Excuse Me Madam 10th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam tries to please everyone

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Scene 1
Kranti comes to Sanam and Madam. She shouts at Sanam for not wearing his pants, she tells Madam that you have broken the law and Sanam has broken my trust. Madam says I don’t fight for no reason. Kranti says you are saying that the commissioner’s wife was lying? Sanam says she has a problem, her fuse goes off from time to time. Madam’s fuse goes off and says baby why are you not loving me? Kranti is stunned. Sanam pinches her so she comes to her senses. Kranti says you called my Sanam baby? She says no. Sanam says I was telling you that her fuse goes off, do something.

Kranti brings Sanam and Madam home. She sees Sanam’s hand on her waist and gets angry. Addu says I will look outside but he sees Amar there. Kranti says hide her now. Sanam takes Madam to the bedroom. Amar comes into the house. Kranti greets her and says you came here early? Amar asks where is Sanam? Kranti says he must have left the office. Amar asks him to call Sanam. Kranti calls him and puts on the speaker, Amar tells Sanam to not try to help Madam. I saw your pants in the office, you ran away from here, I will arrest your madam for sure.

Sanam and Madam are eating dinner. Kranti glares at him but helps him in feeding food. Madam says aww, she says I usually eat salads, do you have something light? Sanam asks Kranti to make it. Kranti says she is at least getting food here but she can get arrested. Madam says what’s that woman’s problem? She asks what’s in the desert? Kranti says it’s not good for Sanam to eat sugar. Sanam says yes I have some problem. Kranti says Amar is coming. She asks him to hide.

Scene 2
Amar asks Addu where do you think Madam is hiding? He says I don’t know. She gets the commissioner’s call, he asks her to find that woman otherwise I will suspend you.

Sanam is sleeping with Kranti on one side and Madam on the other side. Kranti wakes up and tries to lie between them. Madam screams so she lies on Madam’s side. Madam laughs and says this is funny, she says we have to figure out something. Kranti says I am not taking any risks. Sanam says I am not characterless. Madam says I don’t trust you. Kranti says Sanam likes to kick in his sleep. Madam gets worried, they try to sleep but Kranti says I saw a dream of a woman lying between us and now it’s the truth. They try to sleep. After some time, Madam sleeps so Sanam admires her and imagines dancing with her.

In the morning, Madam is exercising and Sanam has to stay there. He asks if she slept easily? She says yes as if I like to sleep between two people. Kranti brings breakfast for them. Madam takes tea. Sanam tells Kranti that I want to go to the washroom. She says no and leaves. Sanam moves away and his hand gets detached from her. They are both surprised but Madam sees Amar coming there so she puts Sanam’s hand on her waist again. Amar comes there and says I knew you would be hiding Madam. She tells Kranti that you were on in this too? She is a criminal. Sanam says it’s not like that. Madam says you can’t arrest me as Sanam’s hand is attached to me. Kranti says yes, Sanam is not a criminal, you can’t arrest him. Amar looks around and asks Sanam to hold her neck. He does and Amar takes a picture with him. Amar says he was trying to attack me so I will arrest Sanam also. Kranti is stunned.

Scene 3
Sanam and Madam are at the police station. Amar greets the commissioner and says your criminal is here. The commissioner talks to Sanam and he tells her about the glue. His wife tells Madam that I told you to not mess with me. Madam says you are stretching this topic for no reason. The wife says that you were acting like a goon and now I will take my revenge. I will not spare you now. She asks his husband to put her in jail. Amar says don’t worry, we are not letting her go. Madam asks why she is always so angry? This is not about me, why are you so sad in life? The wife says this commissioner doesn’t take me out, he doesn’t enjoy with me, I am always staying in the house so I am angry. Madam says I am the owner of a travel agency so I can gift you a honeymoon package to Manali, I will pay for all the expenses. The wife gets excited and says that would be amazing. Madam says it would be so nice to enjoy the snowfall there. The wife hugs her and says I can’t believe this. Madam says you deserve it, she asks Sanam to get the package ready for them. The commissioner thanks her. Amar says about the complaint? The wife says it was a small issue and the case is closed, she leaves. Addu comes and asks Sanam if he is fine? Kranti comes there and tells Amar to leave Sanam. Amar says madam has pacified the woman and the case is closed. Kranti thanks Madam. Madam says I am sorry for this awkward situation. I want to gift you a spa day. Kranti says that’s sweet. Madam says bye, she takes off Sanam’s hand and says it’s not needed anymore, she leaves and all are stunned. Kranti asks what is this? Sanam says my hand was detached in the morning but Madam did it to get saved from Amar. Kranti says you think I am a fool? I will glue myself to you now.

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