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{Three day in NYC and two days since they last met Awasthi’s.}

Days passed like years for four of the Oberoi’s as Anika, Sukanya and Atharv as they stayed home and only kept missing Shivaay, while for Shivaay the days were very hectic he had such a tight schedule that he didn’t see any of them in these days when he use to come home the time mostly would be of late night and he would leave within two or three hours. Even on calls he just use to ask everyone’s wellbeing and tell about his own.

Knock…. Knock….

Anika gets up from the sofa and being irritated throws the magazine on the table in front. Cursing under her breath she walks towards the door and opens it, within split seconds her mouth is hanging wide.

Anika: Shivaay???

Shivaay chuckles: No ghost.

He gets in the house while Anika stands at the door still being shocked on seeing him. Shivaay shakes her and passes a questioning look towards her.

Anika still being in trances blabbers: Shivaay, you came so early. I mean you didn’t come last night and today you are here by 8 in the morning, is everything okay.

Shivaay pulls Anika into a bone crushing hug: I missed you so much Anika.

Anika hugs him back now smiling whole heartedly.

Shivaay: And yes I didn’t come home last night, sorry for that. Secondly, from now on I am completely free as I completed my entire work by over staying, so that I could spend some time with you guys and I am so glad that I did.

Anika smiles and looks upto Shivaay still being in his embrace: I so want to scold you for your stupidity but I am really glad that you came. I missed you like hell.

Saying that she snuggles into him again while Shivaay chuckles and continues to hug her like for eternity.

Shivaay: Where are Sukanya and Atharv?

Anika: Playing video games in Atharv’s room. Both are hell frustrated and irked because of staying in the house. Though I asked them for an outing but they hung there faces. They aren’t ready to even leave the house without you.

Shivaay plants a kiss on Anika’s forehead feeling the bliss of having a family.

Anika: And Ma called and asked all of us to come to her place and it’s only then the two agreed to leave the house. So we were planning to go within an hour but now you are here so I will tell her that we will come tomorrow.

Anika tries to fiddle out of Shivaay’s grip to get the phone but Shivaay stops her.

Shivaay: Not needed. We will go together.

Anika: But aren’t you tired.

Shivaay: Ya I am but what can be better place then home to go to.

Anika smilingly nods as she understands home is where family is. There is no doubt in the fact that Shivaay is missing his mother and the love and sincerity he always expected which all turned out to be fake but when ever he is with Damini all the voids get filled. To be very truthful even Anika wanted to meet them owing to the family warmth that is radiated from all of them. Both smiling stay there hugging each other without even realising that it has been around thirty minutes since Shivaay has come home. They keep talking about the days and how boring or hectic they were but the only purpose is to stay with each other.

Anika: Shivaay….

Shivaay: Hmm….

Anika: We have only thirty minutes to reach AWASTHI’S HOME.

Shivaay sighs and nods: I will get the kids, you get ready.

Even before Anika can say no Shivaay kisses her cheeks and rushes towards Atharv’s room. Anika nods her head in disbelief and chuckles as she realises her cheeks have turned to shade of red.


Sukanya and Atharv are lying on the bed looking upwards towards the ceiling turned screen and watching THE FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.

Shivaay looks at them with amusement and plops between them. Both of their eyes were so fixed on the huge hippopotamus whose nose was radiating red fluorescent light and he was jumping and running behind the fat man named Jacob Kowalski who had inhaled the green gas, that they didn’t notice Shivaay’s presence.

Shivaay in low voice whispers: Is that a hippopotamus?

Atharv still watching with great curiosity: The magical hippopotamus.

Shivaay controlling his laughter: Oh!!! And who is that man wearing those rugged clothes.

Sukanya: Newt Scamander.

Shivaay being confused: Who is he?

Atharv with full concentration on the screen: A wizard.

Shivaay: What’s the movie about?

Sukanya: An Obscurial, destroying the New York City.

Shivaay finally speaks, seeing them being highly absorbed: Is it that interesting, that you didn’t even notice your father laying besides you.

Both nod in agreement as soon as they hear the initial part of the statement making Shivaay sigh but as soon as the last part settles in their brain they turn towards Shivaay with their mouths agape. Both throw themselves on him which they actually call hugging.

Sukanya and Atharv shout their lungs out: Papa….

Shivaay laughs: Oh God!!! Relax kiddos.

Both nod in disagreement and crush him under them. Shivaay slowly sits and pulls the duo along with himself and hugs them back.

Atharv: Papa…. When did you come? And are you going to be home only from now on.

Shivaay smiles and nods: I just came a while back when you were looking at the hippo so interestedly (three of them chuckle) and yes I am going to be here only from now on as I am totally free.

Sukanya: Yayy!!!

She cheers and hugs him again.

Shivaay: Okay… Okay… Now get ready, we have to leave too.

Sukanya: Oh ya! We completely forgot. I will go and change.

Shivaay nods as she walks towards the door but then she turns back.

Sukanya: Will you also come along dad.

Shivaay nods making Suk grin widely and shout ‘I LOVE YOU, PAPA’ and rush out jumping excitedly. All of it makes Shivaay’s heart to swell and he laughs out seeing his daughter. While Atharv quickly kisses Shivaay on his cheek and runs towards the washroom. Shivaay nods his head in disbelief and smiles at his now changed fate.


Pankhuri opens the door after two rings only, her face radiated her excitement. To add to her surprise there stood in all his glory THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI, as soon as she saw him her eyes twinkled with even twice as much as happiness they earlier did with.

Pankhuri hugging Shivaay: Bhai….

Shivaay hugs her back: Chutki, how are you Baccha?

Pankhuri: Perfect bhai and I am soooooo happy that you came along. (she pats her head) Offo! In my excitement I didn’t ask you guys to come in. Come on in everyone and don’t be formal this is your own home.

Everyone smiles and comes in.

Pankhuri then hugs and greet everyone as she makes them all comfortable in the living room.

Pankhuri: I will call everyone. Since the time mumma told us that you are coming, she is cooking in the kitchen. Papa and Vatsalya are doing all the arrangements. Trust me we all are hell excited. I will be back in a while.

She rushes out to call everyone as the Oberoi’s make themselves comfortable in the living room. Within few minutes only the Awasthi’s come there and all of the exchange greetings.

Armaan feign anger: So finally the busy bee is here.

Shivaay sighs: Sir, please don’t scold me now.

Armaan pulling Shivaay’s ear: Why not? You made my children wait for you, you trouble them. You are such an idiot.

Everyone chuckles seeing the cute scolding session of Shivaay who pleads to his teacher to not to punish him.

Shivaay: Sorry sir.

Armaan leaving Shivaay’s ear: Dear you trouble them again.

Shivaay nods in agreement: I promise, I won’t trouble them ever again.

Damini: Armaan, stop your drama now and dear you say anything to Shivaay.

Shivaay proudly says out of excitement: That’s like my ma.

Damini continues: Only I have the right to slap him.

She playfully slaps him, while Shivaay pouts and everyone else chuckles.

Damini: Now tell me Anika how have you been and did you guys like New York?

Anika: Ma’am, I am great and New York, we haven’t really been around.

Damini: Ye ma’am…. ma’am kya laga rakha hai Anika? Hmm….

Anika bites her tongue: Toh kya kahun…

Damini creasing Anika’s face: Aap bhi mujhe Shivaay ki tarhan maa bula sakti hain.

Anika’s eyes tear up at such a comforting and warm touch something inside her always felt so good whenever she met the Awasthi’s, something that felt like home. Warm and comforting. Shivaay held Anika’s hand in his in assurance, while Suk and Atharv were looking at their mother being a little worried as tears started falling from her eyes.

Damini being concerned runs her tears: I am sorry Baccha agr aapko bura laga ho toh. Jaise Shivaay mere liye beta jaisa hai waise hi tumse milkar aisa laga jaise Ki tum meri apni beti ho bus Isi liye keh diya I am sorry….

Anika cuts Damini with tears in her eyes and hugs her: Aisi baat nahi. Aaj tak mujhe kisi ne apni beti nahi mana na toh bas un hi ankhain bhar ayin. Kya Karun itna pyaar ki adaat Jo nahi hai mujhe. Apko pata hai maine bachpan hi apne ma-baba ko kho diya tha par salon baat pehli baar aaj aisa laga jaisi ki mere saath mere ma-baba phir se aa gaye hon. Aap please mujhe sorry mat kaheya apki koi galti nahi hai vo toh bas aaj kal mai un hi baat baat par bhavok ho jati hun.

Damini chuckles at the end and rubbing off her own few tears she pats Anika’s hair: Agr tumhe humse milkar apne ma-baba jaisa lagta hai toh fir tum hume apne ma-baba samjh lo. Aur ab rona band karo tum.

Anika nods and stops crying while rubbing her tears off and looks at Damini with love and affection in her eyes: Kitni ajeeb baat hai na. Maine kabhi bhi nahi soocha tha Ki mujhe yahan akr itna Sara pyaar aur ek parivaar mil jayega.

Vatsalya intervenes seeing the atmosphere becoming so much emotional, he cheerfully says: Ary mummy aap na late ho gaye.

Damini turning towards him: Kya matlab hai tera.

Vatsalya back hugging Anika: Inhe toh maine do din pehle hi apni behn bana liya tha aap late hain. Apke offer ke bare mai hum gaur karenga par chance kak hi hain.

Damini slaps him playfully and pulls his ears: Accha bacchu ab tun mujhe batayega.

Vatsalya cribs looking at Anika with a pout: Ary di bacchao na…

Anika nods in disbelief: Chod do na use…. (Damini raises her eyebrows) MAA….

Damini leaves Vatsalya’s ear and hugs Anika, while Anika hugs her back.

Vatsalya feign to rub his tears off: Haye meri mummy aur behna kya Jodi hai aap dono ki.

This time both slap him and everyone chuckles.

Pankhuri with a pout: Not fair, mummy and beti you both are forgetting me.

Vatsalya teasingly: Ary tujhe koi kaise bhul sakta hai Panda, vo bus tun inme fit nahi hogi Moto.

Pankhuri glares him angrily and places her hands on her hips: Tun toh na mat hi bol maindak….

Atharv and Sukanya burst out laughing hearing the names and repeat: Panda…. Maindak…. Seriously guys….

Vatsalya glares back Pankhuri: How dear you Panda?

Pankhuri glaring back with double the intensity: You started it, maindak…

Damini: Oh! Ho! Tum dono bhi na kabhi bhi shuru ho jate ho aur Pankh tujhe mai kaise bhul sakti hun tun idhar aa aur Vatsalya use pareshaan karna band kar de.

Vatsalya chuckles: That’s Impossible mumma.

Shivaay: Ye kabhi nahi sudhrega.

Armaan: Sudharne wale din Jo paida nahi hoye hain ye janab.

Vatsalaya pouts while everybody chuckles.

Shivaay: Ary maa, in logon ka toh chalta hi rahega mujhe bohaat bhook lagi hai. Khane mai kya hai.

Damini: Wahi Jo tujhe pasand hai. Aa jao pehle tum sab khana kha lo fir hum sab milkar batain karenga aur masti bhi.

Vatsalya: Free advice kiddos in buddhon ki baton mai mat aana ye bohaat pakaate hain.

Armaan: Tun Buddha kisse bola.

Vatsalya placing his arm around Armaan’s shoulder: Papa aap toh abhi bhi sweet sixteen mai ho mai toh mumma ki baat kar raha tha.

Damini slaps her forehead: Iss ladke ka mai kya Karun.

Sukanya wonderingly: Inka kuch ho bhi sakta hai.

Pankhuri: Bilkul sahi kaha.

Before the argument continues Anika stops all of them: Bas bohaat ho gaya.

Atharv whispers: Mommy is back.

All chuckle and walk towards the dinning table.


Vatsalya, Atharv and Sukanya decide on playing video games while elders are busy chatting so they com to the one of the rooms that has video games and all the play stuff.

Atharv: Do you seriously play videogames, mamu.

Vatsalya showing all his teeth nods: Btw according to scientific research the people who play video games are more active then the ones who don’t. So it’s for having a sharper mind.

Sukanya: Wooh! I discovered something new.

Vatsalya with raised eyebrow: What?

Sukanya moving backwards she says while biting her lips in teasing manner: That you have brain.

And as expected Vatsalya starts chasing Sukanya for being such a tease. While Atharv chuckles and cheers for them.

Sukanya showing a T from her hand: Time please….

Vatsalya: No time please….

Sukanya falling on the sofa panting heavily: I am tired.

Vatsalya jumps and sits over her: Good for me.

Sukanya: Oh!!! God!!! What do you think mamu, you are a two years old kid. Get up. You are heavy.

Vatsalya chuckles: Well that’s your reward chotta packet.

Sukanya chuckles: Chotta packet… Seriously, you are going to call me that.

Vatsalaya: Any problem Baccha.

Sukanya smiles and nods in disagreement: No problem, only weight. For god’s sake get up now.

Vatsalya chuckles and gets up from Sukanya, who takes a huge sigh of relief. It’s then she notices Vatsalya looking at something and pokes him to get his attention and then questions him with a raised brow. As an answer Vatsalya points towards Atharv who is seeing something with great interest. They both tip-toe towards him silently.

Vatsalya: Atharv are you cool man.

Atharv snaps out and turns to him and nods with a smile. Then pointing at a picture he asks: Who are they?

Vatsalya takes the frame in his hands and admiringly looks at two kids in the picture. The elder one wore a pink frock and had her hair open with a hair band on, while the younger one sat below her on the stairs looking adorable in blue frock with a pony and her pouted chubby cheeks. The picture always somehow made Vatsalya smile. He could never figure out. Why?

Vatsalya being in his own trances: My sisters.

Atharv and Sukanya share a look and then again turn towards Vatsalya.

Atharv: Where are they?

Vatsalya places the frame back and looks at them and replies: We lost them years back. I don’t know where they are now. Some said that they died in a fire accident. But I don’t have any idea.

Atharv: I am sorry.

Vatsalya nods in disagreement: It cool Atharv, you need not to say sorry somewhere or other we all still believe that they will come back to us.

(changing his tone back to fun) And I guess we are here for some fun so stop making me senti.

Both the kids chuckle and nod.

Vatsalya: So come on, let’s play.


“You need to get married.”




Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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