Fate will always bring us together (raglak) (swasan) episode: 4

Hi guys….. let,s start the story…………….

The episode start with inspector about to beat sanlak. suddenly a voice came from main door.

voice: stop it inspector.

Inspector look at the door and get shocked. swaragini enter.

Inspector: yyyooooouuuuuuuu……. twoooooo……..

swaragini: yes inspector we are alive.

inspector: how can it be possible. you two are alive……..

swara: so inspector you arrest laksh and sanskar on our murder case, right.

inspector: yes

ragini: inspector we are alive, so there will be no problem for you to release laksh and sanskar.

inspector: but we found two dead body and evidence against laksh and sanskar, after that only we arrest them on you murder case.

swara: inspector listen to us carefully; all this ,the murder and everything is a per planned plan to trap laksh and sanskar.

ragini: swara i think inspector still in confuse, tell him the whole story, then only he will understand.

swara: ok ragini


7 years ago

A beautifully mansion is shown (maheshwari mansion) where all ladies are busy decorating the whole house. sanlak came downstairs and get shocked to see the house decorated. suddenly they heard a voice.

voice: (scolding servant) where is the juice? go fast and bring my juice. do fast OK.

sanlak come there….

sanskar: mom why are you scolding the servant. (It,s sanskar mother sujata)

sujata: sanksar wo… leave it naa, i will handle it. sanlak listen to me carefully you both should stay back, today no office, no work OK.

sanskar: but maa, for what we cannot cannot go to office. today we have an important meeting.

sujata: no work mean no work. now leave me i have lot of work to do.

sujata went from there. sanlak look confused. they have no idea what is going on. suddenly they heard a drum sound, and look at the door. swaragini enter with there family. Maheshwari family welcome gadodia family. sanlak look at swaragini and get mesmerized with there beauty. AP call out sanlak. they come back to senses.

laksh: haa maa….

AP: where you both lose.

laksh: nothing maa, at least now tell s what gadodia family doing here.

AP: sanlak wait for a while you will get to know everything.

ap leave from there.

sanskar: laksh i don,t think our parents will tell us. we need to think for other way.

laksh: yeah! yaar… we need to think for other way.

suddenly laksh got an idea( he winks at sanskar)

maheshwari and gadodia are chit chatting. suddenly swaragini got masage.

massage: come up now.

They both make some excuses and went up. suddenly someone came behind ragini and take her away from swara. swara was standing there confusedly. she think where this ragini went and she started to walking toward a door, she saw a sticky note.

sticky note: get inside the room.

swara enter the room and light goes off, she get scared and started to shout. suddenly someone close her mouth and pull her.

on the other hand.

ragini try to free herself from that person but it,s vain. Finally ragini free herself and about to shout for help, the person kiss her. she try to free from the kiss but it,s vain, the kiss turn out to be a passionate kiss, it last for a min. She break the kiss due to less oxygen. she get shocked to see the person.(it,s laksh).

Ragini: laksh tum..

laksh: yes it,s me. what do you think that will let anyone kiss you.

ragini: stop it naa, you make me scared.

laksh: ragini i want a favor from you.

ragini: favor??? what favor you want from me.

laksh: tell me what your parents are doing here?

ragini: so you want to know what my parents are doing, i am sorry laksh i can,t tell you that.

laksh: ragini plz tell me, i love you.

ragini: no means no laksh, i can,t tell you wait for a while you will get to know.

she try to go from there laksh pull her from waist.

laksh: don,t go

ragini: laksh stop being a kid, let me go.

laksh: no i won,t let you go.

suddenly ragini kiss laksh( laksh get shocked by her action). he kiss her back.

Here sanskar is the one who pull swara.

sanskar try to romance with swara but she find out that sanskar is doing this to get to know is going to take place in there house.

swara: sanskar i know what you want but sorry i will not tell you. you will get to know everything in sometimes.

sanskar: swara plz tell me….

sanskar pull swara by waist and try to kiss her but she run away.

swaragini came downstairs sanlak came behind them.

DP: sanlak where did you both went.

laksh: we were just here papa.

DP: shekhar we are asking ragini hand for laksh and swara hand for sanskar.

sanlak get shocked and look at swaragini (they winks at them)

shekhar: we are ready to give our two daughter,s hands to laksh and sanskar.

laksh, ragini, sanskar and swara get super happy. raglak and swasan were in relationship for 1 and half years. 4 of them have no idead how there parents get to know about there relationship.

PRECAP: new entry in raglak life.

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  1. Anju24

    Superb dear…loving the past… excited for the next one…loved the couple moments

    1. Shobikah

      Thank you dear…. Very soon i will upload the next part

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