Exotic Love (KaNchi FF) – Part 2

Exotic Love 

? Part ~ Two ?

Kabir thought that it is the best time to open up my heart in front of mom …. 
Kabir- Mom, is it wrong to love someone with whom you have a huge gap of age ?
Savitri- Loving someone is never a crime ,son ! I was only 18 when I got married to a guy who was of 28 back then, it is none other but your father ! 
But why r you asking this ! Do you love someone??
Kabir took off his head from his mom’s lap and sat straight …. 
Kabir-  Mom actually , actually …. I … I …. Main Woh  … 
Savitri- My goddesses!!!! My son is blushing…. Tell me !

Kabir- Mom , I love Sanchi(closing his eyes)
Savitri- What ???? Kya kaha tune?
Kabir- Ha ma …. I love her since the very first time I saw her …. 
Savitri- But it is almost a decade! U 
have hidden your feelings from your mother also ! Not fair ….
Kabir-(Holding his ears ) Sorry ma… So so sorry …. 

Savitri pats him lightly and says
 Savitri- You know beta, I m so happy…. I always wanted to make Sanchi my daughter in law … And today I ‘ve given me such an amazing news … 
Kabir- Ma, ma , wait … Don’t get so hyped ! Pehle yeh to sure ho lijiye ki uski life mein koyi aur to nahi? 
Savitri got tensed which was completely visible as she didn’t want her son’s heart to break … 
 Savitri nervously asked …
Savitri- Beta waise to I m sure uske life main aisa koyi nahi hai( comforting the situation)… Par agar huya to ,to tu kya???
Kabir cut in not letting his mother even finish the sentence…
 Kabir- Main bikhar jaunga na … Toot jaunga … Itne saal mene sirf usike bare me socha hai ,ma …. Please ma , don’t say like that … 

Tears dropped out from Savitri’s eyes … She could feel the pain of her son , the fear of losing his love … 
Without Savitri there was another person whose world stopped at the just moment ,when he heard the conversation … 

It was none other but Veer … Veer who has been committed to Sanchi since 5 years , dreamed about her ,spent so many good and bad moments all together…. 
 He was shattered … 

Veer’s pov –

Bhai!!!! Bhaiii!!!!Bhai loves my Sanchi ???? Won bhi tabse jabse humein pyaar ka matlab bhi nahi pata tha???? 
He went to his room … Closing the doors he busted out of tears …. 
He was visualizing all the memories of Kabir … What his elder brother did for him and dhruv from his very childhood till today….How he sacrificed all his dreams and desires for 3
of his younger siblings … How he protected them from every worsened situations …. 

Then his mind popped up with the memories of Sanchi …. 
The girl who has always been there for him … Always supported him in whatever he wanted to do … 

After thinking the whole night … Veer decided what he had to do…. He picked up the phone and called someone …. 

In the morning….. 

Sanchi was looking for Veer when she for the very first time bumped with Dr. Kabir and fall into his arms …. 

Teresa samne aajane se 
   Yeh dil mera dhadka hai
Yeh galti nahi hai teri 
         Kusur nazaar is hai……. 

They have an eyelock… 
Veer was standing there and couldn’t take that so he left …. 

Kabir made her stand … 

Kabir- Hi Sanchi …. 
Sanchi- Hello Sir!!!Aap kaise ho??? After so many years!!! so glad to see you back ? 
Kabir- Same here! How’s your practice going ?
Sanchi- I m dying to learn so much from you …. 
They had some more professional chats and aparted for their own respectable duties … 

Kabir’s pov: 
Oh my god!!! She has become so beautiful ! Now it’s getting arduous  to hide my feelings for her ,from the world !!!

Sanchi’s pov—
My goddess! Was he less attractive earlier!!!!He has become  more enciting now !!!! Greek god …
 What’s wrong with me??? He is my jeth ji ? and where is my be hubby is lost???
Sanchi was leaving when she heard someone murmuring sounds from the store room … She pushed the door a bit and what she saw was blood rumbling! 
She saw veer and aliya(a peer intern who was mad about veer ) in a very compromising positions besides their interaction was more pinching ….
 Aliya- Baby , yeh natak kab tak chalega??? I need you so much… Pata nahi how can you even tolerate th at behenji !!!!
Veer- Kuch hi din aur jan… Bas ekbar Chirag(sanchi and veer’s classmate,who used to like sanchi when they were at college ) ke  sath yeh bet jit jaon… Waise bhi woh hardam dimag khati rehti hai!!! God , itni irritating hai! I just can’t take her anymore ! 

It was enough for Sanchi … Her movements stopped ! She went straight inside the room ,grabbed veer by his collar and slapped him…
Sanchi- Toh yeh sab ek natak tha??? Itna ghinona mazak!!!!  Kyun kiya aisa veer??? Why ???
Veer- Areh to kya karta yaar?  Tum thi hi itni irritating! Tang agaya tha tumse… Sabak sikhana chahta tha tumhe … 
Before completing the full sentence another slap took place on Veer’s face…. 
It was Dhruv ! His brother!
Seeing Dhruv Sanchi broke down and dhruv hugged her…. 
She was crying…. 
 Dhruv- Mujhe yakeen nahi horaha ha I ,veer ! Ki tu mera vai hai…. Jeeto kar raha hai yehi pe tujhe gar du …. Tu to janwar se bhi gira huwa hai … Chi …. aaj de tujhe agar main sanchi ke aas pas bhi vatakte dekha , to dekhna main tera kya hashar karunga ….  
Dhruv and pragya took sanchi along … Aliya also left … 
It was amaya who didn’t follow them … As she knew there was something very wrong … She saw true love sparkling into veer’s eyes for sanchi … It couldn’t be fake ,it couldn’t be ! 
Veer somehow managed to control his emotions and was about to leave when Amaya grabbed his hand …. 

Amaya- Why did you do it , Veer????

Precap- Proposal from Kabir ❤… Sanchi ❤ Kabir’s engagement ….

  1. So so beautiful episode…….I am feeling bad for veer ….. Please veer or amaya ka pair bana o……. please yaar update soon

  2. Riyarocks

    Wow Sarah………veer’s luv for Kabir & sanchi is so pure…..esp.kabir……….he sacrificed his luv for Kabir…….& abt Amu…..she’s as usual understanding(yaar…..Tere sheher mein & Meri saasu maa mein usko dekha tha…..isiliye bata rahi hoon…….& even Bhaag bakool mein she was so cute….anyways, I’m getting out of track)….but dear…..I just hope that Dhruv could realize why veer did all this…..luv u a lot sweetieeeeeee…….gud nt………tc………

  3. Amazing Superbbbbb fantastic

  4. RuCh23

    It was awesome Sarah ??? but I’m stuck not being able to guess what’ll happen next!! But why should I worry, when I know you have an amazing story planned for us ???

  5. It’s amazing dear please update soon

  6. Wow. It’s fabulous

  7. Fab. U know my parents has also same age gap. They were a fantastic, lovable, caring couple. U remind me of them.

  8. Amazing epsd.. Bt,,hp tht soon sanchi will lv kabir.. Update soon.

  9. Niyaaa

    Superb mindblowing yaar and jo bonding main kaveer ki ahow me chahti thi aaj tumne puri kar di show m kabir ne sacrifice kiya nd yahaan veer ne ab sekhna h kya hota h hope for kanchi…hehe.. but feel bad for veer … lovv u siay poat nxt asap bye

  10. Negisanyukta

    Fabulous.i just loved it.??????
    Loved Kabeer’s convo with his mother nd Kabeer’s love is soo pure towards Saanchi.??????
    Keep writing dear.

  11. Loved it from bottom of the heart Sarah dear….such a beautiful episode….do update soon…lots of love to u dear?

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