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The story starts :

“Faith & Hope”…


@Hospital room…

Dr.Isha : Dr.Kabir please eat this apple?You will feel better.

Dr.Kabir : No need of it Dr.Isha.I am alright!

Dr.Isha : After donating blood,you can’t stay with empty stomach?Please eat something sir…

Dr.Kabir : I know doctor.I will take my food in liquid form.Thanks for your concern.

Dr.Isha with smile : Ok sir as you wish.

Dr.Kabir comes outside with Dr.Isha and says,

Dr.Kabir : Maa…You all please go and take some rest in INTERN’S ROOM.I arranged everything.You
can come here at any time.So please…

Jaya : Kabir beta…Saanchi will be fine na?

Kabir takes Jaya’s hands into his hands and says,

Dr.Kabir : Maa…Nothing happened to Saanchi?She will be fine.

Jaya signs in relief.

Kusum : Kabir…Beta we will wait here until Saanchi opens her eyes?

Savitri : Yes beta…

Kabir : Maa,aunty…You can come and go at any time.It takes only 5 minutes for you to come and go.
I will call you,when Saanchi opens her eyes.So please…

Veer : We all there here to take care of Saanchi…We will call you if anything there means?

Savitri,Jaya,Kusum nods their heads in positive and left the place…


Like that,

3 days passed by,

One fine day,

Saanchi slowly opens her eyes.She slowly turns her head and shocks seeing Dr.Kabir there.She was
about to sit,but the injured place gives her much pain.She screams in pain and pressed Dr.Kabir’s
hand tightly in pain.

Dr.Kabir wakes up with jerk.

Dr.Kabir : Thank God!Saanchi you opened your eyes?Wait i will call all here?

Saanchi holds his hand and says,

Saanchi : Dr.Kabir…Why i am here?What had happened to me?

He stood up with shock and takes two steps back.But her eyes are waiting for his answer.

(Dr.Kabir in mind : What had happened to Saanchi?Why is she asking me like that?Oh God!She
forgot everything or what?I must find out.)

Saanchi : Sir…sir…

Dr.Kabir : Haan(Yes)…

Saanchi : Sir…Where you lost?You didn’t gave answers to my questions?

Dr.Kabir : Sorry…You will get all your answers.First you take rest i will come back in few minutes.

Saanchi : Ok sir…

Dr.Kabir left the place…


Dr.Kabir comes out from the room.He saw Veer sleeping on Pragya’s shoulder and Pragya sleeping
on Isha’s shoulder.

Dr.Kabir smiles seeing them and their bond.

Just then,

Pragya opens her eyes and says,

Pragya : Dr.Kabir…You here at this time?Is everything alright!

Listening to Pragya’s words,

Veer and Isha wakes up rubbing their eyes.

Dr.Kabir : Pragya,Isha i need your help?

Pragya,Isha : Yes sir…We will?But first tell us,what had happened sir?

Dr.Kabir : Oh actually,Saanchi opened her eyes.But she lost her memory?

Veer,Pragya,Isha stood up in shock and says,What???

Dr.Kabir : Yes…Pragya,Isha you two go inside and meet Saanchi.

Pragya,Isha : Sure Sir…

Veer : May i?

Dr.Kabir : Of course Veer…You no need to ask my permission…Go…

Veer hugs kabir.Kabir hugs him back…


@Hospital room…

Veer,Pragya,Isha gets emotional seeing Saanchi.

Veer went near Saanchi and brushes her hair softly.

Saanchi opens her eyes and says,

Saanchi : Hey Prankstar!How are you?

Veer with teary eyes : I am fine Saanchi and how you are feeling now?

Saanchi : Not bad…Better…

Veer smiles…

Saanchi : Pragya,Isha…Why you 2 are standing there?Come here girls…

Pragya,Isha runs towards Saanchi.They kisses her on forehead and hugs her smoothly without
hurting her…

After some time,

Saanchi : Pragya,Isha…Why that Khadoos showing that much care for me?

Isha : Who Saanchi?

Saanchi : Dr.kabir…

Pragya : Because he is your husband.

Saanchi : What?When?Where?How this happened?I married that Khadoos…Veer see these two are
playing pranks with me.

Veer : No Saanchi.It’s true.

Many questions are raising in her mind.

Saanchi closes her eyes.

Veer,Pragya,Isha comes out with shocking faces.

Pragya : Dr.Kabir you said true.She lost her memory.She only remembered the first few days in
college.She forgot everything.

Dr.Kabir : I know Pragya.Due to shock,she lost her memory temporarily.She will be fine.

Pragya : Yes sir…

Dr.Kabir calls Savitri,Jaya,Kusum.

All meets Saanchi and were happy.

Kabir said everything to them.

All shocks.


@Kapoor Mansion…

After 1 week,

Kabir and Saanchi are waiting outside.

Pragya,Isha helping Kusum in doing GRAHPRAVESH arrangements of Kaanchi.

Kusum comes with smile and gives Aarthi to newly married couple and keeps Thilak on their faces
and welcomes them.

Saanchi struggles to stand there.

Kabir lifts her up in bridal Style and took her to their room.

All laughs seeing Kabir lovely side and his care for Saanchi.

He places her on bed smoothly.

He set pillows and made her sit on the bed.

Savitri,Jaya,Kusum comes there.

Just then,

Veer comes there with food plate.

Pragya comes there with medicines.

Isha comes there with water.

Saanchi make faces seeing food.

But Veer,Pragya,Isha made her eat with their sweet talks.

Kabir and all laughs seeing them and their bond.

Isha made her drink water.

Saanchi smiles…

Dr.Kabir : Now it’s medicines time?

Saanchi make faces to take medicines.

Dr.Kabir : Ok i will give RECORD ROOM PUNISHMENT…

Saanchi : No…no…Don’t do this to me Mr.Khadoos Kapoor…Please???

All laughs…

Dr.Kabir : Then take medicines?

Saanchi takes all medicines in one go…

Dr.Kabir and all laughs seeing her…

Like that,

The day started with happiness and ended with their sweet talks…


@Kapoor Mansion…

After 6 months,

Veer and Pragya loves each other and got married.Isha loves her childhood friend Ayaan.Ayaan too
loves her.Both convinces their parents and got married.All are happy in their married life.

Everything became normal.Now Saanchi is alright.But she didn’t got her memory back.She started
loving Kabir.Kabir tries to tell her about the things happened in past but failed.He loves Saanchi but
he never confess his love to Saanchi.He fears of loosing her.

In Kitchen area,

A beautiful lady is shown wearing red saree with sleeveless blouse,heavy ear rings and “KS” letters
mangalsutra.She is looking more beautiful.The lady is none other than Saanchi.

Kabir comes there and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.

Saanchi is mixing wheat flour(Aata).Her hairs are flying due to air and falling on her face and
disturbing her.

Kabir went near Saanchi.Saanchi didn’t saw him.Kabir ties her hair with rubber band.

Saanchi felt his touch.She turns back and keeps her hand on his shoulder and says,

Saanchi : Thanks…

Kabir : You most welcome.May i help you?

Saanchi : No…no…Last time you helped me?After your help it took almost 2 hours for me to clean
entire kitchen.

Kabir keeps his hand in wheat flour and tries to do Rottis.He tried and tried.At last he gives
impossible look.

Saanchi laughs and Kabir too laughs…

Saanchi hugs Kabir.Kabir reciprocates the hug…

The flour sticks to her saree and his transparent red shirt…

Saanchi breaks the hug…

She keeps her fingers on Kabir’s face and smiles…

She was about to go,

But Kabir pulls her closer and holds her by waist…

Saanchi tries to kiss him,but Kabir moves aside and went back to his room…

Kabir’s behaviour hurts Saanchi…


@Kaanchi Room…

Kabir is standing near window and looking outside staring stars with teary eyes.

Saanchi comes there angrily and says,

Saanchi : Kabir…Why are you behaving with me like this?Whenever i try to come closer,why you try
to run away from me?What wrong i did with you?It’s enough…You can’t play with my feelings any
more?I want all my answers today?You don’t love me?You don’t want me in your life?

No response from Kabir’s side…

Saanchi with angry tone : Kabir i am asking you for the last time.Will you say it or not?

Kabir : Saanchi please…

Saanchi understood that Kabir was crying.

Saanchi : K…a…b…i…r… Kabir…I am sorry…I hurted you badly…I must not speak like that?

Kabir turns back and hugs her tightly.

Saanchi too hugs him without speaking single word.

Kabir : Saanchi i know my behaviour hurting you badly.I am doing all this,in fear of loosing you?I
can’t see you in pain.At the same time,i don’t want to become cheater?6 months back…You and Veer
loved each other.You married me for your mother sake.You never loved me?But I LOVE YOU SO
MUCH…Without revealing your past,how can i come closer?Tell me?

Saanchi broke the hug and moves back.

Kabir fell down on his knees.

Saanchi runs to other room.She locks herself in room and cries badly.


Kabir with fear comes to check Saanchi.

Kabir knocks the door continuously and says,

Kabir : Saanchi…Please open the door!!!Saanchi please!!!

Saanchi opens the door…

Kabir signs in relief…

Saanchi hugs Kabir tightly and says,

Saanchi with teary eyes : Dr.Kabir…From past 6 months i am trying to tell you something.But you
never gave me chance to speak single word?See..,how bad husband you are?The thing i wanted to
tell you is,I fell in love with Mr.Khadoos Kapoor.Yes…I love you Kabir…I love you so much…I can’t
live without you.I never loved Veer.It’s just attraction towards him.Nothing more than that.If i really
loves him,i will never agree to marry you.You are my PRESENT and you are my FUTURE.The things
which happened in PAST will never disturb our PRESENT & FUTURE.

“I got my memory back.”

“Now will you allow me to come closer?”

And one more thing,

“Don’t you dare to call yourself as a cheater?”

Kabir broke the hug and was hell shocked.

Kabir : Saanchi is it dream?Pinch me!

Saanchi pinches him and says,”BUDDHU”(Ek Number Ka Idiot)…

Kabir lifts her in happiness.

Saanchi laughs…

After some time,

He keeps her down safely…

Saanchi with little naughtiness : I want kiss?

Kabir : Awwwwww…Saanchi you became besharam(Shameless)?Where my sanskari

Saanchi hits him lightly on his chest.

Both Kabir and Saanchi comes closer.

Saanchi moves apart and asks Kabir,

Saanchi : Ok…I forgot to ask you one thing?

Kabir : Now what Saanchi???

Saanchi : Did you brush your teeth?

Kabir opens his mouth seeing his wife new shade…

Saanchi laughs…

He throws pillows on her and says,”Wait i will show you,what Kabir is?”…

She too throws pillows on him with same speed and says,”Show me…I too want to see you?”

Kabir comes closer.Saanchi steps back.There is no place for Saanchi to step back.Kabir pins her to
the wall and kisses her on neck,then cheeks and then lips.Saanchi too kisses him with same
passion.Both shares a passionate lip lock…

Saanchi : See what you did?

Kabir : What i did?

Saanchi : Wheat flour sticked on our clothes.I am going for bath.

Kabir : No…

Saanchi : But why?

Kabir with naughty smile : We will go for bath together…

Saanchi blushes and says,”No…no”…

She rans to bathroom and was about to close the door.

Just then,

Kabir pulls the door and comes inside giving naughty smile.

Kabir : This is Gym body…Your’s like Priyanka chopra…

Saanchi : Hey Gym body?You don’t know,”Priyanka chopra ki body kae andhar Dara singh ka dham

(Saanchi : Hey Gym body?You don’t know,”Inside Priyanka chopra’s body there is strength of Dara

Kabir : So i will see,how much strength is there inside my Priyanka chopra?

Saanchi blushes…

Kabir on’s the shower and pulls Saanchi closer and holds her by waist…

Both went into their own dream land…

Kabir kisses on her cheeks…

Saanchi hugs him tightly…

The wheat flour which sticked to their skin and clothes washed off…

Kabir lifts her up in bridal style and comes out…

He keeps her down safely.He removes all the jewellary …

Saanchi gets ticklish sensation with his magical touch…

Kabir was about to unpin her saree,

But Saanchi holds his hand and nods her head with shy in “No”…

Kabir : Look into my eyes?

Saanchi looks into his eyes.

Both lost totally in each other…

Kabir unpins her Saree pallu…

She hugs him with shy…

Kabir places Saanchi on bed softly…

Soon their clothes vanished…

Saanchi hugs Kabir tightly.Kabir too hugs Saanchi tightly…

Kabir kisses her on forehead…

She closes her eyes…

Saanchi : Credit go to Ayesha…

Kabir : What?

Saanchi : She did good by shooting me…

Kabir with little anger : Saanchi…Please don’t say like that?

Saanchi : I mean,”How i will get to see this side of my Kabir”.

Kabir smiles and says ” Saanchi…You are looking more beautiful”…

Saanchi blushes and hits Kabir on chest lightly…

Kabir : Ouch…

Saanchi with fear : I hurted you?

Kabir laughs…

Saanchi says “Nautanki”…

Kabir takes Saanchi in his protective arms and sleeps…

Both sleeps hugging each other like a teddy bear…

They slept peacefully after years…

They became “ONE” in all senses… Now they are “HUSBAND & WIFE”…

Like that,

The night ended with their beautiful smiles and sweet talks…


Kabir tells everything to Jaya,Kusum,Savitri…

Saanchi tells everything to Veer,Pragya,Isha…

All are happy…

After one year,

KAANCHI blessed with girl child…They kept her name as “SAKSHI”…

SAKSHI filled KAANCHI life with happiness…

All are happy.Their happiness has no limits…


——*THE END*——


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    I was thinking…again memory loss. But still enjoyed every scene. I wish if it was Kanchi in the show also. We could have enjoyed a good love story instead of Gayatri plotting and savitris stupidity…

    1. Sakash.

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