The story begins..

A girl is seen working in kitchen with much difficulty.
girl: uff!!kitna kaam hai.. dont know how she manages this work?..
ah?i should wake her up!!..

she runs to a room.. and there a lady is seen sleeping.. the girl pulls the blanket..

girl: mishti wake up!!!!!!!!
mishti(sleepy) : mmmm ?..  let me sleep?..

girl: mishti how can u sleep like tat leaving me working from long time?
mishti gots up from bed n pulls the girls ear…

girl: aww? mom… ok ok sorryy… leave my ear.. its paining..

from back a voice is heard..

man: mishti subah subah,kyu meri angel ko tang kar rahi ho?????

mishti: tumbhi na mr.khanna.. u know wat ur angel would have done…

girl: dad see ,i have been working from long and made bf,but still ur mishti is behaving badly with me?? and starts running..
mishti: i wont keave u now.. see…

the girl runs from there. mishti follows her. mishti keep chasing her the whole apartment.. atlas catches her… before she starts saying something,the man winks at the girl ,and starts his acting

man: arey angel.. this is not fair.. see my darling mishti is breathing heavily.. this is all because of you!!!! how can you do like this.. (and starts to scold but interupted by mishti)

mishti: arei arey wait shekar!!!!!! y r u scolding my angel????? u know na … i cant tolerate anyone scolding her…

shekar: ok baba.. and indirectly gives thumbs up to the girl and winks?

girl: ok mom come we will finish the bf ..
mishti:ok but wat u made i know.. i dont want to take any risk.. ?

girl: awww mom? im making it from morning with so much hard work and dedication

mishti: toast banane mein konsa hardwork aur dedication chahiye my angel????


mishti: and moreover toast machine is there…?

girl: ok go.. dont eat..?

mishti : ok k… i wil have my bf… so dont pout …

girl : ok mom..

shekar: acha g.. ma beti ka sulah hogaya toh ,hamei bhul gaye..

girl : dad..

mishti :acha chalo aaj ek din eh naashta bhi jhel lete hai?

girl: mooooommm  .. this is not fair…

shekar: mishti ,my daughter helps u in your holidays but still u r teasing my angel.. huh…

mishti: ok k… dont start your emotional drama… both of you are dramei baaz.. ek din kya clg se off leti hu. .. dono  baap beti,ek hokar mujhe tang karne lagte hai..ab chalo,my angel will get late to her school.

girl: haan mom… i totally forgot abt it… im getting late..

mishti: first have ur bf,n then go…

girl: ok ok…

the girl finishes her bf and gets ready to school. its a red skirt with white shirt and red tie.. she pins her hair by two plats and looks cute and bubly in her attire… comes down with her bag. shekar is ready with his keys and the girl bid bye to her parents

mishty(angry): swaraaa!!!!!!!!! u forgot something?
swara: ouch(hits on her head with her palm runs to her long with shekar)

swara: ok u both bend..

the swara kisses both mishti and shekar on cheeks tightly and then both mishti and shekar kisses swara on her cheeks from one side..

swara: awwww.. u both made my day.. ok bye mom… come dad lets leave..

shekar drops swara at her school and bids bye..

shekar:bye angel
swara:bye dad

as soon as she enters her school , a soft hands closes her eyes…
swara: arei chamchi…. ?

the girl starts beating her..

swara: arei sorry sorryy… leave me my jaan… my tannu…

taniya: hmm aaya na oont pahaad ke neeche.

swara: badi maa ki chamchi
and swara runs from there…

tannu: ruk tuje mai chodungi nai…
she then chase swara.. swara runs to her class..

tannu: swaraaaaa

swara: sorrryyy…

tannu: awww my angel said sorry… theek hai ab chal assembly ke liye..

swara: y??

tannu: dont u know.. today new principal is gonna come… unka bhaashan chalega ab…

swara: tannu… badon ko aisa nahi bolte?..

tannu: bas ab seedhi mat ban..

swara: wait i will tell my mom..

tannu: kya.. .?? ok tell.. then i will also say badi mom tat u kept a fake lizard in ur teacher desk as she gave punishment to us.. and also u broke teacher scale without her knowledge and many more( before she could say swara closed her mouth)

swara:bas tanu bas… kitni pol khologi tum.. issiliye i call u badi maa ki chamchi..
u know vry well ,y i did tat pranks..

tannu: s i know u did tat for me but i will tell half truth only..

swara: tannu… tu jhe toh mai…..

tannu runs hear there in the class room.. all laugh at their childish behaviour. a girl was noticing them with a smile.. after sometime,they both relaxed and saw a new girl in the class..

swara:tannu see new admission i guess.

tannu: arei yeh new princi,half year mei bhi new admisssion jama liya!! huh!!

swara: come wil meet her..

tannu :ok

swara :hi


tannu: hi .. are u new here??

girl:hello.. s  ,i have been transfered from mumbai branch to this delhi branch..

swara:oh.. nice to meet u.. 

girl:my pleasure

tannu:well myself tannu n she is swara..

girl: im mishti..

both of them started laughing holding their stomach.. the girl gave them “what was tat” look..
then both composed themself n said ,

tannu: actually my badi mom name is mishti

swara:  and my mom name is mishti..

[guys i will refer her as choti mishti ok]

choti mishti: so both of them have their own  mishti’s at home..

again they both starts laughing..

swara : no yaar actuallly ,we both are cousin ,she is my chachu’s daughter…

choti mishti : oh..

swara: wow i got an golden opportunity to tease my mom.. yes yes yes… (she starts jumping)

tannu: angel( gives her an side look)

swra: phir aagayi badi maa ki chamchi…

tannu: swaraaaaa..

swara: acha sorryy..

choti mishti: wait .. u r calling her angel as well as swara..

tannu : actually yaar,all of them in our house call her angel.. we call her swara only when we are angry on her..

choti mishti:oh wow.. gr8.. u guys have a nice bond.. can we be frnds..

swara&tannu: of course yaar… frnds….

the trio share a group hug..

after sometime they went to the assembly..

tannu: arei yaar kab tak yeh bak bak chalega..

choti mishti gets a little sad , and the trio leave to class after assembly

swara: kya hua mishti, y r u sad..

she composes herself and says nothing yarr… bhook lagi hai… and pouts.. swatan(swara and tannu)gets shock and then the trio breaks out into a big laughter..

then a teacher comes and tells swara to go n meet princi

swara: ok mam

tannu:jaa bulava aaya hai

choti mishti: but y she is calling u?

tannu: arei mishti ,she is the spl(school pupil leader) of this school.. n of course she will be wanted by prici to get the details of the accademic year..

choti mishti:oh wow.. congo yaar..

swara :thanks mishti

choti mishti: but kaise yeh sab karleti ho… uppar se 12 th ke exams.. and this responsibility.. really u r an angel..

tannu: ha mishti meri angel all rouder hai.. sab manage kar leti hai..

swara: bas kar tannu… tuje pata hai na.. im leaving

tannu:acha baba sorry..

choti mishti: kyu kya hua..

tannu :actually she is like this only.. ulte kaamo pei taariff karne ke liye majboor karegi. par asli taariiff karo to ghussa hojati hai..

choti mishti: oh.. acha.. 

tannu:angel ,aspl(assistent spl) ko nai le jaogi?


tannu: winks and laugh aloud

swara: tannu ki bachi tu aaj gayi..

before swara could do something,

tannu: rahul?

swara stops and turns n look ,but finds no one.. mishtan(mishti n tannu) breaks out laughing..

swara was just going to beat her but at tat time the teacher again comes n asks her to leave n come fast ,as she is going to take clas.. swara gives will see u later look to tannu n leaves to princi office.

the students settles n the teacher takes the class,tannu n choti mishti starts their gossip.

choti mishti:who is rahul yaar

tannu: actually he is two yrs junior to swara n he proposed her.. he is in the class were aspl is there. whenever she goes to call aspl,the whole class starts calling rahul n teases swara badly..

choti mishti:wow… n laughs aloud

teacher:students keep quite

tannu:shhhh.. n u know wat tat rahul c
blushes like girl… omg… he is so cute.. but problem is ,he is junior. ..

choti mishti:uffff!.is he really cute..

tannu :ha yaar.. but swara treats him as her brother but tat duffer blushes for tat too.. ? he follows her,where ever she goes during his free hours..

choti mishti:aww so sweet..

tannu: chalo ab tum tumare baare mei batao.

the girls continue their chat..

[at princi room..]
swara: may i come in maam

princi: s come in

swara: maam myself swara khanna

princi leaves the file in her hand on the table and ask her  being shocked

princi: u r swara khanna.. spl of this school

swara: s mam

princi: ur father name??

swara: shekar khanna

princi: (with a smile) oh ok.. come sit..

swara: s maam

princi: actually swara ,i just got to know tat the school have been divided into groups..

swara:s maam

princi:actually i need the list of names of students who belong to which group …

swara:ok maam.. i will get it..

princi:n swara just inform vice princi to get me the last academic year record..

swara:ok maam..

swara leaves from the room.. the princi is shown very happy.. she says to herself…

princi:atlas i got to know my angel is here… (smiles very brightly)

whereas,swara goes to vice prici n informs her abt record,vice princi being busy over some program,hands over the cupboard keys and ask her to get it by herself. and ask her to be carefull.. swara smiles n goes towards record room..

at princi room

a guy enters wearing casual wear and hugs princi from behind…

princi: hi handsome..

boy:mom.. how is ur new school..

princi:very good..

boy: n where is she?

princi: of course she will be in her class

boy: shall i go n meet her..

princi:no.. we have discussed it earlier.. so no.. if u want u can see in the school but do not disturb her..

boy :ok meri maaa… ok.. but where is her class..

princi :dont know

boy :ok i wil find it by myself

princi:acha wat abt ur clg

boy:mom, today i took leave ,as its ur first day 

princi :acha baba.. go n look out..

boy:ok mom bye..

in record room

swara:arei yaar… last yr record kaha hai.. huh yes i got it..

after taking record she gets shock..

swara: ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

swara runs from there running and crying .. tears are running from her eyers like water fallss….

the boy who is  going in tat direction hears swara voice n gets puzzled and swara who is running collides with tat boy n before they could fall,the boy composes him n saves her from falling bb corridors support.. later swara starts blabbering

swara: save me.. with a pout face.. and cries

boy :wat happen

swara: its following me,and points at something..??and cries

boy who follows her fingers direction by noticing it,gets shocked ?

                               _ _ _ _ _ _ _
dunn dunn dunn..
stay tuned guys… 
wat was swara pointing at???
and who is the guy..

guys guys.. i have decided the pair.. so sorryyy.. n just let me know how was this… its my first try.. its good or bad let me know through the comments..

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