Excuse Me Madam 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam thinks Sanam is an abuser

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Scene 1
Madam says to Addu (posing as Kranti) that Sanam was late today and said that you were cooking for him today. I wanted the recipe for the kofta. Addu thinks I don’t know the recipe. He tells her the basic recipe and says I learned it some years ago. Mishti barks at Addu. Madam says I think she doesn’t like your goggles, you can take them off. Addu thinks she will see my blue eye and says I don’t want to. Madam takes it off and sees his/her blue eye. She says what is this?

Kranti says I will check if Sanam is an animal. Sanam knocks but she doesn’t open it so he uses his key to come inside. He says you didn’t open the door? She says I heard the knock but I didn’t open it deliberately. Sanam and says you are acting crazy? Kranti shouts at him and says if you want tea then make it yourself, am I your servant? Sanam looks down and goes away. Kranti is stunned.
Sanam comes to Bhaisa and says Krant is being rude to me. Bhaisa says Chanchal came today to meet her, she must have said something. Sanam says my Kranti is not like this, Chanchal does all this.

Sanam sees Addu coming back to the house. Addu complains about the traffic. Sanam asks what did you do with madam? The flashback shows Madam seeing his blue eye and says what happened? Addu says were playing romantically and I slipped. Madam says this is a punch mark, is Sanam torturing you? I will not spare him for abusing you. The flashback ends. Madam calls Sanam. Madam says you are abuser speaking? He says it’s a misunderstanding. Madam says I thought you were a respected man but you are an abuser. Sanam says my wife is an abuser and not me. Madam’s eye twitches and she goes crazy. She acts like a sweets seller. Sanam tells her to pinch her arm. She does and comes back to her senses. She says Sanam I want you in the office early, she ends the call. Addu tells Sanam that I had good time with the madam.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kranti makes paratha for Sanam and says I did the mistake yesterday so let me repent today. Chanchal and Amar are looking at them. Sanam starts eating the paratha. Kranti goes to make tea but Chanchal says we have to raise his devil as it must be living inside him and he will be dangerous later on. Kranti says what I have to do?
Kranti comes to Sanam and throws water at his face. He says what is this? Kranti says I know this is a sin but what will you do? Shoot me? Sanam glares at her, takes the bag and leaves from there. Kranti cries and says I have hurt him. Amar looks on.

Sanam is sitting in the porch and tells Bhaisa that your sister is being cruel. Addu comes there and asks what happened? Sanam says she was trying to provoke me to fight. I am scared to lose my wife and my job. Addu shows him an adult magazine. Sanam shakes his head and leaves.

Sanam comes to the office to see Jugal and Chatterjee dancing. He asks what happened? Chatterjee says someone is playing dhol so we are just dancing. Sanam asks Jugal what is going on? Jugal says we are playing dhol. Madam comes there and dances too. She asks Sanam to dance as well.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam that he will take peon Jugal’s duty from now on. All order him for food like Sanam is a peon.
Sanam comes home to see Kranti using his mother’s saree as a mop. He get angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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