Excuse Me Madam 8th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam confronts Sanam in his house

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Scene 1
Amar is exercising while Addu is keeping an eye on her. He tries to burn the newspaper. Amar shouts at him but the photo is already burned.

Sanam is eating the food that Kranti made. He praises it. Kranti says what are you hiding? Why are you praising me so much? Sanam says it’s very nice. Bhaisa brings the newspaper. Kranti. Sanam tries to take it from him, he says give it to me for Mishti’s sake. Bhaisa thinks I will trap him today. Kranti asks for the paper and he gives it to her. Sanam glares at him. Kranti looks at the paper. Sanam asks for a cup of tea, she says okay. Amar comes there and reads the newspaper. She finds Sanam and Madam’s photo and shows it to Kranti. She is shocked and asks Sanam what is this? So much love for this woman? Amar says I always knew he was a cheater. Addu asks Sanam what is this? you never told me about this. Kranti asks who is she? Is she your girlfriend? Sanam says she is my boss. Kranti says you said your boss is an evil woman, this is a pretty woman. Madam comes there and asks Sanam if he thinks she is evil? Sanam says you here? Madam says I want to meet Kranti, call her. Kranti thinks it’s Anju, she says I am Sanam’s boss and wants to meet Mrs. Kranti. Kranti says I am the one. Madam says I am asking about his wife. Amar says he knows another Kranti? Madam says Addu is Kranti’s brother, can you call her? Addu says I should leave now. Amar stops him. Kranti tells Madam that I am Kranti, Sanam’s wife. Madam says what? Sanam made me meet some other woman as his wife. Kranti shouts at Sanam who is the other woman? Madam says you cheated me also. She leaves. Kranti asks who is the other woman? Sanam says Addu, I made him wear a saree to make him meet as my wife. Kranti cries and says I got a husband like this, I should leave the house. Sanam says I was a liar, you should ask me why I hid this, it’s because of you. You are so jealous of others that if you knew that Madam is a hot woman, you would have made me resign. I didn’t want you to meet my madam. He tells Kranti that this ad is a photoshoot as the model didn’t come so I volunteered, you people doubt me so much that I have lost my job, he leaves.

Kranti comes to meet Madam in her office. Madam is stunned. She says I don’t want to talk about Sanam, he is a fraud. Kranti says Sanam wanted me to meet you but I said no, I made Addu become his wife as I was insecure of my weight, please give him the job back. Madam says I am giving him the job back but I will maintain a distance. Kranti says you are so sweet. Madam says I knew that Sanam wouldn’t be a cheater, he is quite handsome, you should keep control over him. Kranti thinks I have to keep Sanam away from this woman.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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