FanFic – Phir Bhi Na Maane… Badtameez Dil (Episode 1)

“After a happy reunion of Mehbeeran Meher, Abeer and Ishaan..

Both the families are happy its a celebration time..!

The episode starts wit Abeer sleeping in bed, Meher says “Good Morning hubby, Good morning wifey and pulls meher closer and whispers where is my morning kissy baby, Abeer says.. Meher says Abeer wake up its time to go office You are getting late” i have to wake up Ishaan and have to help him to get ready for scl, abeer says Oh! Mrs… She gets closer and says abeer you and give a sweet kiss and says wake up now, we have to together.. Abeer ask where, for a coffee date baby..? No my rockstar hav to go for your recording, Ishaan come to room and says Good morning momma and my sweet papa.. Ishaan give a kiss to abeer and lay over him, meher ask where is kiss for me Ishaan.. Ishaan says i kissed dad and dad will give you kiss on my behalf.. Abeer smiles and sits on bed, both father and son do hi-fi and winks..

“Meher says i dont want a kiss you both get ready and come for breakfast.. Abeer holds her she says mommy ji wil be waiting for me i have to help, She leaves.. Meher goes down and greets kuber who is reading newspaper and asking madhavi for coffee, kuber says good morning where is Ishaan im waiting for him, meher says he is getting ready he will be coming papa, and heads to kitchen.. She Hugs madhavi greets her good morning.. And ask need any help mom, madhavi says, no you have breakfast you have to go to office..

Abeer and Ishaan comes down, and abeer greets kuber good morning dad, havent you gone to office yet, kuber ask where is Ishaan, ishaan comes from behind and greets Good morning dadu and ask where is my gift..”Kuber says good morning my little rockstar, and says you will get your gift in evening, you are exactly like your papa his behaviour, talking and walking style, but in study just like your momma.. Abeer laughs and says thats my son, mom look still your husband didnt leave taunting me..

Madhavi smiles and ask ishaan to come for breakfast, Ishaan greets her and heads to table, and snatch abeer’s mango jam, both father and son fights for the jam.. Meher and Madhavi stop them and says, i thing we should get separate bottle for both, both Ishaan and Abeer hi-fi and gets happy for jam., abeer says ishaan lets leave for scl.. I will drop you today, meher you come wit dad, abeer drops ishaan to scl.. Both wave bye..

At office :
kuber and meher go to their cabin, meher ask peon about abeer he says mam, sir didnt come still.. Meher gets worried and call abeer, just then abeer enter her cabin and says, oh missing me here, she ask why late? Btw go to work, he gets romantic and says lets we go for a coffee, i want my wifey to be relax from all tension..
She pushes him and says abeer not now, your group will be waiting for you and your fans too, he ignores and ask what abt my wifey.. Meher pushes again and says go to work.. He leaves giving her a kiss, and says i will see you soon boss.. She smiles..

At evening:meher goes to abeer’s cabin and didnt find him, she goes to pick up ishaan, guard says he left, she gets tensed and call abeer n gets a msg from abeer we are home come soon she comes and gets happy after seeing her bua maa and tannu and hugs them.. Ishaan comes and ask hug for me momma she hugs him tightly, and he ask how was the surprise, she says very beautiful.. madhavi, bua and suman gets on talking, kuber plays wit ishaan and gift him a guitar and his name written in it He thank him and says you are best dadu Tannu and ishaan play with guitar, meher looks for abeer, abeer comes frm behind n hug meher every1 ask abeer to sing mere nishan.. He say Meher doesnt like it, meher says i just love that, he sing with ishaan and tannu, and ask every1 to join, family enjoy the evening happily..

At night
Abeer blindfold meher and take her to table with full decorated,
meher gets happy and says thanks for all the surprise, she hugs him.. Abeer give her necklace, kiss her on cheek n says i got from my earning, i promised i will keep my family happy, they get romantic.. And spend some spl moment..

Hope u guys enjoyed, as i know how many of them are missing Mehbeer..
Lots of love to all

  1. 🙂
    Hey itz too good
    please continue ur fanfic
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. You have written very nice story elsa.

  3. I miss him both very much plz start the show

  4. awesome yaar pls continue

  5. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    Another day on badtameez dil. I think it’s the happiest day actually it’s night anyway of my life. N same goes here I haven’t even read it n after reading the title of ff I came straight here to Comment. Even I want to write a ff I n it. Anyway u started first no problem. Well just want to share a piece of info there are many fan fiction, TS, OS on batameez dil that’s on Mehbeer in India forum to i.e on tellybuzz so u want to read Visit the site n enjoy.
    N THANKS A LOT. I haven’t read it but since it’s Mehbeer so no doubt it will be awesome

  6. Thank u ? so much ELSA…for bringing my MehBeerAn and BD back…thank u so much..
    U don’t know how much happy I am now after reading ur FF..thank u yaar..
    I just love ❤ it..pls continue..i am eagerly waiting for next part..
    Thank you so much ? and take care ?..

  7. @Suchish @Tanya @anchit agarwal @Ruby thanks alot, I will b back with new episode, thanks for loving dears… lots of love…… :*

  8. Nice..thank u

  9. @Mehbeer fan(Preity): thanks dear, I’m surprised to hear so much love for MehBeer… before reading you wrote a comment days cool.. BTW all the best to you love I will b waiting for your story.. happy to hear I’m first.. 🙂

  10. @AaLiyA: Thanks a lot dearie for loving… be happy like this always, 🙂 actually i have a best friend by name Aaliya.. hope your name is to aaliya, happy to meet you love… you too take care… lots of love……

    1. My pleasure ?..
      Thank u so much..that’s nice to hear that u have a Friend with my name Aaliya..
      Ya dear my Name is Yasmine Aaliya…
      Lots of love ❤ for u too..
      So nice to meet u ..Take care ?..stay happy..waiting for ur epi..

  11. i cant stop myself by hearing BD ended.. i tried to make you all happy again.. thanks a lot to all readers.. keep loving MehBeerAn.. :* lots of love… take care all…..


  12. Too good keep going on…. Ipkknd is back on hotstar…. From Nov 24……waiting to see arshi again….

  13. Thank u very much esha apu. I am also waiting for next part and how can i watch this episode.

  14. Sorry, it’s elsa not esha

  15. Superb plz upload todays episode dont stop

  16. Thank u so much yar…
    Actually i missed Bd badly
    Gud to see mehbeer back ..
    That too continuation part of bd..
    Awesome loved it


    i am a bangladeshi.hotstar is not available in my country. but i always sees it in online because i am bigfan of,please continue it and start it again on star’s an utmost request.

  18. Fahim u are wrong.hotstar is avilable in Bangladesh.

  19. I luv this series. this is one of my favorite.

  20. Elsa thanks a lot for bringing back BD..ur fanfic is aweeeeeeeeeeesome pls continue.. I still can’t believe BD is over.. Elsa pls continue.. Waiting for next update ..

  21. OMG it’s the best episode it’s amazing plzzzz continue. I’m loving it waiting for further updates. Thank you so much for the updates it’s wonderful.

  22. @Sadia
    @neha thanks alot dudes.. I posted another series of BD check it out.. 🙂

  23. Are elsa where is another episode i didn’t catch that plz upload it

  24. Nashita(nina)

    Thnx elsa. Very nic. Keep it up.

  25. Elsa were is todays epi plz bejdo yaar

  26. Wow…I really appreciate ur creativity Elsa…thanx a lot for ur fab fan fic

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