Are you excited to watch And TV’s Tere Bin?

And Tv’s new show Tere bin is a romantic love story, which brings separation, sacrifice and true love. Nandini is an orphan and raised by relatives. Akshay and Nandini are medical students. Nandini has no friends and falls in love with Akshay. She dreams her future with Akshay. Akshay’s close friend Nilesh dies by a sudden twist of fate. Akshay comes to know of Nilesh’s fiancé Vijaya, who is pregnant with Nilesh’s child. Akshay sacrifices his love and feels friendship debt towards Nilesh. Akshay decides to get married to Vijaya.

Akshay protects Vijaya’s respect and gives his name to her daughter. Nandini gets shattered when Akshay leaves from her life. Akshay’s sacrifice gives a new life to Vijaya and her daughter Neeti. Vijaya falls in love with Akshay seeing him become the best father for Neeti. Nandini was dependent on Akshay, but gets in depression. She bears much pain for eight years. When Nandini tries to move on, Akshay comes face to face with her. Nandini gets big shock when she finds Akshay married and having a six year old daughter. Akshay’s big humble deed makes him caught in his life’s storm. Akshay still loves Nandini. They both deal with the heartbreaking consequences. The show stars Shefali Sharma, Gaurav Khanna and Khushboo Tawde. All the characters are very positive and the show looks promising. Are you excited to watch Tere Bin? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Sriranjani

    I think It will be more better than vishkanya story.


      Vishkanya is disaster to watch even more than KB and Kasam….

      1. Megha123

        Totally agree with u guys

  2. Looking interesting!!!!

  3. i dont wan to watch more heart breaks its enough ill go mad by seperation and heart breaks

  4. i think it would be interesting

  5. Its starting will be good as all the serials are started on a good note but between the way their concept lies in north pole and story in south pole..

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