Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Shot 9


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I don’t know what this feeling it but it’s something different , something beautiful but at the same time a bit scary. Being alone from a long time after my parents sudden death in an accident 5 years back, I didn’t felt that care , affection or security around people but since the last 5 months of my tutoring to Kunj, everything changed !

I felt all that i never felt , not only him but the vibes received from all the boys around him , made me feel like i have a family be it cherry or his nonsense jokes , to anand asking more about cooking or yuvi who seems to be a protective brother and last but not the least Kunj , who was a puzzle in himself !!

I told him to be a jerk but ever since i knew about his family i just wanted to make sure he was fine and give him comfort , i was not like this with anyone before not even with my boyfriend KHUSHAL , with whom i was in a relationship , a serious relationship for almost 2 years with whom i broke up before 2 years because of his betrayal !!

I always loved him with my heart but he cheated on me , that made me the one what I’m today , a nerd who just mind’s her own business . I don’t know how i ended up having a crush on DHRUV but one thing i know right now is that it ended long back ever since i knew Kunj more , but i know I can’t loose my heart to Kunj cause i know he didn’t feel anything for me and also I don’t want to raise my hope to feel broken once again !!

So , i have made my ming now , i would keep my distance with Kunj and also end everything with Dhruv next time when i meet him !!

Control Twinkle , control your heart !
You can’t loose it !
Be brave and let it go !!

POV ends!!


Just tell us dude, how did you do?” Yuvi asked him, now getting irritated. Results had been released and they were all gathered in the living room waiting to hear from Kunj but he was adamant that he won’t say until Twinkle turns up. The door swung open and in walked Twinkle with a box in one hand and her phone in the other.

“27 missed calls and 38 messages guys, seriously. Who died?” She let out, annoyed at the fact that her phone continuously kept ringing, distracting her whilst she was driving.

“I will in a minute if Kunj doesn’t spill! Look even Twinkle is here now, well…?” Yuvi said once more. Worry took over everyone as Kunj became dejected all of a sudden. Glances of understanding were shared and the boys slumped down on the sofa trying to deal with the disappointment.

“I passed” Kunj told them ever so gently. He took in their confused faces before he burst into laughter. “I PASSED DUDES!” Arms were thrown, fists were bumped, palms came together in high fives and the squealing laughter that erupted from Twinkle echoed throughout the house as she was spun around in Kunj’s arms.

“I knew you’d pass. Idiot!” She lightly punched him on the shoulder as he let her down to the floor. “Ohhh! I have a surprise for you all, it’s actually a congratulations gift for Kunj but I know you guys will love it too!” She beamed as she picked up the box that she had walked in with. “Open it!” She told him, clapping her hands in anticipation.

The lads exchanged confused looks as Kunj ripped open the packaging. His eyes lit up as he looked at her in disbelief. Similar reactions came from the other guys.

“You did not just gift me a PS4”  

“I just totally did.”


“What do you think I should wear? Should I message him? What if he just wants to hang out?” These questions were being thrown at Kunj for the past half an hour. After the arguments of expense and eventually the excitement about her ever so amazing present calmed down, Kunj decided that they needed to work on the Date Plan, his phase 2, as he liked to call it. Twinkle on the other hand, was now tensed about the date. Her insecurities were blatantly portrayed in her pointless blabbering.

“Relax Twinkle, once I’m done training you, Dhruv will be counting his blessings” Kunj told her confidently.

“What do you mean by done training me? What makes you think I need training Mr. Sarna?” The defence kicked in as her eyes narrowed at him in accusation once more.

Kunj let out a sigh, “I know Dhruv quite well, and he likes girls that are… confident…” He was interrupted before he had a chance to finish but his definition of confident didn’t sit well with Twinkle.

“And you don’t think that I’m confident?” She said.

“I didn’t say that Twinkle, I’m trying to help you here” He defended himself.

“I don’t need your help. The deal was that you’d get me a date and it’s done. I can handle myself from here” She argued.

“You’re blowing this out of proportion, I’m helping you out as a friend right now”

“We’re not friends Kunj, we had a deal.”

“Right, if that’s the case then why are you sitting in my room on my bed, when you’ve fulfilled your part of our deal? I passed, you got your date, why are you still here?” He let out, annoyed at her change of attitude. He regretted his words as soon as he saw her face go blank and she made a move to get up and leave. He immediately blocked her way. “Look, I’m sorry Twinkle, I didn’t mean that. You’re welcome here whenever you want, I just don’t understand why you’re behaving like this…?”

Twinkle was annoyed, more at herself than at him, for saying that they weren’t friends when she knew that they had become good friend over these last few weeks. But the way he was treating her was like she was a 14 year old teenager struck by puppy love for the very first time. She sighed looking at his eyes which held concern.

“You’re treating me like I’ve been a nun all my life Kunj” She finally said. Looking at his confused yet curious expression, she continued… “I’m not a virgin you know.” She doesn’t know why she just told him that like it was supposed to me some sort of explanation but atleast he’d stop baby-ing her now.

Kunj just stared at her. Did she just say…? He did not see that one coming, but then again, she was a pretty girl, and she had an amazing figure, was he really surprised? But she really isn’t a virgin? Double standards Kunj Sarna, you sleep around plenty, so why can’t she? He told himself.

“Okay…” He finally said. “When was the last time you had a boyfriend?” She didn’t reply to the question at first but his eyebrows were insistent.

“2 years ago” She finally revealed.

“Okay… so when was the last time you kissed a guy?”

She gave him a look which said are you being for real? But replied eventually… “2 years ago”

“So you haven’t kissed another guy since you broke up?” Twinkle just nodded.

“Wow. No experience for the last 2 years? Ermm…” He started to say but Twinkle had had enough of his questions now.

“Shut up Kunj Sarna, just because I haven’t kissed someone in the last 2 years, it does not mean that I’m not a good kisser. I’ll have you know that I’m a great kisser and my experience is pretty good too!” She said fuming, her eyes shooting daggers at him.

“Fine, prove it then” Kunj challenged her.


“Prove it. Kiss me.”


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  1. Oh shit why u ended like thiss 😏 i wanted that kiss 🤪 i love this oneee.. the argument was 😉💥 twinkle’s pov was amazing.. yess she fall for him 🥰😍
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