Excuse Me Madam 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Adi meets Sanam

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Scene 1
Madam comes to the restaurant with Sanam. Adi comes there and meets them. Madam hugs Sanam and says we were just enjoying. Adi says when I met Mithoo first, I wanted to be angry on her but that is love. Madam says I know my husband is fat and weird but I like him. Sanam glares at her. Madam says I just love him like he is. Adi says I want to wish you both best of luck, I will move on in my life. Madam says you too. Adi says I will take a selfie with you both. Sanam reluctantly takes a selfie with them. They all sit down to eat. Adi says it was fun here, I was thinking to leave today but I want to stay more to enjoy with you both. Sanam says no, we are busy making our family bigger, we won’t have time.

Sanam comes home and tells Kranti that I wanted to meet Adi but it’s sad that he left. Adi comes home and calls Kranti. Kranti goes to him and says you came back? Adi says my flight canceled so I am staying back for some days. Kranti shows him her picture with Sanam, she says he is my husband. Adi is stunned and recalls Madam’s husband is the same person. Adi asks where is he? She says in his office. Adi goes to him.

Scene 2
Adi comes to Sanam and sees his face painted. Adi says how cute, I saw your photo with your wife, you are a fraud. Sanam says it’s not like that. Adi says you are cheating on your wife. Sanam says no, it was my duty. Adi says does Kranti knows about this? Sanam says no, please don’t tell her. Adi says I am going to tell her, you are a cheater. Sanam says she won’t spare me, Mithoo is not my wife, I just work in her office. She was doing this drama to make you jealous, she forced me to become her fake husband. Kranti comes there and asks what are they talking about? Adi says he was telling me how to forget an ex. He gave me good advice, he said to find a new girlfriend. Kranti says he is right, she leaves. Sanam thanks Adi. Adi says thank you for telling me the truth, I knew Mithoo was still single. Everything is clear now. I will get her back. Sanam says what.. Adi says I am going to marry Mithoo now and you will dance in my wedding, he leaves. Sanam is angry and says Madam is not to spare him.

Addu tells Sanam that you got saved today. Bhaisa says Sanam will get got soon. Sanam says you are always against me. Sanam tells Addu that God has blessed me. Addu says unlike me. Sanam gets Madam’s call and says Adi promised to come back as you told him that I am not married to you, you come to the office tomorrow and I will take your class, she ends the call. Sanam looks on.

In the morning, Sanam wakes up and says I will say sorry to Madam. Kranti comes there running and bringing a knife. Sanam hides and asks what she is doing? Kranti says I saw a dream like this but I am not stabbing you with this.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam that they have a proper photoshoot for their international clients, these photos will target honeymoon couples. Sanam says but Kranti won’t like it. She says we won’t publish them. Sanam takes romantic photos with Madam and she decides to publish them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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