Falling like the Stars Prologue

Heya Twistinians, welcome to a new creation of mine. I hope you guys like it and don’t judge the book by it’s blurb.

Internal monologues are written in italics this time if there are any. 

Without any further ado…

~Narrator’s POV~

Nandini alongside her best friend Tejaswi are taking a stroll during lunch period and talking about any topic that comes into their mind. 

Soon Tejaswi takes her phone out, checks her Instagram and says, “OMG, you will not believe what I’m seeing right now!” 

“What happened?” Nandini asks while she actually wasn’t that interested.

“Manik and Molly Malhotra are looking for a nanny to look after their children.” She looks at her in a confused way.

She stares at her as she says, “you should go for the interview, Nandini as you like children so much.”

“I guess so!” Nandini exclaims in an uncertain way while Tejaswi pushes her to go for it. 

Meanwhile Molly is having a fit as all the girls who have come till now have been trying to flirt with Manik. She had thrown them all out as she felt jealous and unattractive. 

“Molly are you alright?” Manik asks while showing a bit of concern. 

“Yes, I’m fine,” she lies as she knows he is doing it because of the contract but she doesn’t. She is in love with him yet he does not feel the same way for her.

A moment later he says while looking everywhere but not at her, “we should continue taking the interview,” he takes a breath and says the only reason he is doing it, “as you are the one insisting for a nanny for Eric and Sophia.” 

She gulps her saliva down as soon as he leaves. She comes out a while later and sees a young girl, who seems to be very sympathetic, however, there is something that bothers Molly about her. 

Manik was thoroughly impressed with the girl and hired her straight away without asking his wife for her opinion. 

It hurt Molly and still she smiled seeing that girls excitement of taking care of their children.

~End of the Narrator’s POV~


I hope you guys give this story a try. I would appreciate it after all the drama that was going on and getting blamed for their incapability of standing by their own faults. 

~End of AN~

Disclaimer: Do not copy and paste my story anywhere because this is my hard work and not yours!

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