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Kavya : Jhanvi .. you have taken a lot time to comeback..

Aditi : This is good now that she has come.. can’t you stop blaming her..

Jhanvi : Its her habbit to blame me on things..

Dada : How was your life at london..

Ashwin : It was good and sucessful but also felt lonely that’s why we thought to settke back..

Jhanvi : Nothing has changed in this house..

Aditi : That’s right..

Jhanvi : But Adi did change.. He was such a talkative in childhood.. but he hasn’t even changed a lot..

Adi : Sometimes its good that we change according time…

Adi goes to his room..

Maya : Your husband is so boring..

Zoya : Husband??

Maya : Adii..

zoya : Maya you..

Dadi : What is going on between the girls..

zoya : Nothing dadiji..

Mahesh  and manav enters..

Manav : Hey ashwin..

Mahesh : how are you..

Ashwin : I am fine..

Dada : Arjun .. where is he..

Mahesh : I have send him to London for a bisness meeting .. he will come tomarrow evening..

Ashwin : That cool we are here and he went to london..

Zoya : You enemy is not here!!

Maya : So funny..

Jhanvi : Its time for us to.. we thought of meeting everyone..

Dadi : But you didn’t meet everyone..

Ashwin : I know but… time

Dadi : So.. i have a request..

Jhanvi : Request… maa.. you you have right to give oders..

Dadi : Toh .. tomarrow you will have dinner here.. and everyome will be here toh.. meeting bhi ho jayega..

Ashwin : Sure dadi..

Mehrotra’s leave..

Mehrotra’s leaves to there house in india.


Preeta : Today’s class was so boring ..

Shristi : Mine was worst.. you know i was sleeping the whole time..

Sam comes there running.. some students are behind him..

Preeta and shrusti gets shocked seing this



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  1. Jasminerahul

    Maya teasing Zoya was funny.Waiting 4 Arjun to return n arya meeting.Why they r running behind Sameer?update was too short
    Lovely cover page

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