Falling for the Tutor ~A Twinj SS Shot 1


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Kunj Sarna looked down at the huge F scribbled in the corner of his paper in red ink. He had failed again. How?! He just couldn’t comprehend. Glancing to his left, he caught his best friend and team mate, Yuvraj Luthra, looking at him with concern. Knowing that he was in serious trouble, Kunj planted his face into his hands, trying to drown himself in his own misery.

His friend yuvraj came upto him and said –

“you really need to fix this bro , i need you to play in the game and without you we cannot win it and loosing it will cause us harm !!””

He knew his friend was right , he by any chance can not afford to lose the chance of wining the scholarship which the college would provide for the student who would win the BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT , they would mean that he ( kunj ) and yuvraj would not have to be dependent on there father for money as for their father they both are useless , as they keep on taunting them for spending money over girls and there one night stands !!!!

For kunj spending nights with different girls daily was not a big thing , why would it be ! Hw was the BAD BOY after all , with a devilishly hot and s*xy body , a charming face or i could say a personality which every girl dream of and his looks could kill girls !!!!

But right now the most important thing for him was to get marks in this subject as if he didn’t get , he won’t be allowed to play because of the rules so he rushed to the teacher and tried talking to him but nothing worked not his charming face too because the teacher was old fat man not a lady !!!

He knew his this technique failed so he asked the teacher for the other way around only to get a short answer ” FIND YOURSELF A TUTOR MR. SARNA ” I would suggest you some students who did good in this subject !!

Kunj immediately agreed and asked for the one who scored the highest marks in the subject ?

Yes I can. Twinkle Taneja. She scored an astonishing mark of 94%, the highest mark I’ve seen till date”

Twinkle Taneja, you are hereby crowned personal Tutor to the Kunj Sarna himself thought kunj !!

Kunj interupted in his mind and said-

“Thank you for your help sir” he quickly uttered as he left on his mission to find this Twinkle Taneja. Whoever she may be, he hoped that she was hot. It would make his tutoring a much more enjoyable experience.

Thinking about the same , he begin his search to find who Twinkle Taneja is and his only motive was to make her agree to tutor him, and he knew she won’t deny ; as who would dare to deny THE KUNJ SARNA but he didn’t knew she was a wrong person to mess with !!!!


Twinkle Taneja?” Kunj asked aloud to the group of girls gathered around the lockers. He had called his friend in for a favour and located Twinkle’s locker number, now it was a matter of hoping she was actually here. The chattering girls immediately stopped speaking and turned to face him, unable to believe that Kunj Sarna was talking to them. He found it amusing how they all suddenly pushed out their chests and pouted their lips in the hope of looking s*xy.

That would be me” Came a voice from behind him. Surprised by the feistiness in her tone of voice, he turned around to finally see who this Twinkle Taneja was. There she stood in a pair of faded jeans and a T-Shirt which read Messy Hair, Don’t Care’, which he found funny because that messy up-do hairstyle actually looked great on her. Slim, tall, curves definitely, pretty face, he registered in his mind as he glanced over her a few times. Noticing her unamused demeanour, he remembered his sole purpose for trying to find her. Dismissing his fan girls behind him, he motioned Twinkle aside to get her on board with his plan.

I need you to tutor me” He stated pretty bluntly, watching her eyes begin to narrow behind those geeky specs of hers.

“What makes you think I’d agree to help you?”

“I’m Kunj Sarna” He specified proudly. Did she not know who he was? He wondered to himself. No, she definitely did know him. Everybody knew him.

“Exactly.” She replied like it was supposed to make sense to him.

He gave her a mock look and wondered was she for real , she was behaving as if it didn’t mattered to her who he was and this didn’t go good with THE KUNJ SARNA , she had hurted his ego and she has to pay for it and getting her agree to his demand was something he would do by hook or by crook !!!

What does that mean?” He asked defensively, trying to keep his cool. This girl was really testing his patience and quite frankly, he was used to girls throwing themselves at him, not standing there looking at him like he was wasting their precious time.

“You’re bad news Mr. Sarna.” Twinkle told him as she placed her books back in her locker.

“Says who?” He shot back at her.

“Majority of the girls at this college for one”

“That’s not what the girl last night told me” He smirked at her only to receive a disgusted eye roll.

She looked at him dumbfounded and said –

“” Like i said you are a bad news Mr. Sarna , and you proved it , so there is no way i am agreeing to you so please go find yourself another Tutor !””

Saying this she walked out from there leaving a baffled and pissed off kunj who was still trying to figure out , Did she really rejected his offer, and walked off him as if he didn’t exist !!!!


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  5. Woah!!
    It was something different and intriguing.
    Loved every bit of it.
    Well Twinkle rejected The Kunj Sarna’s offer
    Hmm hard to digest .But she is also Twinkle Taneja,aise kaise maan jayegi🤭
    Can’t wait to read more of this story.
    Post soon.

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