All i ever need – Episode 3

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It was bright new morning the weather was quite chill after heavy rain the previous night here in a room we see a girl sleeping completely snugged into her comforter with a few pillows and teddies all around her right then the alarm clock buzzes loudly breaking her sleep she lazily moves her hand to it and switches it off she then sits up with help of the head board her hair were covering her entire face she moves them away and there we can see big black dove shaped eyes which had different sparkle and shine in them a cute little nose and pink pouty lips which right now have a smile she ties her hair and speaks

Girl: good morning miss swara arav bose rise and shine
Right then her eyes land on the clock she jumps off her bed and rushes into the washroom exactly five minutes later she comes out wearing demins shorts above her knees and a grey pullover she rushes over to her nightstand picks her cell headphones and keys and rushes out of the room she opens the main door where a person was standing looking her arching his brows the person taps on the wrist watch showing the time
Swa:(pouts) sorry (pushes the person a little infront and locks the door) lets go else we’ll get more late
The person sighs shaking his head and starts jogging while here swara to pouts on her headphone and hoddie and leaves behind the person

An hour later we can see swara and the person jogging back towards her house and at a little distance from them stood the three families along with a few other neighbors seeing swara kavita screams out her name loudly and runs towards her which halts swara’s steps
Kavi:(shouts) shona…………
All turn and look at swara and the person who were jogging towards them halting abruptly due to the loud shout standing all shocked while swara on the other hand who was looking at all the people infront of her house entire attention gets caught by kavita who was running towards her she was running and running and running and there she jumps on her causing both of them to land on the ground
Swa:(whining) ouch kavi

While the three families who had smile on their faces till now widen their eyes and run towards the girls
Jan:(hitting the back of kavita’s head) what do I do with this girl
Kavi: aah maa
Swa:(complaining tone) badi ma hit her later get her of me first (to kavita) you fatty get off me I cant bear your weight
While kavita looks at swara with narrow eyes
Kavi: im fatty now you see
Kavita gets up a little and then settles herself on swara’s tummy keeping her legs either side
Swa:(making a crying face) bade papa
To which vikram immediately melts
Vik: kavita get up it must be hurting her
Kavi: but papa
Jan:(pulling her ear) get up kavi now
Kavi: ahh ma leave my ear its paining
Jan: first up
Kav: fine (dramatically) you all only love huh
Ahe stands up while all the other shake their heads at her drama while person who was with swara gives his hand to her and pulls her up once up swara rests her head of the persons shoulder hugging him by his waist while the person to wraps his arms around her securely
Swa: thanks bhai (the person was ayush)

While all the elders smile looking at the brother and sister duo though both were not related by blood but no one could understand them better than they did while kavita kavya and ragini frowned looking at the duo and in a matter of few seconds they move forward and pull swara outs of ayushs embrace and hug her tight or rather it would be better if we say the trio squeezed her
Swa: aaahhh you idiots leave me I cant breath
They squeeze her for a few more seconds and then part away where as swara pants a little she finally keeps her hand on her waist and narrows her eyes
Swa:(extra sweetly) may I please have the pleasure of knowing (shouts) what the hell is wrong with you guys
Kavi: I’ll tell
Kav: no I will
Kavi: no me
Kav: im elder so I’ll tell
Kavi: just by 2 minutes
Kav: but I will tell her
Kavi: no I will
While the duo were fighting with each other and other looking at the daily drama ragini speaks up making both of them shut
Rag: you have topped the state yet again shona
While kavita and kavya stare at ragini angrily swara stand there all shocked by the news
Rag: you guys were busy fighting so I just told her
Kav: we were fighting over the same ragu and you told her
Rag: but I was just
They were intrupted by ayush who shaked was and hugged her tightly
Ayu: congratulation bacha im soo proud of you
They part the hug while swara was still in the state of shock
Swa: you joking right ragu

Kavi,kav,rag: no stupid you have topped the state yet again
Swara has a big wide smile playing on her lips she looks at her parents who are looking at her with a proud smile and her mum’s eyed slightly glassy she runs towards her father and jumps into his arms who holds and securely and twirls her while swara giggles while all the other looked at the father daughter duo adoring them with smile on their faces arav then puts swara down and hugs her tightly swara then lifts her head a little and looks at her dad
Swa: I did baba
Arav:(breaks the hug and cups swara’s face) I know bacha and (pecks her forehead) and im so proud of you
Swara smile looking at her dad and pecks his cheek and then hugs her mum tightly
Swa: mumma (hugs her tightly)
Sia: im so proud of you shona
Swara then meets shemish and janvik who hug and bless her for a bright future and then hugs her bhai again and finally goes to her sister
Swa: what about your results
Kav: not as good as you but we passed with distinction
Swara smiles at them and then the four hug each other tightly finally one big stage of their life was over there were many more but were confident enough with each other by the side they will make up against any situation
A few weeks later
Many things had happened in these few weeks all the four girls had got admission in one of the most reputed college’s and also the top college of india PNSIT which was also one of the most authoritarian and strictest institutes were following rules completing your assignments submission on time as well 99.9% result was a must for a students at the same time the college had a fabulous infrastructure with all the facilities students needed all the parents were elated as well very happy that all the four will be together where as the girls had a new excitement and nervousness within themselves but at the same time were very happy about the fact that one they got through to the best college and also for the brach or stream they wanted electronics and telecommunication and two that they will be together even now what else could they ask for

Just like every other day swara wakes up early morning gets changed and leaves the house and there ayush too comes out of the house and they both head off for their daily routine she then gets home after few minute or precisely an hour and there she goes and freshens up has her shower and comes out of the bathroom wearing and blue grey ripped jeans with a black full sleeves crop top with a few white flowers here and there on it a little of her tummy was seen everytime she lifts her hand water dripping off her hair and glowing naturally she walks to her dresser dries her hair and pulls them into a fringe high ponytail leaving her locks free which fell over her face she then puts on her small diamond star shaped studs which her baba gifted her then wears her fossil quartz (watch basically I have been lately been a lil into these watches) does a little make up puts on her sneakers and then giving herself one last look she walks over to her study table picks her backpack cell keys and leaves the room she reaches the dining only to find her dad seated
Arav: good morning shona
Swa:(runs to him and pecks his cheek) good morning baba

While arav smiles at her and then pecks her forehead it has been soo many years swara was going to turns 18 in a few months but this habit of her never changed she has to pecks his cheek and wish him morning whenever he is home
Sia: good morning bacha
Swa:(turns and looks at her mum behind her) good morning mumma
She hugs her mum and then pecks her check while sia too pecks her cheek and then cups her face
Sia: someone is looking beautiful
Swa: oh I was born beautiful mumma
Sia:(hits her head) pagal come now have your breakfast fast else you’ll get late on the first day
She nods and gets seated on her seat and then the trio have their breakfast with a lot of talking and fun and at the same time swara was give a ton of instructions don’t do this don’t do that have fun at the same time in limits etc etc etc finally having done with her breakfast she hugs her parents and moves out while sia and arav too move behind her
Arav: shone be careful you have just got your LL
Swa: okay baba chill don’t worry I’ll ride safely
arav: hmm
She takes her scooty from the garage and stops infront of a house which is next to hers
Swa:(shouts) kavi kavu ragu come out fast we’ll get late
A minute later kavita and kavya come out of the house next to swara’s kavita was in a blue top with white jeans and kavya in red top with black jeans from the next house ragini comes out wearing a yellow top with black jeans
Kavya gets her scooty next to swara’s kavita hops onto the scooty behing swara where as ragini gets seated with kavya the girls bid bye to their parents and off they leave

After they of around 45 minutes the girls reach the college they look at big gate and at the side was the name of the institute in bold baltic letters swara takes a deep breath and they enter
Swa: kavi ragu you guys wait here we both will go park the scooty and come
Kavi: okay shone
Kavita and ragini get down the scooty and wait for swara and kavya near the entrance while swara and kavya park their scooties and come
The four girls then start waling as the main block was a little inside they were going through the walkway which was surrounded by lush greenery on either sides all the four were totally involved in laughing and talking they were in their own world and her BAAMMM

Okay guys im sorry that im a little late I know I said I’ll be posting each week that’s on Sunday but was kinda busy stuck up with my college and few other things like I had told my college began from last week and its been hectic from the very first day so ya and two my lappy isn’t working and right now im using my bros and he has a lot of his assignments and stuff in it and he wont let me use after this I guess you guys have to wait till I get my lappy back after its is repaired so ya im sorry but cant help it do let me know if your liking the story hope to see ya guys soon fingers crossed my lappy gets back home soon and you asked me about gehra ishq and krazy konection trust me i had totally forgotten about it so i dont went when i do get time i will go through both those stories and post them and about REA guys i need my for that so all we can do is wait i hope you understand and ya HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY…………………..

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    Awesome dear

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    Loved it dear.. And I’m going to ask abt crazy connection and gehra ishq and waiting for that too

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