Falling In Love Again (Part 22)


Hey Guys back again.. There was some error posting this part. So I’m posting again.

Bulbul- Are Di… I think I should ask you directly. You are too dumb to get this question..
Bulbul looked at the door to confirm Maa is not coming in.
Bul- How was your first day in MM(Mehra Mansion) ?
Pragya- It was good. All members are loving.
Bul- Jiju !?!
Pragya- He is also nice.
Bul- Nice.. You mean you liked him. Good
Pragya- Kind of
Bul- And… How… Was your first….. !!! Night !!!….???
Pragya frowned at her on this question..
Bul- Di why are you looking at me like this.
Pragya- You know the reason.. You know about me and My love.. I’m surprised to hear this from you..
Meanwhile Sarla entered the room. But as usual didn’t hear anything.

Sarla- Beta come and have some food and Abhi is also w8ing… Bulbul you haven’t met him yet.
Bul- Maa I’m coming… 2 min
Sarla- (Smiling) Beta you have so much time to talk with your Di.. First Go and meet your Rockstar
Bul- Yes ma.. But I have talk to Di.. About something bery important.
Sarla looked at her blankly.
Bul- Ok ma I’m coming.
Bul handed over the locket to Pragya and went to meet Abhi.
They had their lunch and when everything was over..
It was their time to Go back to MM

Pragya helping in the kitchen was chit chatting with Maa.
Bul came and dragged her to the room.
Bul- You didn’t answered my question yet.. I’m w8ing for your reply. and don’t ignore me. Did jiju give you some surprise. What did jiju gift you on your first night.

Pragya- neither he gifted me anything nor did I
Bul- (Jumped with shock) ohhoo my Bholi di ( innocent) Why didn’t you gift him anything..
And must be thinking what you could like..
Pragya- May be
Bul- jiju is so romantic na ( Bul in her imaginary world) how cutee..
Pragya shook her out of dreamland
Pragya- What is cute about it.. And what are you talking.. Cute .. Romantic. What is this ??! By the way how do you know this ?!
Bul- yeah I know.. When we were having lunch, he was looking at you so adorably.. But were just busy talking with Ma. You are so unromantic.. My poor jiju
Pragya- ohh hello, why are you taking his side.. You are on my side or his side.
Bul- Obviously I’m on his side.. (Winking) I mean your side

Pragya- M….Mr.. Su…Sun..
Abhi- Miss Ray !!!
Where are you.. Where you have been I missed you so much..
Saying this he started crying..

So guys.. Here is the most awaited part of the story..
How will they come to know about each other..

Stay tuned..
Hope you all are Safe at Home.
Stay home,Stay negative

  1. Prabhigya

    Ohh God finally it is posted… Phewww 😮
    I hope I didn’t keep you w8ing for so long…
    Any suggestions for story ??!!

    1. Hey this was a bit late..please post one episode daily atleast.. please please please

  2. Actually I expected more.u just try to extend the episode because this episode is to short..pleaase try to update it daily

  3. Nice episode… please post daily if possible..please in this ff don’t make alia and tanu’s character an evil one…tired and bored of their conspiracies..

  4. Woohoo.. I am waiting for the upcoming episodes.. Bcoz of ur precap u made such an eagerness on me.. Please post the next episode ASAP.. And ur fanfiction is really superb..😍😘❤️

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