Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 11

Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kapoor I would like to talk to you.
Dr. Kabir walks up to her and rolls her to her desk.
Dr. Kabir: What happened!!!
Dr. Sanchi: I would just like to say that Stop feeling guilty for this!! You are not at fault. I could’ve sucked it up and continued with my day. I hurt myself, not you!! So stop being nice because I know it’s an act. I’m telling you to stay away so that I don’t hurt myself again. Go now
Dr. Kabir: Excuse me Dr. Sanchi but I do not like to show fake concern!!
Dr. Kabir walked back to his desk and got thinking
Dr. Kabir: “She’s right!!! Why am I feeling guilty?? She hurt herself. I have to give a reply to someone now”
He walks out his office and straight into Dr. Sushant’s office.
Dr. Kabir: Listen Up Dr. Sushant, you held my collar for 1 min and 37 seconds, so for the next two weeks you will not be having any days off. NO IFS OR BUTS Find yourself some work!!!
Dr. Sushant: “Wasn’t he just now feeling super guilty??”
Dr. Sushant texted Dr. Sanchi;
Dr. Sanchi what did you tell Dr. Kabir??

She replied:
I told him to stop feeling guilty because it’s not his fault that I got hurt!! I hurt myself. Plus I know it’s all fake!!!

Dr. Sushant:
Okay!!! I got 2 weeks no days off

She replied:
Why did you hold his collar duffer??

Dr. Kabir walked back in.
Dr. Kabir: No texting during work hours unless it’s a patient and I know that’s Dr. Sushant.
Dr. Sanchi: Put her phone down and continued her work
A while later Dr. Kabir gave her a list of patients on who need surgery.
Dr. Sanchi: Do you not have eyes??? Can you not see that I’m not in the condition to perform surgery on anyone!!!
Dr. Kabir: Just look at the list and choose. You will decide appointments and surgery timing.
Dr. Sanchi: Listen I already have my work piled on me don’t pile your work on me. You are the doctor who has performed 12 surgeries in a 24 hour period. So you do these surgeries
Dr. Kabir: I don’t care about your condition!! How do I know you aren’t acting??
Dr. Sanchi: I should be changing my bandages now so look…
She unwrapped her bandage on her hand and Dr. Kabir saw a deep cut…
Dr. Kabir: That looks more like a knife cut and less like something in a field. And hurry up and bandage it or else there will be blood everywhere.
Dr. Sanchi smiled and put her medicine and bandaged herself.
Dr. Sanchi: Now the feet…
She unwrapped her right foot and
Dr. Kabir was shocked seeing her feet. They were filled with cuts…
Dr. Sanchi: Can you help me??
Dr. Kabir: I’m also busy right now
Dr. Sanchi smiled she applied her medicine and wrapped her foot and same with the left foot.
Dr. Sanchi and Dr. Kabir continued to work after a while Dr. Sanchi popped her earbuds in and blasted the music.
Dr. Sanchi: Finally I finished this set now a quick little break.

Song: Butterfly (from Jab Harry Met Sejal)

Dr. Kabir yanked her buds out
Dr. Kabir: My office is not a disco or club.
Dr. Sanchi: You are forgetting that this is my office too!!!
Just then an intern came in
Sonali: Good Afternoon Dr. Sanchi, I heard you were a little unwell, so I brought you these flowers and thank you very much for that tutoring room. Very thoughtful of you.
Dr. Sanchi: Thank you umm Dr. Sonali!! And it was my pleasure
And she left…
Dr. Sanchi: Is that jealousy I smell??
Dr. Kabir: What nonsense no way
Dr. Sanchi smiled and place the flowers in a vase and continued her work.

It was time for Dr. Sanchi to leave. But no one showed up to help her out. So she rolled herself out and called a volunteer to come and help her!! She drove herself home in a lot of pain. But she managed. She reached her house and used her crutches to get out.
Dr. Sanchi: Ahh Mumi
Sanchi: I think I should work from home!!

She emails Dr. Malhotra:
Sir I had a really hard time working today. If I could work from home that would be great because I don’t have any appointments until Friday. If I am needed then I can video call them.

Dr. Malhotra replied about 15 minutes later
Dr. Sanchi, I honestly don’t have a problem but you should talk with your heads, by that I mean talk to Dr. Kabir since we don’t have a family practice head anymore.

Sanchi: Yay
So she emails Dr. Kabir,
Dr. Kapoor, I had a hard time working today because of the constant pain in my feet and hand. If it is possible may I please work from home. I don’t have any appointments until Friday. If I am actually needed then you can send someone or come yourself. I’m not in the condition to drive and work in a tight space.

Dr. Kabir didn’t reply to her.

Sanchi: I’m not going to the hospital. I am going to work from home tomorrow. Let me tell everyone else or else Sushant will murder Dr. Kapoor

She quickly texts everyone saying that she will be working from home and sends her address if they need to send something. She slowly gets herself ready for bed and lights out!!
Let’s see what Kabir is doing…
He is driving back home
Kabir: Get a hold of yourself Kabir stop feeling for her!! She’s just in there until next month. Remember she is just a colleague!!! You are a doctor and it’s not your fault that she hurt herself. Plus you already apologized, it’s not like she’s your girlfriend or wife. Get A Hold Of Yourself
And Kabir drives home and he finds Kusum standing and looking at him with a “seriously” face.
Kusum: Did you apologize??
Kabir: Yes Maa but it’s not my fault she hurt herself. She went out and got HERSELF hurt. I didn’t do anything.
Kusum: I didn’t teach you to say these types of thing to a girl. But did she forgive you
Kabir: She asked me to stay away and she was the one who told me that it’s not my fault and I agree.
Kusum: It’s 9:30. I am going to go meet her.
Kabir: Maa that’s not needed
Kusum: I will come with you and meet her.

Isha and Pragya’s apartment
Pragya: She’s not coming tomorrow
Isha: I saw
Pragya: Sushant was telling me that she told Dr. Kabir that it wasn’t his fault so stop his fake concern.
Isha: I think we went a little overboard
Pragya: But it was about Sanchi. I actually thought she went to meet you-know-who.
Isha: Remember when she went to jail to meet him and she was telling him to shoot her.
Pragya: Why did you remind me?? We are lucky that Sushant knocked the gun out of his hand

Flashback to Bridge Near Delhi Jail (6 years ago):
Sanchi: Khatam karo yeh kahani. Mardo mujhe!!
Unknown Man holding a gun to Sanchi’s head
Sanchi is holding the gun to her head too and crying
Sushant comes and knocks off the gun. Sanchi falls onto the ground and police takes Unknown man away.
Sanchi: Kyun Sushant?!?! Ab bacha hi kya hai meri zindagi mein. Sab kuch voh ligaya. Saari khushiya, woh muskaan, mere apne, meri izzat. USKI WAJAH SE MAIN APNE PYAAR PAR GOLI CHALI!! Main ek khooni ban gayi
Meera, Isha, and Pragya shocked and crying.
Sanchi: Khatam kar deta toh shanti toh mil ya ti
Sanchi continues to cry
Sushant: Sanchi his mom and him made the circumstances, tum khooni nahi ho, Aman abhi zinda hai woh marna nahi, tum khooni nahi ho, Aman zinda hai woh marna nahi
Sanchi faints
Different unknown man: Sanchi !!! Is she okay
Sushant: Please humse door raho. I beg of you chale jao. Sanchi has suffered a lot and if she stays with you then she will remain in pain… I’m sorry Aman but you have to leave her. It’s for the best
Aman walks away teary eyed. I will always love you Sanchi Mishra!!!
End of Flashback;

Isha: Rough times
Pragya: Rough times
Isha: Have you ever talked to him after??
Pragya: I don’t have the courage!!
Isha: Me neither… at least we know that she is safe now!!!
Pragya: Good Night
Isha: Good Night

So now everyone is sleeping!!! Sanchi isn’t going to the hospital but will be working from home. Kabir hasn’t checked his email what will he do when he sees it, let’s see…. Wednesday afternoon…
Kabir: What!! She’s not coming today, I had to discuss with her about the interns timing, lessons, assignments, and tests. What do I do now?? I guess I will have to go to her house. Let me talk to Nurse Fernandez about this…
**pager: call Nurse Fernandez and ask her to come to Dr. Kabir’s office**
3 minutes later Nurse Fernandez comes in,
Nurse Fernandez: You called Dr. Kabir
Dr. Kabir: Yes, I actually have to go to Dr. Sanchi’s house to discuss the interns lessons, timings, assignments, and tests
Nurse Fernandez: No problem sir I will handle your duties and inform other doctors if they come looking for you.
Dr. Kabir: Thank you, I should be back in 2 hours if not 2 ½ hours
Nurse Fernandez: Okay Sir
Kabir heads out to Sanchi’s house meanwhile at Sanchi’s house…
Sanchi: Ugh I finally got into my clothes and it took me 45 minutes awesome. Let me order something then… cause I obviously can’t cook…
Huh getting upstairs was easy how do I go downstairs? Lemme just use this firefighter pole I got for the kids!!
She throws her down crutches and is about to slide down when…
Sanchi: Oh god what if I land on my feet. Let’s go down sitting…
She slides down and lands safely (phew!!!) and grabs her crutches and calls a restaurant to order.
Sanchi: Okay so I want … blah blah blah
She hears the doorbell about 10 minutes later. Huh quick service.
Sanchi: Yeh lo bhaiya aapke Rs. 3478, keep the change
She was shocked to see Kabir!!
Kabir looked at her,
Dr. Kabir: sweatpants, giant shirt, messy bun, glasses and crutches. You are totally working at home.
And he walks in…
Sanchi: What are you doing here???
Dr. Kabir: We had a meeting regarding the interns and you weren’t there so I came over…
Dr. Sanchi: Okay, let me get the files and other stuff, would you like to work in the study or living room.
Dr. Kabir: Study seems better.
Dr. Sanchi: Okay follow me it’s upstairs
Dr. Sanchi looked up and
Dr. Sanchi: Uff abhi toh main neeche aaye thi… “Sanchi you are an idiot”
Dr. Kabir: You sure you can do upstairs.
Dr. Sanchi: I went up last night
Dr. Kabir: And down??
Dr. Sanchi pointed to the pole and Dr. Kabir rolled his eyes.
Dr. Sanchi: Mumi
Dr. Kabir: Tumhari family
Dr. Sanchi: Meri family … mera saath nahi rehti … woh umm, they
Dr. Kabir: I think I got it
Dr. Kabir carries Dr. Sanchi bridal style.
Dr. Sanchi: Excuse me I can manage on my own please put me down…
Dr. Kabir: I saw your ways of managing
Dr. Kabir took her to the study and saw a room filled with files and files and books. A large desk as well. And a Saraswati Mata picture
Dr. Kabir: Woah
Dr. Sanchi: Can you put me down??
Dr. Kabir: Gladly
Dr. Kabir drops Sanchi on the ground
Dr. Sanchi: Ouch!! Did you just call me heavy??
Dr. Kabir: I’ll go get your crutches
So they get settled in Sanchi’s study and start working.
Dr. Sanchi: Do you want anything to eat?? I have a mini-fridge right there and a microwave.
Dr. Kabir: I’m good

The doorbell rang
Dr. Sanchi: Finally my food is here
Dr. Kabir: I’ll go get it for you. And I’ll take this as well
Dr. Sanchi: “I don’t understand!! One minute he’s calling me shameless and the other minute he’s carrying me bridal style!! What is wrong with this man?? Is he bipolar??”
Dr. Kabir came back up with the food!!
Dr. Sanchi: Thank you
Dr. Kabir: Who told you that you can eat??
Dr. Sanchi: Huh
Dr. Kabir: Eat after we are done
Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kapoor you are forgetting that we are in MY house not your house or the hospital. So let me eat
She starts opening the packages and starts to eat.
Dr. Sanchi: Okay so …
And again they continued to work… Kabir left after a while. So Sanchi left to rest.
Sanchi: Dadaji’s medicine is amazing. I will be healed by tomorrow. Feet wise… hand I’m not so sure…
Sanchi rests and watches Netflix. Back at the hospital…
Dr. Riya: Dr. Kabir where were you I actually had to talk to you about a patient’s surgery
Dr. Kabir: I was at Dr. Sanchi’s house. She was working from home today. And right now I’m a little busy… I have patients waiting for me. Maybe tomorrow
Dr. Riya: Huh
Dr. Bala came and…
Dr. Bala: What happened Riya
Dr. Riya: I told you that that Dr. Sanchi likes Dr. Kabir. She’s working from home on purpose
Dr. Bala: No she isn’t interested in him. Her feet and hand were cut up. Did you not here about yesterday’s incident??
Dr. Riya: I have to get more proof NOW !!! UGH

Author’s Note:
Ok then…I’m trying my best to get to the main point ASAP but … idk I feel like I should wait it out. Because Riya is playing a big part in this fanfic. So in the next chapter I will be taking a 6 MONTH LEAP !!! Why?!?! I can’t think of better ways to get Kabir and Sanchi close so I need a leap!!!
Also like DANG GIRLS !!! Just because Dr. Kabir didn’t stand up for himself in 1 ½ chapters you guys are getting mad. Well here!!! Now it’s not his fault… gosh can’t believe I made that mistake.

Anyway…ok honestly telling I won’t be giving any more hints or anything regarding Sanchi’s past when it’s suppose to come out it will come out. I have already given too many flashbacks!! But not any more!! I have given too much information!!!

Last thing, I will not be updating like I am now because school starts Monday aka tomorrow. So gotta focus on school. Sorry…possibly three a week maybe two idk


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