Eternal Love Story (Part-2) #Our Riansh (Chapter-6)


๐Ÿ”ฅMature Content is ahead, read at your own risk๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ

Author’s POV:-

Riddhima wiped her tears with her other hand and saw him tying nuptial chain around her neck. As he removes his hand, she looks at the chain and again drifts into her thoughts.

Flashback starts:-

Vansh lighted the last candle kept in the room and threw the match stick on a corner, getting up he saw their name “RIANSH” flashing from the candle-lights. A smile crept on his lips and he feels a weight on his left shoulder and found Riddhima there.

Her hand entangled with his, he smiles and snaking his arm around her waist pulled her in front of him. Keeping his hands around her waist he keeps his chin on her shoulder.

Vansh: I love you.

He said and she cranes her neck and looks at him.

Riddhima: I love you too.

She says and he holding her hand brought her to the table where their dinner was served. He pulled her in his lap and keeping her head on his shoulder, she looks up at him.

Taking a spoon he feeds her but she removes his hand and turning to him hugged him tightly. He heard her sniffing sound so he caresses her back and made her look at him.

Vansh: What happened now?

He asked and wiped her tears.

Riddhima: Nothing, I don’t want to eat.

She said and again hugged him tightly. He hugged her back and looks at her face in the mirror to find her crying while wiping her tears. He thought might she was sad about the accidents but even that didn’t convinced him as it had happened few months back. He tried to again make her look at him and saw her wiping her tears.

When she looked at him she smiled, he knew something was wrong. So kissed on her forehead. She smiles at him. She held the spoon from her hand and forwarded it to him trying to change his mind. He took it and made her eat.

Vansh: Anything happened?

He asked on which she shook her head with a smile.

Vansh: Promise?

She nods making him smile at her. Again keeping her head on his shoulder, she kissed on his cheeks and closes her eyes. He hugs her tightly and closed his eyes.

Vansh: You are thinking something?

She frowns at his question and shook her head in the same position.

Vansh: Don’t lie.

She smiles and again shook her head.

Riddhima: Why you think so?

She asked and looked at him opening her eyes. He looked back at her with a smirk.

Riddhima: You did something?

She asked and he didn’t said anything.

Riddhima: What?

She asked and he brought the papers in front of her and showed her. She snatched them from him.

Vansh: Relax.

She didn’t paid any attention to him and frowned at the papers. Flipping around, she didn’t found anything on them as they were blank. He again showed her another papers, she looked at them and then at Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh…

Saying so she was about to snatch from him when he pulled it more up taking advance of his height.

Vansh: Why should I give it you so easily?

He said with a smirk when he found her questioning gaze.

Vansh: What will I get in written?

He asked and she got back to her place.

Riddhima: What do you want?

Riddhima asked and looked at him. He leaned close to her.

Riddhima: I’m not going to give anything.

She said realizing what he meant.

Vansh: Then even I’m not going to give you anyth….

Before he could complete she snatched the papers from him and got up with a big smile. Flipping around the pages she again found them to be blank. Closing her eyes in frustration she kept the papers on the table and looked at him, while he was smiling.

Riddhima: You think me as a fool.

He shook his head and getting up pulled her closer.

Vansh: No, papers are not ready yet.

Vansh said and she smacked his shoulder.

Riddhima: Then why were you lying?

She asked trying to come out of his hold.

Vansh: I thought I’ll gain something.

Vansh said with a smirk.

Riddhima: When you’ll give us the proper custody of Arjun?

She asked irritated and he held her tightly by her waist.

Vansh: Soon.

She smiled at him and was about to move when he pulled her back.

Vansh: Where are you going?

He asked when he saw her leaving.

Riddhima: To bring Arjun.

Mature content:-

He smirked and turning her around kissed her suddenly. She was shocked by his sudden action and held his shoulder for support. Slowly nibbling and sucking her lips, he caressed her waist. Rolling his tongue on her teeth he asked for entrance but as she was lost in the kiss, she didn’t released.

He brought his hand to the ice cubes kept on the table for their juice and with other hand kept it on her waist making her gasp loudly at the sudden action. She opening her eyes looked at him to find him smirking as he entered his tongue in her mouth. Feeling him still caressing her waist with ice on both the sides she closes her eyes.

With the other hand which was on her back, he brought it to her waist and spreading around the water on her waist completely. He slowly removes the drapes of her saree. She breaks the kissing feeling loss of breath and he moves to her neck sucking over there she arch her back in pleasure. Feeling his lips on her ears, she moans.

Riddhima: Vansh….

He smirks and gently lifting her up by her abdomen, he places her on the bed without making her lying down. She brought her hands to her neck and encircled it while he pulled her closer getting full access of her body easily. He again brought the ice cubes to her back and removing the hooks of her blouse with her bra threw it aside in some corner leaving her half naked for him. Making ice cube touch her back, he feels her moving more close to him while he was busy in kissing on her cleavage. Throwing ice cubes aside, he made her lie down on the bed slowly with him over her.

She looks into his eyes and he kisses on her forehead. She smiles at his gestures. Moving to her br*ast he sucks them while she moans his name in pleasure. Sucking and nibbling her nip*les he looks up at her as she had closed her eyes in pleasure. He bites her there gaining gasp from her in pain, again sucking them he soothes her pain. Giving some other pleasure to her another br*ast he moves down rolling his tongue all over her belly.

She moans in extreme pleasure feeling his tongue rolling over her belly button while his hands were caressing her naked thighs. Realization hits her that she was complete naked under his mercy. Arching her back she feels him coming back to her face while his hands were on her clit rubbing.

As he again takes her lips into his and while rubbing her clit with his thumb so slowly that she squirms under him. He smirks between the kiss and slowly stretching her legs he keeps his middle finger into her entrance and strokes it making her moan loudly at the feeling.

He bites her lips continuing to taste the metallic blood. Slowly moving his finger in her he feels her muscles clenching around her finger he smirks, adding one more and curls them on which she digs her head in the pillow. He looks at her face and kissed on her eyes making her open them.

She looked in his eyes while he was pleasuring her by rubbing her fast making her feel a knot in her stomach. Kissing her arms, he looked up at her face to find her looking at him. Soon she releases over his fingers. He made her got up and sit straight.

Looking at her face, he raises her face holding her chin. He pulls her on his lap. Moving his hand into her hairs and caressing her scalp he looks at her face and again pulls her into a passionate deep kiss. She smiles and moving his hands finds him still in his attire.

Slowly one by one unbuttoning his shirt, breaking each one of them in the process. She removed them, he smirks feeling her hand moving on his chest. He pulls her closer making the kiss deeper. Suddenly he breaks the kiss and moves to her neck again. She arch her back while he held her through her hairs. With other hand he removes his zip and again pulling her closer made her lie down while he was on her. She looks at him as he asked for the permission through his eyes. She blinks as he had already claimed her on their first night. Kissing her cleavage he enters into her with a slow thrust, she squirms in pleasure feeling him in her.

Mature content ends-:

Flashback ends-:

Her thoughts break when Riddhima saw his hands in front of her. Holding it she gets up and within the veil she saw him moving in front of her. She looks aside on another pavilion from there and saw a blurred vision as the design on the veil was disturbing it.

Flashback starts:-

Riddhima looks at Kabir who made Arjun lie down on the bed. Coming to her he forwarded her the papers.

Riddhima: He signed them so easily.

She asked as she saw Vansh’s sign on the divorce paper.

Kabir: You think so? I made him do. Now do whatever you want, he is out of station tomorrow he’ll come back and we will have to leave from here. Tell me where will you go?

She sat on the bed and was shocked hearing him.

Riddhima: We? You mean me and Arjun, right?

She asked and looked at Arjun then back at him.

Kabir: Shut up I’m coming with you as I don’t trust Sejal anymore.

Kabir said and gave her a pen and paper.

Riddhima: What do I do with them?

She asked and looked at him again.

Kabir: Arey write down that we are leaving. No wait, I don’t trust you even. You don’t know how to break a heart. Good though but wrong, you should learn that also.

He said and sitting on his knees in front of table started writing the letter. After he was done, she snatched the paper from him and read it. Her anger rose to another level and she glared at him.

Riddhima: Are you mad or what? Why you think I’ll do this?

She asked crossing her arms and looking at him.

Kabir: What’s wrong? See according to what I wrote. That’s true and Vansh will be jailed.

She heard him and thinking of a consequences smirked.

Kabir: So where are we going?

She thought and sat on the couch.

Riddhima: Spain.

She said and he nodded and left from there.

Flashback ends-:

Riddhima came forward as he moved back. Circulating around the holy fire, both the couples completed their vows and sat back on their places.

While rest were just looking at them. Ishani came to Angre and saw him expressionless.

Ishani: What are we going to do now?

She asked being completely clueless for further plans.

Angre: I don’t have any idea. Let them decide.

Angre said and looked at Aryan.

Angre: What about Aryan? Why is he so silent?

She looked at Angre and then at Aryan who was standing there expressionless. She looked at him with a wide smile while he rolls back his eyes.

Angre: Then let him be.

He said ignoring her.

Ishani: He is my husband, don’t behave like this with him.

She said throwing a glare at him.

Angre: Oh really….then go and convince him. Look at his face as if he had seen something worst. Idiot.

He said chuckling and saw Ishani glaring at him.

Angre: Don’t look at me like this. Before being your husband, he is my friend. Now go to him.

He said and saw her leaving and talking to Aryan. He looked back and saw Vansh picking up the vermillion while Kabir was listening to chants uninterested.

Sliding their hands under the veil, both applied it looking at their faces. Soon everyone heard priest announcing both the couples as husband and wife.

Ishani felt her legs on smooth material while standing in front of the table, looking down she found nothing but then her legs tripped and she fell down on the floor.

Hearing her scream, Vansh and Kabir got up and was about to move to her when they felt being tied to the knot. Sejal got up and removed the veil. She looked at Ishani in Aryan’s arms, who was talking to her. Looking back to Vansh, she found him opening the knot. She looked at him as he handed it over to her and moved from there. She turned around and saw Riddhima still sitting under the veil while Kabir was beside her. She closed her fists in anger and moved from there. Kabir frustrated got up and moved from there leaving Riddhima alone there.ย 


Sejal stood in front of Vansh’s room and took a deep breath. She opened the door and entered in. Looking around she found Vansh sitting there in different clothes. He looked behind and found her standing there.

Vansh: You can do whatever you want over here but don’t touch my things.

Vansh said and left from there. She looked at his retreating figure and stood there trying to digest that her plan was successful.

On the other hand, Riddhima opened Kabir’s room door with a sudden jerk that he got shocked.

Kabir: Calm down. What I did now?

He asked and sat back on the bed.

Riddhima: Nothing….but why you are you showing this sulking face of yours?

She asked eyeing his face.

Kabir: You destroyed my life.

He said in a sad and innocent tone that she chuckled at sat beside him.

Riddhima: Really, marrying Sejal will destroy your life?

She asked and he nodded at her.

Kabir: Very badly.

He got up and started moving around the room.

Riddhima: Btw, finally plan is successful.

She said and gave him a hi-fi which he ignored.

Kabir: It was mine too and I was the one to start.

She took her hand back and started looking around.

Voice: If I wasn’t there, who would have helped you?

Riddhima heard Ishani’s voice and turning around saw her sitting on the bed.

Riddhima: You were hurt. How is the pain now?

She asked remembering of her injury.

Ishani: I’m fine, it was just because of Angre. Btw I’m right.

She said and held her elbow which was slightly bruised.

Riddhima: Absolutely. Thanks to you only.

Riddhima said with a sweet smile.

Kabir: Oh thanks to you. Why are you roaming around telling everything to anyone?

He asked while his voice was dripping tension.

Ishani: He is not anyone, he is my husband.

She said and saw Aryan entering in with the first aid. Riddhima saw his dull and sad face, which was making him look funny. Aryan came and sat in front of Ishani. Opening the box, he took out the cotton ball and wiped her injured area.

Riddhima looked at Kabir who was eyeing Aryan continuously in shock. He felt Riddhima’s gaze and looked at her raising his eyebrows. Signing him from her eyes, she asked about Aryan.

Kabir: Aryan.

Aryan didn’t looked at him and was busy in dressing her wound. Riddhima looked at him and patted his shoulder. He didn’t replied her and she got to know he is sad for his behavior.

Aryan tied the bandage and was about to close the first aid box, when he felt an arm around his neck from behind. He looked at the hand and tried to remove it, but it wasn’t working. Aryan wiped his tears and tried again.

Voice: Why are you crying?

He heard and looked at Riddhima with sad look.

Aryan: Bhai remove it.

He asked and didn’t looked at Vansh. Vansh did and Aryan got up.

Aryan: Sorry bhabhi.

Riddhima heard him and saw him sitting beside Kabir.

Riddhima: Oh Mr. Aryan, we are divorced. Back to your di.

She ordered him and felt a pat on her shoulder turning around she looked at Vansh raising her eyebrows.

Vansh: Go back to flashback, just now we got married again.


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