Falling in love with you again Part 2 Rishab Kiara FS(Naagin6)


Falling in love with you again Part 2


Kiara entered the college compound with excitement.Her eyes longed to see Rishab.

Rishab caught 2 lovers romancing.

Rishab got angry.

Rishab:Are you both not ashamed to romance in a pure place like college?College is for studying,not for romancing shamelessly.I don’t encourage college love.Infact no teacher of our college will encourage it.

Kiara who came there was shocked to hear his words.She was shattered.

She thought:Rishab does’nt believe in love.He is so angry to see others loving.That means he hates love.If I had proposed him,he would have got angry with me.

Kiara’s eyes got filled up with tears and hid the card.

Kiara:Good that I did not make a fool of myself by confessing my love to Rishab.Let my love for him remain in my heart forever as a secret.I have to bury my love for him in my heart itself.

Her tears rolled down her cheeks.She ran away crying.

Kiara collided with Mahek while running.

Mahek was shocked to see her crying.

Mahek:What happened Kiara?

Kiara told her everything.

Mahek felt sad for her.

She cupped her face in her palms and said:Please don’t cry Kiara.One day you will get your love.

Kiara:No,I have no hope.


Kiara hugged her and cried.




Kiara wiped her tears.

Kiara:I will not let Rishab affect me anymore.He is just my past.



Rishab and Kiara started working together.Unknowingly Kiara’s eyes fell on Rishab.But she controlled herself and focused on her work.

Rishab:Are you always silent like this or?

Kiara:I do talk when it’s necessary.I believe that our work should speak.


Rishab:That’s good.But this much silence is not good.It’s like suppressing our emotions.You should talk more.You should interact with others more.Atleast to me,you talk more..just casual talk is enough.Too much of silence is suffocating for me.Please…

Kiara was confused what to do.


The whole day Kiara thought of Rishab’s suggestion about talking.


The next day…

Kiara entered her cabin.Seeing Rishab she asked him:Hi Rishab!How are you?Did you have your breakfast?

Rishab was stunned.Slowly he smiled.

Rishab:You talked to me in a friendly manner.I am surprised.

Kiara:Ya..you said that we should not speak only about work.

Rishab:That’s true.After all we are working together.Without friendship how can we work together comfortably?Can we be friends?

He extended his hand towards her.Kiara was hesitant.

Rishab:Why are you so reluctant Kiara?I promise that I will not be a bad friend.


Slowly she smiled

and held his hand.He became very happy.

Chenguna Chenguna
Nallani Kanula Rangula Vaana
Chiru Chiru Navvula Muvvalu
Chindhulu Chindhenu Pedavula Paina

Errani Siggula Moggalu
Maggenu Buggalalona
Musirina Teralu Tholigi
Velugu Kurise Vennelathona

Though Kiara was not talkative,Rishab kept joking to entertain during breaks which helped her to forget her work tension.

Laughing to Rishab’s jokes made her happy.

She loved listening to Rishab whenever he talked to her.

Mallee Pasipaapai Pothunnaanaa
Thulli Thulli Thullinthalatho Thellaana
Velle Prathi Adugu Neevaipenaa
Mallee Prathi Malupu Ninu Choopenaa

Slowly slowly Kiara’s irritable nature changed and she became softer.


One day…

Kiara entered the office.Seeing her staffs,she smiled.

Kiara:Good morning!

They wished her back:Good morning Ma’am!

They were surprised as their boss Kiara wished them with a cheerful face which never happened before.


During the lunch interval,Kiara saw her staffs being very silent.

Kiara:Why are you silent like some mute movie is going on?Relax and mingle with others.If you guys are not friendly with each other,how can there be harmony among my office staffs?How can you all work properly without no friendly contact with each other?

They were shocked to see her change.Rishab smiled seeing Kiara’s change.


Kiara saw her staffs chatting.Seeing her,they got nervous for a second.

She smiled at them.

Kiara:Carry on guys…It’s just that you all need to do your work properly.

They were surprised and happy.

Rishab said:Well Kiara…today is your colleague Urvashi’s birthday.Let us celebrate it.

They were nervous about Kiara’s reaction as they knew that Kiara does’nt encourage celebrations.

Kiara:Why not?All are like my family.I will also join the birthday celebration.

They were surprised.



They celebrated Urvashi’s birthday.

Rishab was mesmerized by Kaira’s red frock look.

Praanamantha Chedhenanukunnaa
Pranamochi Puvvulu Poosthunnaa
Naaku Thagga Varudedanukunnaa
Anthakantey Ghanudini Chusthunnaa

Kiara:Why are you staring at me Rishab?

Rishab was embarrassed.

Rishab:If I made you uncomfortable, I am sorry Kiara.

Kiara:No Rishab.I did’nt get uncomfortable.

Rishab smiled.

Naa inni Naalla Mounamanthaa
Pedavanchu Dhaatuthuntey
Tharikita Thakadimi Nedika Naalona

Rishab:By the way,this dress suits you a lot.You look very pretty.

Kiara blushed.

Megham Needi Kadali Aaviride Kadhaa
Kurise Vaanai Thirigi Raadhaa
Naalo Merise Merupu Mari Needhey Kaadhaa
Malli Ninne Cheramantundhaa

Kiara:Thank you Rishab.

He smiled.

Rishab:No need of thanking me.You deserve appreciation for your looks.

She just blushed.

Prashnalu Yennoo
Naa Manusu Kaagithaalu
Badulilaa Suluvugaa Dorikenu Neelonaa

They clicked photographs with the birthday lady Urvashi at the party.

In the evening,the peon served them food in the cabin.

When they were about to eat the electricity went off.

Kiara got irritated:Oh no…now how will have food?

Rishab:Be positive Kiara.In any situation we can eat food.

Rishab took the match stick and lit the candle over there.

Kiara:What are you doing Rishab?

Rishab:Because of electricity failure,we can have candle light dinner.

She was surprised.

They started eating dinner exchanging romantic glances with each other.

Elaaga Ippudu Malupu Thirugunu
Prayaanamannadi Cheppagalamaa
Elaaga Evvaru Parichayaale
Ey Theeruga Maaruno Cheppagala

 (Varadu kaavalenu).


Kiara was exercising listening to the music wearing a head phone.

Digu digu digu naa
Digu digu digu naa
Digu digu digu

Digu digu digu naaga
Naago naa dhivya sundar naago naaga
Digu digu digu naaga
Naago naa dhivya sundar naago naaga

Naageti saalakada

Naaketti paniro
Naapagaddi chela kaada
Naaketti paniro

Naageti saalakada
Naaketti paniro
Naapagaddi chela kaada
Naaketti paniro

She imagined romancing Rishab while listening to the song.

Sandhala santhakada
Naaketti paniro
Saakirevu thaguvu kaada
Naaketti paniro

Iragabetti maragabetti
Migalabetti thagalabetti
Alakabettina nee
Yavvaaram chaaluro

Kompakocchi poroi kodenaga
Kompa munchuthaando eedu baaga

Kompakocchi poroi kodenaga
Kompa munchuthaando eedu baaga
Sempa gilli poroi setti naaga
Samputhaandhi paite oadaga laaga

Digu digu digu naaga
Naago naa dhivya sundar naago naaga
Digu digu digu naaga
Naago naa dhivya sundar naago naaga

Na na na naage naaga naaga
Na na na naage naaga naaga
Na na na naage naaga naaga
Na na na naage naaga naaga

Oorimeedhi godavalanni
Netthi meedhi kethukuntav
Goduguthoti poyyedhanni
Gudisedhaaka tecchukuntav

Oorimeedhi godavalanni
Netthi meedhi kethukuntav
Goduguthoti poyyedhanni
Gudisedhaaka tecchukuntav

Alakathone illu alikethene gaani
Ee dhikku soodav
Paisa ki panikiraani
Kaani ki kalisirani
Kanne moju teerchaleni
Sunnaalu saaluro

Kompakocchi poroi kodenaga
Kompa munchuthaando eedu baaga
Sampadinchi raaroi daddu naaga
Gampedaasa naalo pompa mega

Digu digu digu naaga
Naago naa dhivya sundar naago naaga
Digu digu digu naaga
Naago naa dhivya sundar naago naaga

O naaga o naaga(Varadu Kaavalenu).

After some days…

Rishab gave money to the old Peon Praful.

Rishab:Just because of  the financial problem,don’t cancel your daughter’s wedding.This is a good alliance for your daughter.Let her get married and live happily.If you need any help,just call me.We will conduct the wedding in a nice manner.

Praful became emotional.

He:You are great Sir.God bless you.Because of you,my daughter will get a nice husband.So God will bless you with the girl you love.

Rishab smiled:Thank you.

Kiara was watching this from behind without their knowledge.

She thought:Rishab is such a nice man.Once I buried my love for Rishab.But now again Rishab is making me fall in love with him.Now he is encouraging a wedding to take place.I think now Rishab always believes in love.I will confess my love to him.

Kiara and Rishab went for Praful’s daughter Gehna and Anant’s wedding.

Gehna and Anant got married.

Kiara:Such a lovely couple.Right Rishab?

Rishab:Yes,they are adorable.

At the time of departure Gehna hugged Praful and cried.

Praful:Don’t cry and go to your husband’s home beta.Love your husband and lovely like you love your own family.

Gehna:Yes papa.

Praful showed Rishab and told Gehna:He is the one who helped us to conduct this wedding.You touch his feet and get his blessings beta.

Gehna tried to touch Rishab’s feet.Rishab held her and said:No need of touching my feet.As a brother I am blessing you my sister.

Gehna became very emotional.

Gehna:I am lucky to get a brother like you.

Praful,Rishab,Kiara and Anant smiled.

Anant wiped Gehna’s tears and said:I will never let your eyes be wet Gehna.

Gehna became emotional:Anantji!

He held her hand:I will always with you Gehna.

Gehna:I will also be with you always Anantji.

They smiled at each other.


Gehna got inside Anant’s car and they left.



Gehna and Anant’s reception party was going on…

Anant-Gehna and Rishab-Kiara danced on the song ‘Vaddanam’ from the telugu movie ‘Varadu Kaavalenu’.

#Vaddaanam Video Song | #VaruduKaavalenu Songs | Naga Shaurya, Ritu Varma | Thaman S | Aditya Music – YouTube

All were enjoying.Kiara walked in search of Rishab.She found him in a room at the corner of the hall.

She smiled:Now I will open my heart to Rishab.

She entered the room.

Suddenly she overheard Rishab talking to his father Lalit on the phone with a shock.

  1. Revu

    Good chapter . It was so emotional to see Kiara losing hope when she see Rishabh scolding two students for loving each other. Nice to see the developing bonding of Rishabh and Kiara at office. Slowly she started smiling and getting friendly as again which reminded me Rithu again. Red dress at the birthday celebration of college wored by Kiara was awesome. Rishabh praising her beauty was lovely, Chegunna song was so beautifully added. I never expected you will add Digu Digu naaga song also , it was just a dance song of Rithu in movie and you made it as so cute romantic here. Marriage scenes were beautiful. Praful bonding with Rishabh was so emotional. Loved Gehna and Anant too though I haven’t watched saathiya 2 . It was so heart wrenching to watch Kiara getting painful while she heard the phone conversation of Rishabh with his dad.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  2. Ishana_stories

    Lovely chapter! Kiara’s past was really sad. It was heartbreaking to see her lose hope on love. Kiara and Rishab’s office bond is good, nice to see that he is opening her up and making her enjoy things. Then changes that she made while interacting with the office staff was really impressive. Them celebrating Uravshi’s birthday was really good. The part where Rishab was staring at Kiara was sweet and when she asked him he got embarrassed, aww… the dance sequence was really good. Rishab helping Praful for his daughter’s marriage was really sweet of him. Surprised to see Anant and Gehna as the characters. Rishab saying that he is like a brother to Gehna was beautiful. Eager to know what the phone conversation between Rishab and his dad is..

  3. Ishita zoy

    S so lovely Episode..

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