Fate will always bring us together (raglak) (swasan) episode: 5

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Hello guys…….. Hope you all are doing well. A very big sorry for late update buz I am busy with some works.


Sanlak and swaragini look at each other confusely. Sanlak sigh swaragini to come aside. Swaragini goes inside a room and look at sanlak who were walking here and there in tense.

Laksh: ragini why you didn’t tell us that your parents come here to arrange our marriage.

Raging: laksh we also don’t know that our parents came here to arrange our marriage. Maa and papa told us that DP uncle , AP aunty, RP uncle and sujata aunty invite us for dinner. Me and swara have no idea about this.

Swara: we don’t know whether they know about our secert relationship or not.

Sanskar: leave it swara anyway before getting into any trouble of our secert relationship our parents are getting us marriage without knowing that we know each other long time.

Ragini: but sanskar still we have no idea whether our parents know about us or not. They are arranging this marriage after knowing about us or with out knowing anything. We need to find out?

Swara: ragini is right. We need to find out sanskar.

Laksh: I think they are right. We need to know whether they know about us or not.

Sanskar: ok! If you all are wanted to find out. Then I will help you guys.

Swaragini looking at each other and start to walk here and there inside the room. Sanlak look at there tensed face and plan to make them clam.  * sanlak winks at each other *

Sanskar pull swara and laksh pull ragini. Both couple go to two corners of the room. Sanlak try to romance with swaragini but they didn’t chance to them.

Ragini: what are you doing laksh? Leave me! I want to think for a plan to find out.

Laksh: no I won’t leave you until you do something for me.

Ragini: plz laksh. Try to understand the situation.

Laksh: ok fine I will leave you but before that you need to do something. A FAVOUR

Ragini: FAVOUR???? What favour?

Laksh: you know what I want?


swara: sanskar plz leave me.

Sanskar: no swara. I hate this tenced on your face.

Swara: ok baba! But this not time I have to be clam.

Sanskar pull swara more close to him. She starts to feel blush she completely forgot about the problem. Sanskar move closer to kiss her.


laksh hold ragini tight which she can’t even move. Laksh move closer to kiss her. Raglak and swasan about to kiss each other but suddenly they heard door knocking sound. They come back to sences. AP open the door and take swaragini away from sanlak.


After dinner everyone are sitting in the sofa and chit chatting. While the other family members are talk. Sanlak keep on looking at swaragini amd giving them flying kissess without knowing other family member. Swaragini started to blush buz of there flying kisses. Suddenly a voice come from the main door of the house.

Voice: Mr. Laksh maheshwari.

A pregent lady entre the house.

Lady: why did you cheat me laksh. You ‘re the father of my unborn child.

Ragini get shocked. And even everyone get shocked including laksh.


Inspectors: wait who is that lady between this beautiful couple.

Swaragini and sanlak look at each other and smile. Inspector look sanlak and swaragini confusely.

PERCAP: A storm between raglak. Which lead them to break there marriage.

  • ( I hope you guys like this episode. Plz guys comment me and give some ideas. I try to post next part as soon as possible) bye guyss love you all.❤
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  1. Anju24

    Superb dear, loved the fb, sanlak are naughty, excited to know the rest, precap sounds interesting.

  2. Shobikah

    Thank you. I will post the next part very soon

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