Fanaah 28th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 28th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avani is mad at Vivan for such thinking and says that I will not forgive him ever. She says that I am never going to forgive him when Prateek comes drunk and gives her, her bag. He says that I will drop you home while Avani says that you are going to get busted. He walks on saying that this is his college when he confronts Dr.Mehgna. She realizes that he is drunk and tells him to come to her cabin now. Avani goes after Prateek while Joe watches from behind.
Yamini is taking care of the patients and Sarthak stares at her. She asks of what is happened and Sarthak says that my mother was just like this when I cried. He stands behind a curtain when Yamini comes and thanks him for sharing his life. She says that at first I thought that you were arrogant but I am glad that I got a chance to know you. She says that you are a kind and nice person, Sarthak says that whatever he is become of his mother. He starts to tell about his mother but cries and Yamini gives him a shoulder. She says that I am here to make Sarthak weak but I am getting weak instead.
Dr.Mehgna is scolding Prateek while Avani watches from outside. She says that you will be punished and says that you are to be rusticated as a lesson. Avani comes and apologizes on his behalf and says that she will keep an eye on him. Dr.Mehgna that what gives you the right to tell me anything about a punishment and how to treat my student. Avani apologizes again while Joe listens from the outside while Dr.Mehgna says that he can’t be excused and tells Avani to not intervene.
Joe comes in saying to Prateek that what are you doing here as I have searching in the whole college for you. Dr.Mehgna says that what are you doing here as I am having an important conversation, Joe says that what Prateek is doing is also important. He says that his thesis is on people suffering from Alcoholism and depression as he asks Prateek as well. Dr.Mehgna says that he is doing a thesis on Alcoholism as he himself, is drunk.
Joe says that he is drunk and asks Prateek that if he applied to the drug to himself. He asks as if Prateek if he was actually doing a thesis and manages to fool Dr.Mehgna. He asks Avani to take Prateek outside and then says to Dr.Mehgna that today you proved a lot of things. Mehgna says that don’t waste your time as these tricks of yours are very old. He says that it may be right but Old is Gold.
Sarthak says to Yamini that he doesn’t shares these things with anyone but somehow I felt good to share it with you. He asks Yamini of why she is staring at him and says that you can also tell my about yourself. Yamini says that she also doesn’t talk much about herself as who has the time to listen to her. She says that my family forcefully married me though I wanted to study. She talks about how the guy used to beat her but then says that it is closed chapter of my life. Sarthak says that now I am ready to be your guinea pig and says that you can inject me.
Yamini says that for this chance I started to talk to him but now what about his trust. She says that Vivan sir told me that this is very important. Sarthak asks of what happened and she leaves saying that I will be back in a while. Avani is trying to wake Prateek up and when he wakes up she tells what happened. Joe comes and he thanks her for the help. Avani says that if you getting happy by thinking that you helped Prateek and I couldn’t than you are absolutely wrong. She says that if you didn’t come than I would have also saved him and this know at all attitude is not going to work here.
Prateek says that are you mad as you are screaming since then as my head is bursting. Joe leaves saying that I have a cure for this and I will be back. Avani says that isn’t he strange while Prateek says that you are crazy as he is a nice guy. Joe comes back with a cup of herbal tea and brings one for Avani as well. Avani drinks it and says that this herbal tea is just like the one I make. Sometime earlier Joe got a text from Vivan about Avani loving herbal teas. Prateek thanks Joe again and tells him not to drive and work on the thesis. He leaves saying that if you need anything than I am in the canteen.
Sarthak is working and says that Yamini is not that bad and I am glad to see another side of her. He sees Yamini’s phone and looks for her. She is not here so he checks on the phone and realizes to what she had been doing the whole time. Yamini comes in and he quickly puts the phone down and Yamini says that should we check the vitals. He agrees and Yamini goes to get the kit while Sarthak replaces the antidote bottle. He says that everything looks fine and we should inject one serum. Yamini prays that the serum helps Sarthak. Sarthak thanks her and says that you are the only one who I feel connected to. He apologizes to everything he has done till today and says that it will not happen again.
Samir is walking in his house when he sees a card on the floor. He picks it up and wonders how the card got here as it belonged to the dancer. He calls Ranbir and asks who the daner was. Ranbir says that she was a professional and we just called her. Samir asks of how the card got there to his home while Ranbir says that he has no idea. He ends the call saying that he has a patient here, he than says to Saher that in the whole world you found your house to drop it. Saher apologizes and says to him that drop me before he comes.
Joe is talking to a waiter when Avani comes and says that I have to talk about something important. She than sees a cool making herbal tea and Joe says that this tea is awesome. He says that it is his favorite and so decided to make a stall on it. He says that you also like it and we can make this our side business. Avani says that why does it feel that he put up this stall for me and wonders if Vivan ever did anything for her. Joe wakes her up and she is about to leave when Joe says that I need a favor and talks about his thesis.
He says that I heard you like children so when can I meet them. She says that you like children and Joe says that he loves them. Avani agrees to help him but tomorrow, she leaves while Joe says that this is the first victory.

Precap: Vivan is taunting Avani when another girl comes and starts to talk to him and he says that I am tired of you. The girl says that I loved you while Vivan says that I am tired of this conversation and leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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