Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Shot 3

    Hello guys !
Well i am back again with the next part of the most awaited story !

I know i had kept you guys waiting for so long and i am really sorry for doing so !

Well let’s begin the story without wasting more time !

I hope you would like it !

Well before starting i would like to inform that this part of the story contains the POV of both the protagonist !

This will help you know what’s in there mind and also will reveal the facts about the future story !
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Let’s begin !



My life hs just turned out to be a hell roting in. I can’t believe i made a deal with “THE GREAT KUNJ SARNA ” *not the sarcasm here guys.* This guys has the nerve to mess with me and roam around and seriously he has been keeping an eye on me for a whole 2 days !

I was happy until he found nothing about me but f*ck he got to know the biggest secret of my life about my crush DHRUV MALHOTRA and he in a second came up with the idea of a deal. Well i didn’t need his help to book a date for me with Dhruv but how could he literally read my mind that i have been trying from a long time !

But hey, i am happy that finally just be helping him with studies or in his language TUTOR him i would get my dream date with Dhruv and that’s the main thing . But the problem is how the hell to deal with THE KUNJ SARNA.

He is one hell of a person i tried to stay away with due to his personality , don’t think i am judging him it’s just that our vibes don’t match and i feel a kind of attraction or pull towards him . My thoughts are all messed right now and i need to calm myself so that i don’t bust out !

Calm Twinkle , calm down . You can do it . Yes you can do it! So yeah finally i have decided to visit the address THE GREAT KUNJ SARNA gave me to help him. Plz wish me luck guys !

POV Ends !



Finally i made her agree to tutor me . God she is hard to tame , after following for a whole 2 days i found a single weakness of her and i must say i am smart and i used it to make her agree but i must say she is someone , she wasn’t affected by my charm !!

No girl till now was able to resist me but she did , she did hurt my ego but i must admit she is fiesty . My fiesty warrior.

Wait did i really say MY , Kunj Sarna you have gone mad !

Here she isn’t even intrested in you and you are giving nick names to her . God she will really be my death. But all i need to do right now is to study taking her help and that would be my priority !

Kunj control on your self ,she won’t take a second to slap you if you tried something but the thing is i have to arrange her date with that Dhruv. God what she saw in him that she is too attracted to him but still that helped me to make her help me and i am gonna use this opportunity to the fullest !

Get ready Miss. Twinkle Taneja or My Fiesty Warrior for a roller coster ride along with Kunj Sarna !


That would be for now !

I know the update is kind os short but i was busy !

Hope you will like it !

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Will be back soon !

Take care and stay safe !

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  1. Amazing epi…Tashan between twinj are killer❤❤…plzz post soon 😊😊

    1. Presha

      Thank you ❣️

  2. Yrrr this story is just too good!!
    Nd the episode was short but awesome❤️❤️
    But u take a lot of time to post😭😭😭
    I really like ur story
    New plot✨❤️
    Please post earlier this time🥺

    1. Presha

      Thank you so much
      Will be back soon

  3. awesome episode

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      Thank you ❣️

  4. amazing

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      Thank you ❣️

  5. Nice one

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  6. Woah, amazing as always!!
    This story is just so different from the usual FFs.
    Loving it already.
    The nickname 😂 Abhi se hi. Chalo accha hai.
    Post soon.

    1. Presha

      Thank you so much ❤️

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