Falling In Love Again (Part 29)

He laid on the edge of the bed and with these thoughts in mind he also slept.
In the Morning

Pragya woke up and found Abhi lying in the side position on the edge. She got down from bed and went closer to Abhi.
Pragya- Today is very special day for both of us ‘MY LOVE’.

She kissed him on his forehead😘.

And went to get ready. Abhi, who was wide awake and just pretended to be sleeping, was confused and surprised at the same time.

Abhi- She has seriously got some injury in her head.. ‘MY LOVE’ 😲 and what is special today ?!! The reception and project or something else. What could it be !?
Should I ask her ! No Abhi.. If I ask her directly she will again start her drama.. But I like this😁 Pragya😍. But what if it is because of just injury and not real herself. What ever it is !! I have to find out the real reason.
Pragya came out dressed up in a suit.
Pragya- Arey aap uth gye !!( ohh you are awake). Good, you should get ready now.
Abhi- Now ??! Reception is in the evening.
Pragya- Yes. But Dadi said we have to go to mandir. Dadi vowed that she will visit that old temple when you get married. But plans were postponed..😌
Abhi- ok
He also got ready in his casual dress.
They went to mandir and performed all the offering to Devi maa.
After coming home in late noon, all went to change and get ready for the party.
Abhi- Dadi, I have to go for some work.
Dadi- ok but…..
Abhi- But come back soon as I know here is a party organized for me… And it won’t look nice if I’m not present here. Blahh..blahh.. Blahhh..
Dadi- yes.. So come on time.
Abhi visited Doctor.
Abhi- Doctor my wife is behaving strange after accident.
Dr. – Strange !!!? How ?!
Abhi- She called me ‘ My Lo….’
Abhi stopped for a while.
Doctor was looking at Abhi’s face for description of her changed behaviour.
Abhi- She called me…. Called me..uuhh.. ‘Myyy L..? Lucky..😁 yes..’my lucky husband’ she called me ‘My lucky husband’. But she never said so before. Must be something wrong, right !?
Dr.- No Mr. Mehra. She’s absolutely alright. No side effect of any medicine or injury. She must have said so because she was saved from accident.
Abhi- No Dr. (Ab kese smjhau !?? Wo kese bdli h… Bhut ajeeb harkatein kr rhi h..!!) How do I tell you Dr. ..!! In what way she has changed.
Abhi came out of his clinic.
Abhi- Her behavior is changed towards me only.. and not with other members.. When she is with Dadi, Purab, Aliya and Bulbul. She’s quite normal. Then why not with me..
Abhi reached home and entered his room.
Pragya was draping her saree. And trying to tie lace of her blouse.
Abhi was mesmerized by her beauty. He kept on looking at her for a while when Pragya noticed him standing at the door and was ogling her back. Her cheek turned red. But she didn’t say anything. She removed hair from her back and gathered them in front to wear necklace. Sight of her bare back was jaw dropping. Abhi could not hold himself. He went near to Pragya and stood at her back side. Both were looking at each other’s reflection in the mirror.
Abhi tied her blouse’s lace and touched her back by mistake and Pragya closed her eyes in pleasure.
Pragya faced Abhi.
Pragya- Suniye … !! Am I looking beautiful in this dress !!?!
Abhi- You are looking gorgeous.
Abhi gained his senses. He moved back.
Abhi- You are looking OK !!!
Pragya- OK !!? Ok..
Abhi- Ok..
Pragya- Suniye !! I have a surprise for you..
Abhi- Please I don’t want these kind of surprises.
Abhi alluded to her behavior.

No precap

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Family drama with Abhigya
Abhiya’s light romance
Intense romance
Funny scene

  1. We want all that you have mentioned except family drama….and amazing episode..just imagining abhi’s reaction towards pragya’s weird behaviour…

    1. Prabhigya

      All !!?? πŸ˜“

  2. Waiting to see their romance,cute fights,nok jhok…
    Waiting for next episode

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      Definitely going to get that πŸ˜†

  3. I want Abhigya’s Intense romance and Nok-Jhok.. Thanks for asking for our opinion..

    1. Prabhigya


      All these will be welcomed😜😜

  4. Bhuvaneshwari

    I would say everything πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

    1. Prabhigya


      Surely you will have fun watching all these😁😁

  5. Hey when are you posting next episode….waiting eagerly
    Please post daily…

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    Posting soon.. It’s almost done.
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