How excited are you for Dil Boley Oberoi?

Star’s Plus chart buster show Ishqbaaz is ready with his spin off. P.O.W airing on the channel at 10.30 PM is going to end soon. Ishqbaaz got the main track focused on Shivaye and Anika. The new show Dil Boley Oberoi will have new tracks on Omkara and Rudra. Their love tracks will be seen. Neha Lakshmi Iyer will be opposite Leenesh Mattoo as seen in Ishqbaaz, while Shrenu Parikh is newly cast as Omkara’s love interest. The promos have hit the small screen and already created a wave. Dil Boley Oberoi is something which everyone is looking forward to. Ishqbaaz’s popularity got higher with viewers’ interest and hopes.

Omkara and Rudra’s love stories were getting overshadowed in Ishqbaaz. With so many characters in the show, there was not many scenes to justify all the family members. Dil Boley Oberoi will be just aiming at Shivaye’s brothers. As per the promo, its seen Shivaye got his belief in love, all thanks to Anika, while Omkara who once believed in true love is now having bitterness towards the pure emotion. More of Rudra and Soumya’s cute arguments and silly love moments will be seen. Omkara’s life will have entry of a runaway bride who would make him believe in love once again. Shrenu’s entry is the most happening moment in the promo. There is much curiosity raised. The viewers would have to wait till 13th February to watch their favorite actors. Sushmita Mukherjee and Rahul Dev will be part of the show. How excited are you for Dil Boley Oberoi? Let us know your opinion in this poll. You may leave comment too.

  1. Thrilled ???mai promo 15 to 16 times Delhi chuki hu Maine save kr Liya…bit crazy about that and anything related to ishqbaaz ??????????

  2. Not Delhi it’s dekh?sorry

  3. Anujohnson

    I am excited about Dil bole oberoi…but I have on doubt….would Ishqbaaz be there at 10 pm and after that DBO at 10:30 pm….is it like that???

    1. Manu24

      ishqbaaz will telecast as usual at 10pm
      while DBO will come at 10:30

    2. Thanks Manu for the clarification.. Im soo exited.. cant wait to see it..
      And im waiting for ur FF too.. Pls do post it soon ☺☺

    3. Manu24

      even i am super excited to watch the show…

      om and rudy’s love story <3

      yes will be posting it soon..

    4. No anu, ishqbaaz which now airs at 10 will be aired at 10:30 with a new title, Dil Bole Oberoi.. !!

    5. Manu24

      Vaishali u are mistaken.

      Ishqbaaz will be aired at 10 and in that shivika will be in focus

      Then at 10:30 dil bole oberoi will be telecasted which will focus on rudra and om track….

      So basically it’s 10 to 11 half for ishqbaaz half for omru…

      Since in half hour it was difficult to show all the three brothers
      So time has been extended…

  4. Mona146

    But not run away bride again.

  5. Gayathri.visu

    Waiting for the Om’s love story,, I am really excited.

    1. Ahaana

      same here ….. damn excited for om ‘s story …. limitless curiosity

  6. i m too too..excited for it and om my om….i just luv him…muhh….and ishqbaaz is such a blast show and dil bole oberoi will be super blast loved it…muh..muh…

  7. Honesy speaking, i was never so excited for any show to come on tv. But DBO!!! I just cant wait. Im

  8. im impatiently waiting for dil bole oberois as i miss the fun moments which were present in ishqbaaz has declined. im sure that dil bole oberois will compensate for it. but i dont understand why om has changed his view on love. im sure all viewers would have loved to see how a mature and sensitive guy like omkara would handle love and how his ishqbaazi would be but now he seems more like sso who talks about deal. and i seriously dont want any new villains in the show. ishqbaaz was known for its uniqueness but now has become a lot like other shows with dramas, i hope dil bole oberois has that uniqueness till the end.

  9. Im soo exited to see the spin off version of #Ishqbaaz.. Cant wait for 13th Feb.. Hope to see some great surprises ahead in the show.. One request @Gul Khan- kindly end tia’s chapter, we all want Tia’s secret to come out in front of Shivaye soon.. Rest everything is rocking and amazing in the show…
    Love Nakul❤ Kunal?Linesh? surbhi?Navina? and all other actors on board in ishqbaaz.

  10. Love u omkara Singh oberoi

    Excited Excited Excited to maxxxxxxxxxxx..
    But why are they portraying Om as he doesn’t believe in love.. Actually it was om who believed on love… Whatever exciter to see my omie love track… Shrenu looks beautiful too..

    Waiting for om and gauri

  11. No, I’m not really excited for it. Disappointed to see Om acting like Shivaye, calling love a deal. Also Shrenu being another run away bride gives me a feel of a cliched love story. It seems like they are showing the same Shivika type of love story, by making Om an angry young man. I don’t want another Shivika story in the same show. Also , the makers said that DBO will show stories of both Om and Rumya, but the promo only focussed on Om’s story. I doubt whether they will show Rumya or not. I’m more interested in seeing Rumya story now because their track is looking most promising to me. Also because of this spinoff, Obros track will be completely sidelined. Already we don’t get much scenes of Obros and now it’ll be abandoned. I wonder why the name of the show is Dil Bole Oberoi when it’s actually about OmRu’s love story??? But the good thing is that, Om’s love story will finally start, can’t say about Rudra though. It’ll be hard for me to accept Kunal and Shrenu’s pair because I was a big Ishkara fan and it was my favourite onscreen couple.

  12. I would love to watch it but I know they won’t air it in the U.S. So, I won’t be able to watch it. Because I watch Ishqbaaz at 9:30 n they don’t air P.O.W. at all here. Hope they change that, cause I would love to watch the spin off.

    1. Shivika for life

      Hii I am in USA too and I love tray show as much as you do! So I usually watch it on Desitvbox or desitashan! They show full episodes the same day!

    2. Shivika for life

      I meant that not tray sorry!

  13. l am soooo excited …l like shrenu she is a bubly girl.kunal nd shrenu are nice pair

  14. Riana

    I m damm excited to watch it!!???

  15. Really exciting to watch DBO especially for Om’s track, but it’s really unfair y the writers changed his true belief on luv and also I don’t know whether shrenu would make a perfect pair with om as like as our Ishana(vrushika) but I hv big hope on my om(kunal), his fans were waited for his luv track since long I hope we won’t get any disappointment atleast tiz time..
    And I also heard our luv angel saumya would be shown as negative in DBO, I wish this news is not true bcz the show is already got ruined by four lady villains and also if it becomes true how could our cry baby rudy would handle this, he is not so strong as SSO, also he already got so much problem from rumi that so called devi..

    And wt about Priveer whether their track would be shown in IB or DBO actually I felt they look more cute than others.
    Ok whatever the makers kept in store for us, we will wait and watch but I request them to show some Bromance, I don’t want to miss Obros moments coz of this spinoff. The soul of this show is Obros bonding(one for all, all for one), but truth is it already got complicated, yes obros not share their problems with each other they already started to hide things from one another, all hv secrets so I wish it won’t spoil even more coz of this new spinoff, if so it won’t be nice…
    And I know,my ishquies family couldn’t split bcz of this spinoff, I hv big hope on my sweet ishquies, we will enjoy tiz new show together with <3

    1. i feel the exact same way….i mean forget about hiding things from each other…the three of them are rarely seen in the same scene together
      i miss the show being about their bromance….now it’s just going to be another show about love story and boring fights
      i mean seriously how will the three of them be together in 2 shows together.
      i think there will be omru moments but not with shivay
      hfffff that would be extremely disappointing

  16. Madhuri

    Wow I’m exited for dil blow oberoi………but I don’t like new girl for om as I like ishana only for om………and when is this show starting??????

  17. Super excited……

  18. Too excited for this new show. Want to see the three brothers together. All the planning and plotting in the current show was neglecting the lives of brothers. So waiting for the show to start.

  19. Super excited to watch shrenal’s love track

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