FATE! (A Twinj FF): Chapter-12

Karthi just nodded nd stated further “Maa ne diya he Sri tho padh le and then think what you wanna do simple” Sri just said slowly”hmmm okkk”

Sri Slowly looked at the diary and opened it only to smile sweetly..

The first page was written

Peace is with a smile.

So open it with a smile latched on your face

Sri sighed hardly and started reading it.


But the reading session of Sri was interrupted due to a bell ring and he kept the book aside as he knew that his mom is here. So he kept the diary inside and welcomed Twinkle.. Twinkle just ruffled his hair only to give a cheek kiss to his mumma…and hugged her…

Twinkle looked at Sri and asked, “kitna padh liya?”

Sri looked at her and said, “2.3 mumma, vaise mumma part 1 kaha he?”

Twinkle moved inside the house and said, “it’s my childhood stories not something imp, the main thing which you have to know is in this, thats why I gave you part 2 dairy”

Karthi came back and hopped on twinkle hugging her yelling, “Maa aap Dadi se mile the kaise, kaha aapne unhe yaha kyu nhi bhulaya” and that’s when Sri also remembered it, “Areyy even I forgot about it…you could have brought her here na mumma, I wanted to see her”

“Well I was with Your dadi, Mumma/maa and her husband, so I didn’t thought to bring her here” said Twinkle looking at the kids. Karthi became stiff hearing Mr. Sarna and Tightened his hold on Twinkle I who sensed it and she rubbed his back soothingly.

“Matlab aapne ne maa ko bhi dekha…..huhh muje b milna tha” said Sri grumpily.

Twinkle giggled, “well I think you will meet them soon, abh let me get freshen up and then will hve dinner and sleep ok?”

Kids nodded and let her go….after tht they had there dinner and went off to sleep…with different thought of the trio..

Karthi was thinking about kunj and was in a rage, Sri was happy because he can meet his dadi and maa and twinkle was thinking about the things happened today with the Sarna’s.
On the other side in Sarna Mansion there was complete silence no one knew what to say and what to do… The only active soul in the mansion was none other than Shikha because she is now able to talked to her MAA and her monstu and bhai so she was the happiest soul present. So when she saw her mom, dad and Dadi entering inside the mansion she ran towards Kunj yelling, “papaaaaaaa”

Kunj who was in his thought jumped on his place listening to the shout and instantly looked at Shikha to find out is she hurt somewhere or what, “jaan what happened kuch hua kya….kahi laga kya,,, are you ok?” But before shikha could say Praniti joined in because even she was brought back by her thoughts by kunj’s question, “Ammu what happened baby, kahi lagi aapko….kuch hua kya tumhe….” Shikha was looking at parents in a confused state and then she looked at her dadi who shooked her head in disbelief seeing both kunj and prani getting hyper for no reason so she stated, “will you both shut up she was calling you excitedly not in a hurted way, god…come out of your thoughts and look at your surroundings, and you shikha ji aap yaha mere saat aaiyee or humse baat kijiye, tumhare mom dad pagal ho gay he”

Shikha giggled and hopped on Kirthi and walked away to Kirthi’s room to talk about her day how she was happy and enjoyed being with her brother’s.

Here listening at Kirthi they both looked at eachother and went to their room. Prani asked kunj to, “Kunj you go and freshen up fast let me see about dinner, ok” with a faint smile. Kunj sighed and slowly held both her arms and yanked her close to him, looking straight into her eyes he said, “it’s ok to be sad and feel bad about whatever happened prani….but I can bet you tht it would be less than my feeling, I know there are lot more things to come and somewhere you know some of them to but I m the one who doesn’t know anything, now m just praying to god that, there shouldn’t be more serious matter in to this which may be hurted her, becuz I would die due to guilt if is it so… Becuz I never wanted to destroy someone’s happiness and build mine. And we were always happy in our small world and I hope even her life was like tht only…” Saying so he kissed her forehead took his nightwear and went to freshen up. But the moment he went inside the washroom, a tear fell from parni’s eyes and muttured, “its not possible Kunj… Becuz she have gone through a lot now, she might be the happiest but before this happiness she was not what we have seen her to be, though indirectly you and me are both her culprits, you didn’t fight for your love and I didn’t try to contact her during the marriage rituals, agar ptha hota yeh sab me nahi athi tum dono ki zindagi me…. Babaji please sab thik kar dena… Me nhi chahthi ki or usse koi problem aay…. Me sab kuch thik karna chahthi hu or iss duraan agar my life will be destroyed tho b chalega but usse or sehne mat dena……”

She just muttured to herself and went to look after their dinner rubbing her tears away.

The Sarna’s had their dinner in silence except for shikha who was saying about her day in the school to her parents and later on went to sleep keeping their thoughts to side…. And waiting for a new day, obviously which will bring new things in front of someone…


Next morning both the families continued their day as usual, the only difference was Prani and Twinkle was able to talk to each other. Twinkle continued her day dropping her kids to the school, and then office and Here Kunj and Praniti too dropped shikha and went to office for their work. But what they didn’t knew that finally everyone will be seeing each other yet again but how will be the meeting go, will only be said s per the situation.

SreeKar Ltd.

Twinkle was so into her work that it really annoyed her when she was disturbed by a call but maintaining her calm she answered only to frown thinking, “what did they do this time”.


Tw – Hello!

Per – Am I speaking to Twinkle Nair

Tw – yes who is it?

Per – Oh ma’am I m calling from your kids school.

Na (frowned) – any issues?

Per – Actually principal asked me to call you n inform that she wanted to meet you now… As there is a problem created by your kids.

Tw – OMG oh sure I will be there, (sternly) I would love to say that ask principal to not open her mouth and say anything to my kids until I come there am I clear?

Per (feared) – oh sure ma’am…at what time will you reach here?

Tw – I will be there in 15 mins.

And she hanged up the call before the opposite person can say anything….

Twinkle went out of the cabin and saw Avni working with Marketing team she went towards her, “Avni office thode der k liye sambaal me school jaa rahi hu princi ka call aya tha patha nahi aaj kya kiya vanar sena ne” Avni giggled, “chaltha he sambaal kr jaa and aise unpe chillana mat, I will look over here u go” twinkle shook her head in disbelief and went and reached school and went towards cabin only to gasp inaudibly seeing kunj and prani there and her attention went to her kids only to see karthi fisting his hands and sree with an amused look….

But let see why kunj and prani are doing over there. Before Twinkle got a call from school….
Here in Sarna industries.

Both Kunj, prani and their manager were talking nd discussing about something important and they were disturbed by call, kunj looked at the call id and frowned as it was an unknown number, he was going to cut it but manager said, “sir attend it may be an important call” kunj nodded and àttended the call


Ku – hello!!!

Per – Kunj Sarna father of Shikha Sarna?

Ku (alerting tone) – yes am her father what happened and who re you!

Per – sir m calling from her school actually due to some problems principal ma’am have asked you come over here and meet her.

Ku – is my daughter fine.

Per – yes sir no hurt issues but something other, if you could come fast?

Ku – oh yes I’ll be there with in 20 mins

Per – thank you sir

Kunj just disconnected the call and looked at manager and said, “I think we should continue later I have to go somewhere”

Manager nodded and went away.

Prani was just observing kunj and atlast asked, “Kunj kya hua any problem?” Kunj just looked at prani and said getting up“School jana hain koi issue hua he princi ko milna hain humse… So shall we move ki sirf main jao?” Praniti just nodded and said, “even I am coming let’s go…”

Both went and reached the school premises and went to the cabin oy to see shikha hugging a boy and standing near the principal madam

Kunj frowned looking at the scene as how can a father see his daughter in any other arms. But looking at the boys face he was confused and thought, “did I see them anywhere, ummmh…… Oh yaa same icecream Shop boys but why are that rude boy hugging my child” he was going to them and part them away but before that he heard a soft call from his fear wife he looked at her only to see tears in her eyes with a smile..

Here when prani entered the cabin and saw her daughter hugging someone she was angry but when she saw that someone’s face she just whispered with a teary smile, “my Devils”

Kunj realized he have heard that word but was not able to recollect it but there thoughts were disturbed when they heard princi asking them about whose parents they were, “yes may I know whose parents are you ?” Kunj said and introduced himself and his wife “Shikha Sarna parents, myself Kunj Sarna and she is my wife Praniti Sarna”

Princi just nodded and said, “you have to wait sir until all their parents come”

Kunj nodded and looked at the kids were he saw that rude boy looking angry fisting his hands looking at Kunj but then to holding shikha in his arms without leaving her and the other boy who was stroking Shikha’s hairs and calming the rude boy and had an amused face looking at Kunj which really confused Kunj… And beside them stood two boys rolling at the scene….

And but his attention diverted when he saw Twinkle entering inside the cabin and looked at her shocked face and was looking at that to boys who were standing with shikha and that clicked something in his mind and thought, “is that both boys her kids” and confirming his doubts princi said, “Miss. Twinkle just wait till the other kids parents come I hope there is no delay!”

Twinkle nodded in a no and said, “oh sure ma’am no issues but I think till that time I can talk to my kids?”

Princi nodded

Praniti and Twinkle looked at each other and then at Kunj and sighed. But before they could say anything Shikha ran towards Twinkle and hopped on her and hide her face in the crook of Twinkle’s neck and here on the other side both the boys went towards Praniti and held her hand and told her to bend down and hugged her tightly saying, “Mom /Maa”

Kunj was shocked and thought, “They both are twinkle’s kids. But looking at them no one can say that they are adopted because they both have some features of Twinkle in them… But ya sometimes other kids resembles anyone shayad vahi case hoga.. but they know Prani and wait did they just called them mom and maa…. That means they all know eachother.. why exactly is been happening shikha ran to Twinkle instead of her own parents and hear twinkle’s kids ran towards Praniti instead of Twinkle… God my mind will blast I needed to end this secret game fast”.

“Uuhhuhuuu” kunj broked their moment and said, “May I know something?” And raised his eyebrows at Prani and Twinkle who looked at each other and then Kunj but instead of both the ladies he got reply from one of that rude boy whose name he doesn’t remember, “dude no one stopped you from asking anything?, And what’s with this look you can ask it normally too!” Kunj looked shocked and amused seeing the boys attitude and somewhere he can see himself in those brown eyes, but before he can say anything twinkle stated, “karthi is this the way to talk to elders?” He just shrugged his shoulders before he could reply the other parents to entered inside the cabin and principle interrupted them

Pr (sternly) – kids come over here

Karthi and sree looked at each other holding Shikha’s hand and came towards the other kids who were smirking at them and these three just rolled their eyes on them only to make that boys angry…

Pr – Miss Twinkle this am really don’t know what to say to you. Your kids are just beating around boys without any solid reason and for a change this time this girl shikha too joined them in beating session. Look at those boys who are bruised by your boys…..

Twinkle looked at boys and then looked at kids and asked what through eyes but instead of reply she got a shrug from karthi, shikha smiled sheepishly and sree look at her innocently.. but looking at sree she got yo know whose mistake it was.. But before she could say one of the other parents said, “agar bachon ko sahi salamat manners sikhane nhi atha tho paida hi kyu karthe ho… See at my boy his lips is been bleeding due to your kids.”

But instead of Twinkle Kunj spoke, “before jumping into conclusion will you allow the kids to say exactly what happened!!!! And after that you can lecture on Twinkle of her upbringings..” twinkle stood shocked listening him shutting that lady off Prani was happy and Kunj was itself confused

But of the boy who got injured just said faking, “Ma’am we were going towards canteen but in between this girl came and banged with us intentionally and when we asked why she did that. She just didn’t said anything and before we could ask anything Karthik and Sreelok just charged on us ma’am… We just asked her reason and see what they did to us” and started crying just to show the principal that they are indeed right and that trio are wrong but he stopped crying instantly listening, “dude stop your crocodile tears even you know exactly what happened and and even CCTV knows what happened” Karthik said smirking towards the boy…. Who was afraid as the truth can be out

Sreelokh said, “Ma’am nothing happened maam actually during our break time me and my brother were moving towards our sisters class so that we could go and eat together but before that we saw both Manish and Sam holding Shikha’s pony and was making fun of her we were just going to call him that time shikha just jerked both their hands away from her and was moving away and that didn’t went well with both the boys so”

Karthik continued, “so manish held Shikha’s hand tightly and see maam the marks are even there now,” saying he held Shikha’s hand slowly and showed it to princi “and I don’t like anyone hurting my sister so we went towards them and asked him to leave her but instead Sam came towards sri and was going to punch him he was not able to becuz Sri moved away from there and Sam fell down losing his balance seeing this”

Sri, “seeing that Manish got angry and beat Karthik and Karthik fell down and I return he just I punched him that’s all happened maam fault was of Manish and Sam if you want you can ask our classmates and ma’am every time these both trouble every other students,”

Listening to the kids kunj prani and Twinkle had a sweet smile….and other parents were just standing plastering a fake expression. But seeing them kunj couldn’t control anymore and sarcastically said, “agar bachon ko sahi salamat manners sikhane nahi atha tho paida hi kyu karthe ho, yahi bola tha na. We don’t like any one to comment on our kids manners so first see what your kids are doing and then comments on our kids, next time I wouldn’t do such things but will do extreme” he then looked towards princi and said, “I hope you don’t have any issues now and yes we are taking our kids with us, and make sure that before calling us and complain see to the whole mater first” said sternly and looked towards prani, twinkle and kids, “come lets go and ya shikha go and take your bag, and you Karthik and sreelokh you both too”

And saying so he went away with Twinkle following him with an amused and confused face and Prani following with happy yet contented face…

Shikha just went away to her class with an excited face and here Sreelok was confused but Karthik was just controlling himself just for his mother.
The detail of dairy, will be posting soon..

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