Are you excited for the marriage track in Siddhi Vinayak?

And TV’s prime show Siddhi Vinayak is currently focusing on Vin’s marriage, which is the utmost priority for his parents, who aim to save his life by getting him married. They want to protect Vin’s life from upcoming calamities, as mentioned in his Kundli. Though Vin doesn’t believe in any such blind beliefs, he gets compelled to move on in life with someone else in order to save his mum. He fears to lose his mum because of his constant denial. Vin meets the girl chosen by his mum to reveal that he will always love his best friend Siddhi.

The girl Vaibhavi eventually agrees to marry him without keeping any conditions. Manjiri takes it as a good sign from God. The marriage preparations begin in Kundra mansion. Siddhi gets happy that Vin has got someone in his life, and that will fill her place in his heart too. She wants Vaibhavi to become his friend and give him happiness. Siddhi feels jealous sometimes by seeing Vin’s interest in his new friend. She controls her growing feelings for him. The marriage track will be interesting twists where the leads Siddhi and Vinayak will get married, owing to such circumstances. Are you excited for the marriage track in Siddhi Vinayak? Let us know your opinion.

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