Family and Friends – part 1

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Mehra mansion, Austria
An old lady near 80’s was instructing her servants
” Everything should be perfect ,ask me if you need anything for the pooja , one should be with guruji so that he could get at the time, and help him out ok ”
Servants – yes mam
A man of 50’s – Christy ( servant ) you are responsible on guest’s food , food should be perfect they should not find any small mistake ,
Servant – Yes sir

The man reaches near the old lady and touches her feet – Good morning ma
The old lady blesses him – Good morning puttar stay happy putar
(The man is Raghuveer Mehra & His mother )
Dadi – arey putar who will do prasad
Ishwari – I’ll do ma (by making entry ) and I called some priests too we will give prasad it will be one of the good thing
Dadi – you have done the Right Ishwari

Devakshi Room
Dev was getting ready in front of mirror , while Sonakshi was taking bath a sudden cry of shubh attracted Dev’s attention
Dev lifted Shubh in his hands
Dev – ale ale Arey shubh beta what happened why my champ is crying papa has came so no more tears ho you are hungry , tell me
Sonakshi – my god mr.perfect( by making an entry) why you are not understanding he is just 4 months baby
Dev – I know I know Mrs.Mehra but you know what me and my son have a different relationship you know we have special bonding only I can understand henna shubh
Shubh become silent After listening to Dev as he understand Dev
Sonakshi pouts – it’s not fair shubh
Dev & Shubh giggle & Dev hugs Sonakshi ,
Dev – Mrs Mehra don’t pout like this you look cute as shubh
Shubh giggles
Sonakshi see the time – O God Dev time is up you go and wake up Soha I’ll get ready for the office
Dev – Mrs Mehra today..
Sonakshi – I know Dev we are gonna establish MAA Durga’s idol in our home for that we have special Pooja today don’t worry all the arrangements have been completed & Ma said she’ll do the Prasad and pandit ji was also called
Dev – well done Mrs Mehra I’m proud of you well we have a time to Romance ah
( by crossing his arms over Sonakshi’s shoulder )
Sonakshi – this is not done Mr. Dev Mehra you have your work I have my work so give shubh I have to feed him ..( by getting free from his hold ) get back to your work , wake Soha make her ready I’ll go to office and complete my small work and I’ll return
Dev hand over Shubh to Sonakshi – ok then feed Shubh I’ll go and get Soha ready
By saying this he leaves room

Raina Room
Raghav is admiring his lovely wife while Naina aka Nandini is talking to her employee
Naina in anger – how many times I have to tell John this is the last time get that damn the project asap

john – sorry mam the other companies are ok but¬† Oberoi companies are equally gave the Splendid presentation so we couldn’t expect mam

Naina – are you joking its not the matter somehow we should get this Tender give the presentation without any hesitation it should be perfect else you will be Fired ( by hanging up her phone )

Raghav approached her – Calm down Mrs. Naina , this is just a deal
Naina – No Raghav I couldn’t we have been working for this deal for past 1 Year it’s not just a deal it’s so many people’s dream its many people’s hard work apart from the management the whole creative team have literally worked day and Night
Raghav – Don’t worry you will get the deal ok ( by hugging her back and ) you know what you look even cute when you are Angry
Naina – don’t butter me Mr. Business man we have works we are gonna establish MAA Durga’s idol in our home for that we have special Pooja today, get back to your work your angel is also up she is just playing with Nikki now & they will be here in any minute, and you also have a duty to wake up chote make him ready so Stop your Romance
Raghav – oho common Mrs.Darling other than work in home & office, one more work is Romancing you ( he turns her face to see his face and try to kiss )
Naina knows about her husband is trying to kiss so she smiled and the distance between them is decreasing
A sudden sound from entrance of their room disturbed their Romance – Bhabhi please open the door Pari is crying
Naina giggles
Raghav said slowly – o God my Romance’s enemy is here ( nodded his head in negative )
Naina heard it and she giggled – can I say this to her
Raghav – No no she’ll kill me definitely

Naina got out of his grip and opened the door
Finding her Lovely Sweet sis in law Nikki there controlling Naughty Pranitha
Naina takes baby from her
Nikki – don’t know why bhabhi I can’t control babies even Shubh doesn’t stay quiet for some time hats off to both bhabhis handling 2 childrens
Naina smiles and chuckles – don’t worry Nikki you will get used to it first time babies will be naughty when you start to travel with them then they will become friendly ok but one thing that is you should not to try to drag them in to your world you drag your self to their world and see their world
Raghav – suppose if sis in laws time gets over then shall we proceed to our own works and naina you didnt talk to me in this soft corner

Naina – why not Mr.Businessman she is my lovely nikki

Raghav was shocked
Nikki giggles – bhabhi don’t you find something is burning here
Naina – Absolutely right Nikki somebody is burning in jealousy (by giving an ūüôĆ hi-fi )
Raghav – Nikki.. Naina ..
They both become silent
Naina – ok ok Raghav you can carry on your work and we have ours ( towards Nikki ) come Nikki you go and get ready for college, I have to feed Pranitha ( saying this she pushed literally ūüėā Raghav out of their room )
Raghav went with sad face since he didn’t get his morning kiss , both Brother’s reached kids room same time
Dev – again !!
Raghav – yet again !!
Dev – say one thing Raghav why it always happens to us
Raghav – Exactly Dev , our destiny is only this we can’t change , we have to wake up this naughtiest kids
Dev – are you ready for the mission
Raghav – yeah ready
Dev – 1.. 2.. 3
They both enter kids room
They both get surprised to see the empty beds
Raghav – where kids have gone
Dev – they woke up so early quite shocking
Suddenly they could sense a push inside the room and Door was locked
Dev and Raghav get shocked because of this Act
Raghav could hear some giggles – who is that , Chote open the door I know you have done this open the door
Dev – is anyone there ??
It’s been 15 minutes they both banging the doors
Finally the door was opened they both shocked to see Ria there
Dev – Ria you did this
Ria – ah no bhai I’m coming here I could hear some banging door so I opened it what happened
Raghav explained the situation
Ria start to laugh Raghav & Dev was shocked
Raghav – Ria you are laughing ??
Ria – sorry bhai I couldn’t control this is called Karma
Dev – What ??
Ria – yeah you both used to do it when anika di used to wake up you both right here now your kids are doing in return if Ani di was here means then she would have made fun of you both ( got emotional after remembering Anika she left with tears by excusing herself )
Dev – ( emotionally ) she is saying right Raghav if Ani was here then it would have been different
Raghav – as a Brother I failed to protect her
Dev – me too but one is sure our family got broken , after Anu’s decision Uttar & Uttara’s accident , Ranveer missing , and somu’s decision to study in India
Raghav – My only prayer is today is
Dev – that We should get our Anu back , right
Raghav – ah then everything will be sorted out, what happened to that person we were searching

Dev – Don’t know Raghav we could not reach the person but we were close enough

Raghav – do you have any idea

Dev no but surely we will reach Anu soon

They both could hear a sorry from back
They both turn back to see


Suhana aka Soha


Girish aka Chote

Girish – sorry papa sorry ChaCha and
Suhana – we will not repeat this
Raghav and Dev stared at each other and nodded
Raghav – but you both will
Dev – be punished
Soha & chote become sad
Dev comes near Girish , Raghav comes near Suhana they both raise their hand Soha and chote close their eyes in fear but surprised to see their hugging dad’s
Dev – how can I slap our darlings
Raghav – ( by caressing both kids ) so promise us that you will not do anything like this which will hurt your close ones
Dev – and our punishment is you both should not eat your favourite chocolates for two days
Soha & Chote pouts & says with sad expression – ok
Dev & Raghav laughs at their cuteness and pull their cheeks
Dev – chalo chote and Soha get ready today you have to go to school too
Raghav – and return soon too because
Soha & Chote – because we are gonna establish MAA Durga’s idol in our home for that we have special Pooja today right
Raghav & Dev stand shocked – ah
Chote – my god dad and ChaCha you have been saying this
Suhana – for one long week we have been hearing we got bored papa

making fun of them both the kids left
There the scene closes

I’ll continue IB,from the next day after Shivaay accepting Anika as his Wife

OM, Mumbai

Anika was thinking the same way about how Shivaay accepting her as his wife she kept smiling thinking about his confession
Suddenly her mobile beeps she see the number and identifies the no.
She attends the call
Anika – ah Aditya Varma
AV – Mam everything is going as per plan , soon we will reach the truth mam
Anika Рok  AV this should not be known to Anyone ok
AV – yes mam but your brothers nearly reached us mam
Anika – what did they get you
AV – no mam somehow we escaped,
Anika – ok Be careful and I need the details of the case from police records , from there we have reach the culprit how could we get the details
AV – don’t worry mam we’ll get it ,
Anika – but how
AV – I have requested my police friend beforehand about this case and details so he was saying he is got transferred to Mumbai yesterday he will help you Mam
Anika – That’s good send his no.
AV – ok mam
Anika ‘s pov
Whatever the reason let it be I want to know why my parents died ( by wiping a lone tear  escaped from Left eye )
Pov ends
Shivaay was as usual talking sorry sorry yelling at his manager Mishra
Shivaay – what hell is this Mishra I told you Right we have to get the Tender somehow how could it happen
Mishra – Sir Actually the company have already selected for that project since their presentation was done equally well
Shivaay – what?? how??

Mishra – donno sir but it seemed like they were given chance only for the presentation of the company . since they were to the point

Shivaay –¬† you are praising about the company are you working for me or them

Mishra – Sorry sir

Shivaay – who’s it is any New comer

Mishra – No sir but have to find out it was hidden sir

Shivaay – find it out and talk to me,(ends the call)

Shivaay – Khanna Khanna

khanna – yes sir

Shivaay – get me the company list joined for this hospital Tender did you get that asap

Khanna -yes sir

Shivaay – aakhir kon ho saktha jo Shivaay Singh Oberoi ko Tuf de saktha hai (who can it be who is giving tuff to SSO )

Shivaay walk down to his Room oops Their room

pov starts

¬†he couldn’t realise how he had said so many things infront of the media does Anika’s presence affect that much like Om says is it a love¬† ??? or Attraction

pov ends

he reached their room to check on her and she was in to her lala land same thing happened as in the serial that Aww moment with OmRu and Anika steps out of the room after throwing water on Shivaay’s face and he throws on rudy , ShivRu throws on Om

 Priveer moment when she was hurted by the bangle given by ranveer


 Ranveer was applying ice on her hand where she got hurt ranveer and prinku had a intense Eyelock

(Netru Nan Unnai Partha Parvai Veru,…………

Neengadha Ennam Aga Anai Indru,

¬†Unnodu Nanum Pona Dhooram, Yavum Nenjile,……..

Reengara Ninaivugalaga Alaiyai, Inge Minjudhe,…….

Noolarundha Pattam Pole, Unnai Sutri Nanum Ada,

Kaigal Neeti Neeyum Pidikka Kathirukkiren,…….

Idharkellam Arthanagal Enna, Kekka Vendum Unnai, Kalam Kai Koodinal,

Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Kadhaippoma Ondraga Neeyum Nanum Dhan,

Kadhaippoma Kadhaippoma, Kadhaippoma, Nee Pesa Pesa Kayam Arume,

Yesterday I saw you with a different eye………..

Today you became a memory forever

The distance that I covered with you, is there in my mind.

¬†It is there as a buzzing wave in my heart. I’m swirling around you like a kite.

¬†I’m waiting for you to stretch your hand and catch me.

What is the meaning for all this? I must ask you. If the time comes together

Shall we gasp? Shall we gasp? Shall we gasp together? Shall we gasp? Shall we gasp? Shall we gasp? If you continue to talk, my wounds will heal. )plays as BG 

shivaay comes there and utters – Prinku what happened dear (which brokes their eyelock ) comes near them

Ranveer – Nothing shivaay bro just she got hurt while I was putting this bangle mom sent this as a shagun for Prinku I think it is short ill exchange and come prinku dont worry ..

he leaves the Place walking in the corridor

shivaay – R u ok prinku

prinku nods yes

prinku was confused and get back to her room

Ranveer pov

what Happened to me I cant see Prinku when she get hurt , I cant able to see her when she is in a problem and tried to get her from the problem as I came here to take revenge but which is stopping me No Ranveer dont look in to her eyes

pov ends

someone drags him

Pool side

the same thing happened shivaay explains about marriage to Rudy

the same way kinner tell¬†about shivaay’s future

¬†on Anika’s saying Shivaay bring Saumya back to OM


City hospital

A doctor comes out of a OP

Dr – your friend is safe dont worry

a girl – thank you doctor thank you so much you not oly saved my friend but she was my everything

Dr was having tears in her eyes

that Girl – Can I meet her

Dr – after sometimes

That girl – Once again thank you

She smiles sadly

she is walking with a sad face remembering  her dearest friend without removing her operation attire


yes it is our Mauli

nurse comes near and shooks her – Doctor

She comes to the sense – ah

Nurse – Dr your valuables (handing over her Ring bangles) and cheif Dr is calling you

mauli – Thanks Fathima you can go Ill come in a minute by changing my dress

wiping her tears  she leave

Cheif doctor’s cabin

Mauli – May come in Doctor

Cheif Dr Рcome in Dr Mauli  have a seat

Mauli is shocked to see Kunal present there

mauli – thank you Dr you called me

Cheif Dr Рyeah because of you  both today our Hospital have got much pride thank you Mauli , Kunal

Maunal – its our pleasure Dr

Cheif Dr – With this happiness I Would recommend you both to go to Sanjivani in Mumbai

Mauli¬† and¬† Kunal was Startled – Sanji…..vani¬† m um bai

Cheif Dr – why you both are shocked

Mauli – but Doctor what is the reason did we both any thing wrong

Cheif dr -no Not at all this is for a reason

 he shows a pic of a Child


he continues – This Child name is Nancy She have a hole in her Heart she has been Hospitalized for 2 Years


Maunal was shocked – what ???

Cheif Dr Рyeah you both are most experienced Doctors I received a call from the hospital this morning and they asked for the doctors with well experience After the death of Dr.shashank, Dr. Roohi went her own path, and Dr. Anjali left to London ,  Dr. Siddhant settled down with Dr.Anjali in London itself Sanjivani  is now in the hands of Mr. NV Singh he personally called me so I Recommended you both already you both have dealt with the similar case right so you both go and attend the case

Mauli was about to say something but kunal stopped her and Nod no

Cheif Dr – i know that you guys have a bitter past memory in Mumbai But go to Sanjivani not as Mauli and Kunal But as a Dr. Mauli and Dr. kunal you both go as a doctors not for your happiness but for rescuing a innocent child from the mouth of the Death I hope you understand

Kunal – shall we discuss and tell

Cheif dr – yeah before tonight within 2 days you will be leaving the city forever keep in mind KM what oath you both have taken when you joiined as doctors

they both left his cabin

Hospital cafe

Mauli was angry on kunal

kunal brings coffee for both of them

Kunal places the coffee – Mauli your coffee

mauli – I didn’t ask you Kunal

kunal – Mauli please yar dont get angry on the Coffee

mauli – I said I Don’t want cofee Kunal

kunal – What is your problem is your problem with me or coffee

Mauli – Really ??? Kunal what is my prblem what is your problem why you stopped me

Kunal – Because i know what you are going to say

Mauli – you should have allowed me to tell

kunal – that was not the right time mauli

mauli – please dont start again kunal I’m tired of hearing your lectures

kunal – So what do you want


Mauli eyes were welled up with tears – you know right¬† you know right kunal the city which have snatched our happiness and reason of our life’s last 5 years we both….

Kunal also having tears- were trying to forget  the accident but we could not

after 15minutes  of consolling both had their coffee they left to their home

Maunal’s Home¬†

Their Mom was waiting for both of them as usual

Mom Рatlast my childrens came

Mauli went inside angrily

kunal – Mauli listen to me

before he speaks up she went to their room and shuts the door

kunal’s Mom – what¬† happened bacha

Kunal – Mom actually I made a mistake

Kunal’s Mom – What have you done

Kunal explained her What all chief Doctor said and he continued ” I said I am going to Mumbai but she got angry by my decision

Kunal’s Mom – she was right beta wee have literally faced a bitterness in Mumbai which made her the arrogant and Emotionless Mauli

Kunal – No ma she has the emotion but¬† her determination for not going there makes her as emotionless person and this time I’m not going to leave her like this definitely Im going to fight with her so called determination


Nancy is crying for taking injection her mom tries to calm down the poor soul

the nurse inject Nancy she weeps and she slept by hugging her mom

Nancy’s Mom – Doctor till how much torture my child has to¬† bear (by having tears in her eyes it was nearly two years we are in this hospital

Doctor – Dont wory Mrs .Rode we are trying our best she has a improvement after the operation she will be completely cured we have requested to the well experienced doctor if they accept our request and if they come here means all will be ok don’t lose hope mam

Nancy’s Mom’s Pov¬†

hey Lord What wee have done why are you testing us please convince the doctors and send them here save my child

pov ends 

Episode Ends


Shivaay is kidnapped , a shock for Sona and Naina

Will kunal Can convince Mauli ??? 

who dragged Ranveer ????

will Shivaay can find his way to get out of the clutches of the upcoming prblems ??

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