Are you excited for a short leap in YRKKH?

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Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will be getting big twists, followed by a short leap. The show will have a character ending soon. Shubham will be dying in the story. He is seen as a drug addict. Naira has learnt about his drug addiction. She has taken the big task of reforming him. Shubham doesn’t let her tell the family about his bad addiction. He promises to reveal it to the family in his way when the need arises. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to hide anything from him, even if its concerning someone else’s life. Naira has hidden about Shubham’s drug addiction. She has promised Shubham that she will give him time to express his problems to his parents himself. She doesn’t think of any bad happening.

Shubham faces trouble when the drug supplier compels him to buy drugs. Shubham gets an overdose of drugs, due to which he loses his life. It will come as a major shock for Goenkas, who were hoping to mend their terms with Shubham. The worst thing happens when Naira gets blamed for Shubham’s death. She gets questioned by the family for hiding Shubham’s drug addiction truth. Naira will be seen leaving the Goenka family after this sad incident. The show will take a short leap, where Kartik and Naira’s terms will get changed. Are you excited for a short leap in YRKKH? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Just wrap up this crap….!!!!!!

  2. Bekar kar diya sara serial kya jaroort thi shubham ko marne ki bakwas

  3. Kill naira, kick the b*t*h shivangi out and shut the show after few days. Writers should quit writing

  4. bakwas serial. they give too much importance to the female lead earlier Hina khan now Shivangi. this serial should go off air instead of Naamkaran

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show must end now… Its is repitition of season 1… Phele akshara pr blame hota tha or ab naira par… Bakwas show

  6. this show must end now , i really feel , its so idiotic to show naira being hated for shubham’s death , he t ook drugs he died , where does naira come in all this , too much of irrelevant and impossible dramatic things are being shown , though in season 1 the leads were given importance nothing was too unrealistic , like it is now . this show must end soon

  7. Pavithra1616

    I am not at all excited.. Total bakwaas.. Why can’t they end this stupid show instead of naamkaran which had dozens of things to show..

    1. Riana

      @Pavi…Absolutely right pavi, those people who supports these kind of shows had forgot the unreality of it ?

      1. Pavithra1616

        Ya true di??

    2. Actually naamkaran is totally waste..

  8. Riana

    Yrkkh was a grt show but not anymore ! It needs to go off air, want to see mohsin n shivangi in new projects. Star plus seriously supports these kinds of shows i mean just fan wants this show that doesnt mean that they will run a family drama with any interesting track for more than a decade !…This is absolutely unacceptable. End this show on a happy note pls. Good shows like manmarziyaan, battameez dil etc ended but still people recalls it and this show, people still support it just for kaira i mean this is funny people had forgot that its a show. Simply the producers have to understand that they are doing absolutely wrong.

    1. Riana


    2. Rithu17

      Exactly.. I completely agree with you!

    3. Oh! it’s good to see that someone still remains manmarziyan and badtameez dil,both my favorite shows.these both shows will always be missed dearly.

      1. Missing manmarziyan badly..

  9. Cvs do whatever you want with your kaira…but let subham out of this crap…he doesn’t deserve such ending…if you can’t give any respect to any other character better send him far nd never talk about him like gayu nd mishti instead of spoiling him…

  10. Lol…just end this crap instead

  11. Please don’t separate kaira for shubhum..this is ridiculous. Not going to watch this serial anymore. Such stupidity. U keep on killing people to remove them and why all the blame on naira. Can’t the goenkas see that shubhum was improving because of naira. Please don’t separate kaira

  12. Rithu17

    I don’t care what happens to kaira but do not kick Gaurav out of the show just to focus on kaira as aalwaays…or better just end this show urgghh.. It’s been running for tooo long…and star plus doesn’t even give chances for amazing shows like RKC and DSJZ…after those shows ended i have only been reading the written updates of the others shows i used to check on..

  13. Rithu17

    This used to be such a beautiful show and I can’t believe how badly they have spoiled it??

  14. Why did they kill Shubha? Why do all these shows constantly blame the DIL for anything that goes wrong? This show use to show about causes I thought they will show on how to deal with drug problems but so stupid to go kill him! And to top it off blame Naira!?

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