Does Everything Change With Time?!!:A SwaSan ff (part-24)

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Swara and Sanskar reach home. Sanskar’s phone rings. He attends the call. It was from his supervisor. Sanskar has to go back to the farm as there is some work. He leaves.
Swara gets fresh up. She then goes to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Suddenly she feels somebody’s gaze on her. She turns to see but no one is there. She again involves in her work, an she again feels someone is watching her. She looks around. Only thing she observes is a shadow in the corridor. She gains some courage and asks, ‘Is anyone there?’ She is scared and starts shivering. She holds a knife in her hand and slowly steps into the corridor. As soon as she steps into the corridor, the power goes off which scares her more.

She cries out loud. The watchman rushes in, he searches for Swara. And the lights turn on. Watchman comes to Swara,who is hiding behind sofa,shivering. He says her not to worry as none entered the house, and it’s a normal power cut. He gives her water to drink, finally she comes back to her senses. He asks watchman to come with her to check the house once. They check all the rooms and close the windows. Swara asks him to lock bedroom and study room too. He follows her orders and leaves. Swara locks the house from inside. She brings the mattress and arranges it in the courtyard. She keeps candles ready. She lies down, some sounds are still disturbing her. She chooses her earphones to avoid those sounds and slips into quick nap, hearing songs.

Sanskar reaches home past 10’o clock. He uses spare key to enter the house. As he enters he observes Swara sleeping in the courtyard. He doesn’t want to disturb her. He goes inside and takes shower. And he eats his dinner. He decides to sleep in the courtyard along with Swara. He switches off the lights and goes to Swara. The radiance of full moon is spread all over the corridor and court yard. He sits on the mattress and is about to sleep. He then observes candles arranged over there. Then he observes the surroundings.Some flowers of the creeper which is entangled with the roof on all sides of courtyard,fell down and they appeared as if they are arranged. The flower pots arranged on all sides of the courtyard are perfuming the surroundings. The blossoming flowers added more beauty to the courtyard. He observes earphones on the mattress. He looks up. The sky is star studded and full moon is conquering the night.
Sanskar thinks, ‘Seems like Swara arranged this for us, so this is part of her surprise. I am an idiot to think that she might get disturbed, and going to sleep. He lits up the candles arranged there.

He slowly leans towards Swara and cares her hair. Sensing his touch, Swara smiles a little and opens her eyes. She is about to something but Sanskar stops her by putting his finger on her lips. He looks into her eyes. She reacts back and gets lost in his eyes. He touches her lips with his fingers and eventually leans more forward and touches her lips with his lips.They share a passionate kiss, showering love on eachother. And then they part ways. Sanskar settles down beside Swara, stretching arms out and breathing heavily. Swara looks at him. She then forwards one of the ear plugs to him. She rests her head on his heart and kisses his heart. Sanskar encircles her with his hands. Swara closes her eyes. He kisses her on forehead. Then swara starts playing the song.

tu aata hai seene mein….jab jab saansein bharti hoon…..
tere dil ki galiyon se….main har roz guzarti hoon….
Sanskar starts caressing her hair. She plays with his shirt ‘s button. Passage of cool breeze flow over them, refreshing their souls. The tender branches of the creeper flow along with the air. The flowers shower on them as the wind flows. Sanskar stops the music. Swara slightly lifts her head and raises her eyebrows questioningly. He cups her face and whispers,’When my nightingale is sleeping on my heart, how can I enjoy someother’s voice.’
Swara’s eyes sparkle, She lowers her eyes and smiles. And then she sleeps beside him and starts singing…
hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu….mein ret jaisi udti hoon….
She again sees him,holds his hand and keeps it on her heart and continues…
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karta……jaise mein Karti hoon…

Sanskar turns to her and places his lips on her heart. She moves away from him and sits,hugging her legs. She sees him from the corner of her eyes…
meri nazar ka safar…..tujhpe hi aake ruke…..
Sanskar also sits beside her and she leans on him and continues…
kehne ko baaqi hai kya…..kehna tha jo keh chuke……
He starts giggling her neck with his nose. He kisses her hair and then her earlobe.
meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki ……tujhe khabar kya be-khabar…
He lifts her face and about to kiss her nose. She shies away and sleeps. She stretches her arms welcoming him into her…
main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar….

teri aankhen paDhti hoon…..
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega….
jaise main karti hoon…..
He leans on her, kisses her eyes then plays his nose on her nose,kisses her on her cheeks, then one her neck,his lips travel further down and kisses her heart.
tu jo mujhe aa mila……sapne hue sirphire….
haathon mein aate nahi…..udte hain lamhe mere
He plays his fingers on her stomach.
meri hansi tujhse….meri khushi tujhse…. khabar kya beqadar

He kisses on her stomach and she stops singing,her words struck in her throat.He takes advantage of this and places his lips gently on hers. Their lips meet, their hearts meet,their fingers locked and they made love.
The moon hide behind the clouds. The stars shine as bright as their love, the perfume of flowers spread all around. When wind became musician, the trees around danced to the beat of the wind. The melting candles continue glowing like their desire. And their oneness is being experienced by the nature around. A perfectly nature planned night for them.

Next Morning:
Sanskar is having breakfast and Swara is serving them. They both smile at each other. And something strikes Swara. She narrates Sanskar about all that happened last evening.
Sanskar bursts out laughing teasing her.
‘So you are laughing at me! You know how much scared I was yesterday?’, says annoyed Swara. She makes faces.

‘Okay! I don’t laugh. But I think that’s your illusion. It’s a calm place and you stay alone. So you might felt that way Swara. You are saying that you both checked all the rooms and you found nothing. I think you are getting bored. Why don’t you come to the farm along with me. Today, we will meet Labourers at farm too. I look after the trading issues and you spend time in the farm. What Say?’ asks Sanskar.
Swara agrees and they both soon leave the house….

To be continued..

PART 23:

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    keep writing
    be happy always

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  6. Simin

    After a long time
    Sanskar dont tease her she is right u will come to know soon

  7. Vyshu10

    ???? Navu darling….YOU wrote this? OMG….come and pinch me plz. So so so romantic. Loved it. U were correct…..i m bowled now. Ciurtyard romance…beautiful.

    Oohinchukodaniki enta baagundoooo?? Candles, flowers, moonlight…champesav. EE reyi teeyanidi…..

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