Are you excited to watch the new show Everest on Star Plus?

Slated to go on air on 3rd November at 10 PM on Star Plus, Everest is the story of ordinary people and their extraordinary dreams. It is a story of a majestic mountain versus a mighty heart. It is the story of a girl’s dream to win over her father’s acceptance, and for that she is willing to go all the way and conquer Mt Everest. Ashutosh Gowariker will debut as a TV producer with the upcoming fictional show Everest coming soon on Star Plus. Everest is also the television debut of A. R. Rahman as a music composer and has been shot in its entirety in India and Nepal. Every individual has a personal Everest to conquer in life for which they are willing to go any distance. Brigadier Jagat Singh Rawat who always wanted a son, says the day she was born, the truth hurts him like a thorn that she is his daughter. His wife Sarita Singh Rawat says she thought her innocence can win his heart, he says this can’t happen. The journey to reach the Everest is tough and the girl has to go through many hardships.

The promo shows a group of mountaineers. Anjali Singh Rawat says she does not want to reach the Everest, but reach her father’s heart, she wants to write her dad’s name on the highest peak of the world, not being anyone’s wife, but being her father’s daughter. At the age of 21, Anjali Singh Rawat learns that her father had never wanted a daughter. This leads to a conflict in the life of Anjali, who begins questioning her own existence. To win the love of her father and to gain his acceptance Anjali sets on a journey to climb Mount Everest, which has been her father’s unfulfilled dream. But the journey she has to face is not an easy one and Everest portrays the struggle of Anjali to reach the highest peak of the world and get the love of her father.

The show launches Shamata Anchan as Anjali Singh Rawat, the gutsy girl who is willing to climb Mt Everest in order to win her father’s love and respect. The 2 male leads of the show are Sahil Salathia as Arjun Sabharwal and Rohan Gandotra as Akash Joshi. The cast also includes Suhasini Mulay, Mohan Kapoor, Milind Gunaji, Rajat Kapoor, Kishori Shahane and Manish Choudhary.The show will relate to everyone, as everyone has a dream to conquer and have to gain strength and has to conquer an Everest of their lives. Are you excited to watch this show? Let us know?

  1. What does this mean????

  2. promo sounds interesting n since it’s most scenes are shooted in Nehru institute of mountaineering uttarkashi……my locality n may pulsar byk izz also used in the show so eagerly waiting for the show…..

  3. the promo really sounds interesting..

  4. the promo sounds interesting

  5. It’s really interesting.

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