Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update: 6 years leap

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
6 years leap
Some kids are scared in the hospital. A clown scares them. He sings for them and laughs around them. It’s Agastya. Kids play with him. Agastya gives them toys. He helps them in walking. The kids hug Agastya. The doctor says Mr. Raichand you’ve saved many kids. You’ve given them the best treatment. Agastya says I know how it feels to lose someone you love. I hope no one has to go through this. The nurse says how is Agastya single? He is so good-looking. The other nurse says no I think he’s married. Naveli comes and says to Agastya you got another threat? He says I am not scared of threats on paper. She said you’ve been doing these procedures for free. Hospitals and businesses would be against you. I am scared for you. He says don’t worry. He says I am so proud you handle the finance of this hospital. You’ve grown up. She says don’t you miss bhabhi?

Scene 2
Dadi is mad at the servants and says no one is allowed to go to Agastgya’s room. Agastya comes and gives her cold water. He says don’t get so angry. I am so scared of your anger. She laughs and says so much has changed. Agastya says let’s go to London. Mona asks how do I look? She comes wearing a short dress. Everyone is shocked. Agastya says outstanding. Naveli says mom what is this? Why are you a light bulb? Mona says don’t be jealous of your mom. You’re so boring. You work all the time. I wanna live. I am going on a date. This app is called flirty at 50. Naveli says what is all this? Agastya says it’s okay. Love has no age. Let her live. Dadi says that’s what I am saying? Agastya says you also wanna go on date? I won’t mind at all. Go ahead. Dadi says I am talking about you. Agastya ignores that and that man must be so flattered looking at you. Naveli says can’t you be a normal mom? Agastya says have fun and let her have fun too. Dadi says to Agastya Pakhi won’t come back. Please move on. He says I have a video call. I will come later. Have fun bua.

Agastya says everyone thinks you disappeared 6 years ago. But no one knows the truth that I’ve kept you here for 6 years. No one can know this truth. If you’re here can I think of someone else? You can never go away from me. Agastya looks at Pakhi’s poster. He kisses it and says it’s been 6 long years. I’ve lived 6 years without your smile. Only I know how much have I cried missing you every day. I have fought with God every day for taking away my happiness. When I meet you I will never let you go away from me. I will do everything to get your pardon. Just come back, you can always punish me. I have faith we will meet again.

Scene 3
In Shimla
Pakhi lives in the mountains. She celebrates a kid’s birthday. All kids love and dance around her. She says the magician is here. The magician shows kids tricks. Pakhi’s daughter comes. She is drinking juice. Pakhi says don’t make noise. Pakhi continues the birthday party. Her daughter keeps slurping. A woman asks Pakhi’s daughter don’t you like magic? Why are you sitting alone? She says it’s just tricks. It’s not real. The magician says, can you? Pakhi’s daughter does all the trucks and says it’s so easy. This is how magic is. Pakhi takes her from there. Pakhi says Tara’s kids were enjoying the magic show. Why did you have to be over-smart? Tara says I wasn’t wrong. Are you mad? Okay, I am mad too. Pakhi says why you? She says you’ve not eaten since morning. She makes Pakhi eat. Pakhi says you know how difficult it is to arrange events in Shimla. She says technology can do events better. Pakhi says stop talking about tech all the time like your dad.

Episode ends

Precap: Tara tells Pakhi she has a competition in school named little Einstein and she is confident she will win.
Agastya says he can’t wait to meet kids in the competition.
Pakhi is told in school, Tara left for Delhi for competition.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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