hi nice to meet u, I am Zafna and this is my twin sister Zarifa ” she said pointing towards the girl seating at the right. Zarifa also shook my hand. They both were really very nice. I asked zafna ” I don’t find any difference between u to” she laughed and said ” there is only one difference, and that is that Zarifa has a mold at the right of her chin, which I don’t”. Then I noticed that she was right, Zarifa was a little bit different from Zafna.

The class started, our class teacher introduced herself and proceeded towards the class. I was really engrossed in my thoughts about Zafna Zarifa and the new world which I have entered, when a voice reached my ears saying ” may I come in mam?” The voice asked. I looked at the direction from where the sound was coming, only to find a cute cum handsome boy standing at the entrance of the door. ” enter” said mam. He started moving his eyes here and there looking for a seat but there was no seat left. Suddenly my eyes fell on the seat next to me which was empty. Some where I knew that he was going to take the seat beside me as it was the only seat left, but I didn’t want him to sit beside me. I don’t know y but just didn’t want him to. He started proceeding towards the seat next to me, and my heart beat grew faster with his every single step. He came and sat next to me. Finally the class got over. All the while I was concentrating on him besides the class. I don’t know y, but I really adore him. Maybe I have a crush on him. What maybe ?? I do have a crush on him. But I won’t try to make him my boyfriend as I have my own rules and regulations. And besides I’m only 13.

The next day mam made fix seats for us as the popular group, I mean Riya’s group always keep chatting, whom am I blaming?? My crush himself is a big flirt who always keeps chatting with the girls and flirt with them.

And guess what guys, because of my stupid idiotic luck, my seat was beside Kunj only. Ik that I like him but I don’t wanna fall in love with him.

Every day Kunj flirts with me. I always ignore him or give a turning back answer against his stupid questions.

One day when I was returning home I saw Kunj standing against a tree and smiling looking at me. I was giving IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY FACE look, and he laughed. “Whatever” I said. I moved my gaze at front and froze at the sight. My body began to shiver, my brain stopped working and as I saw the vehicle coming towards me I saw the end of my life coming near me, suddenly two strong arms pulled me and we tumbled down to the other side rolling.i got off of Kunj and said “sorry and thank u” “for what” he asked sarcastically “sorry for behaving rude and thank u for saving me” ” No I won’t accept ur thanks or sorry” he said being stubborn,”y?” I asked. “Y? U r asking me ? I’ll tell u y. Because u r really careless, u’ve got no sense of responsibility, what would’ve happened if I wasn’t here with u? Have u ever thought about some one other than urself? U know what??? U r really selfish Twinkle” I was stunt to see his concern for me. This is it now !!!!

I can’t stop myself from loving him. I LOVE U KUNJ!!! I thought and smiled.
“Now what r u smiling at?” He asked being irritated. “Nothing” I said looking down nodding my head.

“Come I’ll drop u home” he said offering. Like an obedient child I nodded my head and followed his orders.

We reached our destination when he to my surprise forwarded his hand and asked “friends?” What!!!!!!!!!! Kunj wants to be my friend. O ya!! O ya!! O ya!! I was dancing inside when a voice disturbed me saying “o hello madam my hand is hurting say fast yes or no?” He said ” sorry I mean friends” by saying this we shook hands and I smiled sheepishly.

Days passed by, years passed by, now we were in the fantasy world of college. I was 21 years old. And my Kunj, he 22 years old. I miss my school life. Thinking that those days would never come back made me feel sad. But the rising sun of future cheered me up.

Every day we used to sit together, talk, laugh, gossip, fight etc. we always used to walk back home together. In short we had become the best of friends. Or we had become one in my language?? I started to feel that Kunj also likes me.

One day I saw all the students standing in a circle hooting for a couple. I excitedly went to crowd, and what I saw teared me apart, all my dreams came to an end. I became completely shattered. I ran away from the crowd and went to the class where there was no one else other than me.

How could he do this to me?? How Could he betray me??? How could he just go and propose Shanaya in front of every one??? I thought to myself and cried my heart out.

I from that day stopped talking to him. He always used to ask me the reason, but I always used to ignore him.

One day I came to school and found him to be absent. I was really sad and guilty because some where I knew it was all because of me. Then I got to know that Shanaya had rejected his proposal, which he wanted to tell me all these days. How idiot I am omg, how can I be such a fool. But no worries I will manao him tomorrow, I thought and smiled to myself.

The next day also he didn’t come. It had been a week that he was not coming to school, it is aehwhen I became really worried for him. I visited his house but they said that he had wentr out otf otown with his parents. Though my heart was not ready to believe them, but my mind overruled my heart and I agreed to them. I went back to my house a sad facial expression. I sat down on my triple mattress comfy style on bed hugging my round powed teddy.i knew he was angry with me that’s y he was doing all these drama, but I was becoming really very restless day by.

The next to my surprise he came. I became more than happy to see him, as soon as he entered the class I jumped and hugged him as tightly as possible, but to my surprise he jerked me away, I asked y he did so, he said that I had broken our bond. “I’m really Sorry Kunj plz forgive me. I promise I won’t do it again I swear upon myself” I said holding my throats in a pinching manager. ” ok, ok my drama queen no need to do more drama. It is enough for today and yes I forgive u. U know na I can’t be angry with u for a long time.” He said making me more happy. I again jumped on him and hugged, and this time he hugged me back.

We again sat together on our usual seat with our group. On the fourth period of class Kunj asked me to change my seat with sneha for only 5 minutes. I became confused I asked him the reason to which he said that he will tell me later. I wasn’t convinced with his reply, but still I had to change my seat. I had a doubt that they were talking about me, so I kept an eye on them all the time during the class. And I could see them whispering but could not hear what they were talking about. Finally the day got over with my curious mind, riddling things itself to figure out the gesture of the unspoken and unexpressed feeling.

The other day, I was spending thinking about what might Kunj tell to sneha which he couldn’t tell me??? To find the out about the unanswered question I went to sneha. “Hey sneha what did Kunj tell u the other day when, he asked me change my seat??” I asked questioning directly with out rounding around the bush. “W..w..w..wh..what a..ar..are u talking a….a…a about?? K.k Kunj didn’t tell me anything” she said stammering, but I knew that she was lying so I asked again ” dekh sneha mujhse jhoot matt bol aur sach sach bata kunj ne kya kaha tujhse???” Pressuring on my words. “I am sorry , he said not to tell u!” “Ok, bye”
I became more worried after listening to sneha. And again began thinking that what they might be hiding from me? I went to Maisha who was present with them at that time. ” hey Maisha” I said greeting her. ” o hey, achha ye Sab chod aur pehle bata Kya tu koi relationship mein jana chahti hai” ” what?? r u out of ur mind? And y would u even ask such stupid question??” I asked being surprised. I mean is she out of her mind to ask such irrelevant questions to me? ” no yaar actually a boy in our class likes u so I just asked to help him out” she said making me more shocked and irritated. ” idc” I said. “Anyways can u tell me what did Kunj tell to sneha that day??” I asked with hopeful eyes. ” yehi toh main tujhe batane wali thi par tu hai ki meri baat sunti hi nahi” ” what do u mean?” I asked being curious. ” arey jo ladka tujhe like karta hai na vo aur koi nahi balki Kunj hai??”

These words echoed inside my head and u jumped up in joy and hugged Maisha as tightly as possible. O couldn’t believe that my dreams were actually coming true. I was on cloud nine. I ran to sneha and saw him threatening Kunj about telling me everything. But they didn’t know that I already knew everything, I thought and smiled to myself. Then only an idea hits my mind. AN d run up to them and asked them what they were talking about. Their reactions were worth watching, I was just becoming red because of stopping my laughter. They started making stupid and funny excuses, I couldn’t take it anymore and burst out laughing my a*s off. Sneha gave me a death glare and asked ” tu pagal ho gayi hai Kya” ” nahi kuch nahi” I said and ran from there laughing. The whole day I was having a broad smile stick to my face, as I was thinking about Kunj, and Maisha’s words were echoing inside my mind all the time.
After a few days I decided to confront Kunj about that matter and stop the game of hide and seek as for many days Kunj was trying to talk to me, to come close to me, but I always kept ignoring him to tease him and test his patience. I went to Kunj running, with a restless heart trying to pump out of the rib cage.
I was trying to find Kunj in he class room but couldn’t him find him. Finally I spotted him behind the pillars talking to someone. I went a little near them, so that I could hear everything. I know that it is bad manners to listen to others talks, but who cares. Now I could hear them clearly. I could hear weeping sound of a the girl, who was talking to Kunj. But I didn’t know y she was weeping. I went more near them, and now I could see her face. It was Shanaya, she was crying her heart out. “U’ve betrayed me Kunj, I thought u loved me but u, u were sticking around with that Twinkle, leaving me behind. I had started developing feelings for u. But look at u, u r not worth my love” said that b*tch. ” No baby u r getting me wrong. I was just trying to make u jealous, I thought that if I would hang around with Twinkle u would get jealous and would come running to me” he said making me feel as if the land skipped under my toes. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I straight away ran from there and went to home huffing and puffing, sobbing like a maniac. I was not in my senses. After reaching home, without wasting anytime I ran to my room and locked the door. Never have I ever felt so bad and devastated before. Stepping inside the tiled floor of my washroom, I broke into pieces. Sitting under the shower, with my socked in water body and my wet cloths I went I to dead thought. Y did this only happen with me? I asked my self. I think I am worth of the pain I am bearing. Never have I ever doubted on my Kunj before, but the knife stabbed inside my heart makes me doubt on the pure relationship like friendship also. I now think that there must be no reason for me to live anymore, and this might be sign of God that I should leave this green and watery like heaven cum hell, which people call world and come to him. I must follow his orders, I should take my life with my own bare hands.

As soon as I stepped out from the watery floor to the dried up floor of my large bedroom my eyes fell on the fruit basket which was kept on the side table. The fruit basket contained a sharp and pointy knife. I ran to grab it. After taking the knife on my hand I placed it on my wrist nerve and………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

To be continued

Sorry guys ajke liye itna hi, arrey suspense toh banta hai na???

Anyways guys plz do tell me if I am mistaken by the class and age, as u know I am not from India so…..
But thori bohot hindi toh ati hai mujhe

And thnx everyone

Plz do comment

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it awesome Each and every word of the os was superb The way you have written it and presented it is mind-blowing 🙂 Just Loved it 🙂 Post soon can’t wait for the next part 🙂

  2. Sohi

    I very much liked the os please post next part soon

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional suspense full epi….eagerly waiting for next part

  4. Adya

    I’m lacking words to appreciate u…..that was aweeessssooooommmmmeeeeenesssss ki height….plss post the next one as soon as possible……
    Love u

  5. Azreen awe amazing fabulous os loved n plssssss asap itna bada suspense aise chod di plsssss continue soon loved it

  6. Angel20

    Hey, I’m new here on tei page,
    This shot was really very awesome, I loved it very much! Love yaa..

  7. Very nice, it’s seems like a genuine feelings really loved it to the core.
    Each n everyone word seems like best things when I was reading I was completely lost. I really loved it To the core. Awesome writting dear.
    Do continue waiting fr next post it as soon as possible

  8. Chiku

    WOaaah it’s awesome ???????????lovely. It’s amazing
    Plz post next soon
    I am waiting to read next week part
    Loved it??love u?

  9. Aanya_pandey

    That ws really good yr.. the upadte ws jst too good.. waiting fr next update.. n trying nt to think wat will happen next.. coz everything is fair in love n war.. n its twinkle’s childhood love.. post soon..

  10. It was awesome ?Pls post next part soon ???

  11. Simiyy

    enjoyed it
    Please post soon

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