Everest fanfic climb up – Part 11 Story so far

Story so far

a story of three youngsters. Anjali Rawat, who is always hated by her dad for being a girl, decides to summit everest to achieve her dad’s dream which he dreamt for his son. Akash joshi, an orphan and acrophobic boy, has to make a documentary of arjun sabharwal while climbing everest so that he can get money for the treatment of his best friend’s mom. Arjun sabharwal is a successful mountainer having a bitter past. At the end, anjali and akash reach the summit and confess their love for each other. Arjun, who decided to quit in the middle (because he felt he didn’t deserve it) also reconciles with his ex girlfriend reena tyagi.

Anjali Singh Rawat
female lead, just compeleted college

Akash joshi
male lead, anjali’s love interest, cameraman

Arjun sabharwal
parallel male lead, mountaineer

Reena tyagi
parallel female lead, anchor, arjun’s love interest

Jagat singh rawat
anjali’s father, brigaidier

sarita rawat
anjali’s mom

anjali’s best friend, just completed college

maithili’s love interest (initially engaged to anjali)

akash’s best friend (deceased)

gaurav’s mom

shikha’s sister

arun abhiyankar
colonel, mountaineer, summit captain

arun’s wife (deceased)

arun and tara’xs adopted son, sherpa

ramesh roongta
businessman, summit sponserr

sameer khanna
weather analist

base camp manager

sanvi shah, rihaan sharma and ratika sharma are new students of NIM who are taught by anjali (married akash) and arjun.

Sanvi shah
female lead

Rihaan sharma
male lead

ratika sharma
parallel lead, rihaaan’s sister

avika shergill and aayna khan
sanvi and ratika’s roommates

abhay, shriket and vishal
rihaan’s roommates

navya shah
sanvi’s bhabhi

in last 10 epis
sanvi, rihaan and ratika join NIM as students and arjun and anjali as instructors. Ratika is having some medical issues. Sanvi and ratika have an arguement woth avika and aayna and next day ratika faints. All rush her to hospital. Avika and aayna file a fake complaint against sanvi and sanvi is expelled.

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