Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Shot 7


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Kunj returned back to the house after an hour or so. His drive was only supposed to last half an hour but he had ended up on the other side of town somehow and the traffic was crazy due to an accident. His phone also died. How typical. He just hoped Twinkle wouldn’t be too mad at his lack of time management.

Stepping in through the front door, he was immediately hit with a delicious aroma that filled the air. Cheese? He could definitely smell cheese. Yuvi and Cherry stood at the dining table setting up cutlery and arranging seating. Kunj rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing correctly.

“Dudes” He said, making both guys turn to acknowledge his entrance. Cherry approached him first and planted a punch straight to his right arm.  “Ouch bro!”

“You seriously are good for nothing Kunj”

“What the hell is going on? You guys are setting up a table? YOU GUYS? Where’s Anand? Wait a minute, where is Twinkle? Has she left?” He was just about to turn for his room when Yuvraj spoke.

“Twinkle’s making dinner and Anand is assisting her” He told Kunj casually.

“What?” Kunj couldn’t believe what was going on. He had only left the house for an hour and everything had changed in his absence. He made his way to the kitchen to find Twinkle bent over the oven whilst Anand was piling up the garlic bread and fries.

“Ohh hey Kunj, you’re just on time. The   Lasagna has just come out of the oven” Twinkle chirped on seeing him enter. Removing her oven gloves, he picked up the dish from the cooling rack and made her way into the dining room, swerving past a very stunned Kunj Sarna.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us that Twinkle was such an amazing cook Kunj ! I have learnt so much today” Anand berated Kunj. After all, Anand was known to be the house chef and refraining from sharing such precious knowledge was a crime in his eyes.

“Erm I didn’t know myself” was all that Kunj could muster up.

“Okay guys enough Q&A. The food’s getting cold” She interrupted as she served everyone very generous portions. There was silence throughout the entire meal. Everyone was so lost for words at how delicious and heavenly the meal was. It was eventually Cherry who started off the praises and appreciation. Twinkle didn’t even need them to convey their feelings through words, the fact that the four guys had to conduct an arm wrestling match to decide who gets the last piece of lasagna was enough of a declaration for her. Guys will be guys, she thought to herself.


Once dinner was over and everyone had shared the clearing up duty, the rest of the guys left for their usual evening gym regimes, leaving Kunj and Twinkle at the house.

“You didn’t tell me you can cook” Kunj said.

“You didn’t ask” She replied.

“Not fair Twinkle” He stated not being able to help the laugh. His fun was short-lived as Twinkle handed him a pile of papers, example answers and mock questions, which he was supposed to read and complete by their next tutor session. She would mark them and they would decide the next step by seeing how much progress he’s made so far.

“You better complete them on time Kunj” Twinkle told him, turning back from the front door.

“Ay ay captain!” Kunj replied, emphasising his understanding with a mock salute. She smiled before heading out, leaving behind a very happy Kunj. Today had been a series of rather interesting events but to top it all off, he was pretty certain that he was going to smash this resit with all the help he’s received from Twinkle. She was determined and smart, slightly a nerd but still pretty cool.

Considering how patient she has been with him and the lads, it’s only fair that she receives the same on her end of the bargain. From tomorrow, Kunj would start working on his end of the deal of setting Twinkle up on a date with Dhruv Malhotra .

His thoughts wandered over Twinkle’s , how she helped him feel good after his father’s call . He thought it would be bad on his side if he says he didn’t felt loved or cared .

After his mother , she was the only girl who cared about him and his misery . He was thinking how he showed his vulnerable side to a girl that easily without the fear of being judged !!

But he knew Twinkle was not some other girl , she was different , different in her own way . She was special for him and he knew that but he was unsure of those feelings and that made him to back out and stick to there deal !!

He feared what if she doesn’t feel the same about him but he did notice those unnamed emotions in her eyes for him and he knew she too was denying those feelings for him just like him , maybe cause of her fears or something that he didn’t knew about her !!

He so knew that there was a reason for her nerdy attitude but what it was , he was yet to unveil that , for know he though to drift away from her thoughts and slip unto a deep slumber to calm his raging heart and conflicting mind to soothen his soul !!!


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