Fanaah 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Miss Fareeda tells Abhymanu where to place the moonstone and not to touch the stone with bare hands. She tells him that without the powers it is so dangerous imagine it with them. He asks then how will we move it. Fareeda says that she has been with Preet for 18 years and has learned some things. She performs the rituals during which Anshuman feels pain. Then she brings the moonstone and someone calls that there will be no one more powerful than us.
Dhara and Adrij are brought and Miss Fareeda announces how long they have waited for this day. She says that how they lost many of their fellows so that this can be made possible. She says that today two lovers are going to be one and tells them to start the marriage. Vivan says that he has to do something to save Dhara but these werewolves are looking very stronger than him. He says that what can he do but can think of nothing.
Vivan calls out and says that Dhara is lying as she does not loves Adrij. Abhymanu says to shut Vivan up and both Anshuman and Vivan get beat up. Dhara says that if they can start the wedding quickly. Miss Fareeda puts the moonstone down and then they praise the four elements. She announces the powers of the elements and praises the lord to help them in it. Vivan is trying to free himself while Dhara gets married to Adrij.A tattoo on Dhara and Adrij’s arm appear when they are married. Adrij kisses Dhara’s hand and says that finally we are together.
Miss Fareeda says to Adrij that the time has come you must now do the sacrifice. Adrij says that what is the sacrifice and its reason. Miss Fareeda says to Adrij that you have to burn in this fire so that the powers can be achieved. Dhara says that she will burn in the fire instead of Adrij. Abhymanu asks Dhara if she knows about the moonstone and she says yes. She says that if someone has to die than its her. Abhymanu says that Adrij is the normanl person of this tribe and this is his purpose. Adwik comes forward and says that the plan was to sacrifice Dhara and tries to protect his brother.
Miss Fareeda says that Adrij has no job in this tribe while Dhara is a witch and so to save her can give them a lot of powers and they can use that. Adwik says that after the moonstone we will not need any powers of the witch and Abhymanu shuts him up. Adwik cuts his way and says that you don’t see anything beyond you. Abhymanu says that we are very close to our purpose and you are ruining everything. Adwik tells Adrij to run and he’ll fight them.
Abhymanu and Adwik get in a fight but Abhymanu uses the mirror to send Adwik in it. Adrij is running in the jungle being chased by werewolves. He tries to use the river but falls and gets caught. He is brought back and Miss Fareeda says to him that your time has come. She claws him in the chest and he gets wounded badly. She calls to light the fire up while the moonstone has the blood of Adrij. She calls to get the powers through the moonstone but nothing happens.
Miss Fareeda puts the stone down and goes to Dhara and says that you lied to us. She goes to Vivan and says and says that you were right and you are Dhara’s true love and this time it will be your sacrifice. She brings Vivan forward while Anshuman manages to break the chain. Dhara is thrown away. Miss Fareeda stabs Anshuman while Dhara is held back by a field casted by Abhymanu.
Preet manages to come out of the mirror and sees Anshuman and says that nothing will happen to you. She looks at Fareeda and says that how did you even think that you can kill Anshuman. Fareeda says that how did you come out and tells the guys to tie her. However Preet cuts the throat of the guys and then goes in the air and says that this mirror was made by me and I know how to break it. She says that now all of you will die and I’ll kill you all. She disappears and no one knows where she went and look around. Fareeda says that Preet will use all her powers but to kill her we must kill Anshuman.
Abhymanu goes towards him but Preet appears and kills him. She keeps appearing and disappearing and the tribe members start to flee. She burns all of them one by one leaving Fareeda. Fareeda tells the members to run as well. In the mid of all this Preet freezes Fareeda and says that how did you even think of betraying me. She says that in all these years you didn’t learn this than you have no right to live and she kills her. While dying Fareeda says that you can never win and never save Anshuman.
Preet runs to Anshuman and says that nothing will happen to you. She says that she must do something to save him. She says that she must get the powers of the moonstone but she must sacrifice Vivan for that. Anshuman says that she can’t do that but Preet says that she can’t live without him. Preet says that when he was away she lived with the evilness that she will get him again and says that I can’t lose you again. Anshuman says for our love you will kill someone else.
Dhara screams and says that you will kill me but Vivan is ready to die as well. Preet says that Vivan has to be sacrificed as Dhara has married Adrij and to give her sacrifice will bring no help. She says that she has seen the love in Vivan’s eyes and so chokes him while Dhara cries to her to stop.

Precap: Dhara says that she can protect her love by sacrificing her heart. Anshuman bites Vivan and Vivan catch Dhara and Preet holds Anshuman.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. what ez dis..hmesa late update..aur aj to hud h..6.00pm pe shw air hta h avi tk update ni..

  2. Suprbbb interesting epi

  3. so sad !!!!!!!!
    the serial going off air
    wish season 2 starts soon

  4. i love this show very much.. the story is assume….. I like vivan (karan) very much….

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